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Schism Ahead: Retired Novus Ordo Bishop René Gracida calls for New Conclave

On his blog Abyssus Abyssum Incovat (“Deep calls on deep”; cf. Ps 41:8), the 94-year-old retired “bishop” of Corpus Christi, Texas, Fr. René Henry Gracida, has published a post calling for all remaining “legitimate cardinals” to get together and elect a Pope. This news story is huge.

Although he bases his reasoning mostly on the (invalid) legislation regarding papal elections promulgated by “Pope” John Paul II in 1996 (the constitution Universi Dominici Gregis) and arrives at the invalidity of the papal election of Jorge Bergoglio on such grounds, the really significant point is that for the first time ever, a high-ranking member of the Novus Ordo hierarchy has announced his conviction that the current occupant of the papal throne is not in fact the true Roman Pontiff, and that a conclave must be called to elect one:

So, what happens if a group of Cardinals who undoubtedly did not participate in any acts of disobedience against Universi Dominici Gregis were to meet, confer and declare that, pursuant to Universi Dominici Gregis, Monsignor Bergoglio is most certainly not a valid Roman Pontiff. Like any action on this matter, including the initial finding of invalidity, that would be left to the valid members of the college of cardinals. They could declare the Chair of Peter vacant and proceed to a new and proper conclave. They could meet with His Holiness, Benedict XVI, and discern whether His resignation and retirement was made under duress, or based on some mistake or fraud, or otherwise not done in a legally effective manner, which could invalidate that resignation. Given the demeanor of His Holiness, Benedict XVI, and the tenor of His few public statements since his departure from the Chair of Peter, this recognition of validity in Benedict XVI seems unlikely.

In fact, even before a righteous group of good and authentic cardinals can decide on the validity of the March 2013 supposed conclave, they must face what may be an even more complicated discernment and decide which men are most likely not valid cardinals. If a man was made a cardinal by the supposed Pope who is, in fact, not a Pope (but merely Monsignor Bergoglio), no such man is in reality a true member of the College of Cardinals. In addition, those men appointed by Pope John Paul II or by Pope Benedict XVI as cardinals, but who were latae sententiae excommunicated because of illegal acts or conduct causing the invalidation of the last attempted conclave, would no longer have voting rights in the College of Cardinals either. The actual valid members in the College of Cardinals may be quite smaller in number than those on the current official Vatican list of supposed cardinals.

In any event, the entire problem is above the level of anyone else in Holy Mother Church who is below the rank of Cardinal. So, we must pray that The Divine Will of The Most Holy Trinity, through the intercession of Our Lady as Mediatrix of All Graces and Saint Michael, Prince of Mercy, very soon rectifies the confusion in Holy Mother Church through action by those valid Cardinals who still comprise an authentic College of Electors. Only certainly valid Cardinals can address the open and notorious evidence which points to the probable invalidity of the last supposed conclave and only those cardinals can definitively answer the questions posed here. May only the good Cardinals unite and if they recognize an ongoing Interregnum, albeit dormant, may they end this Interregnum by activating perfectly a functioning Interregnum government of The Holy See and a renewed process for a true Conclave, one which is purely pious, private, sacramental, secret and deeply spiritual. If we do not have a real Pontiff, then may the good Cardinals, doing their appointed work “in view of the sacredness of the act of election” “accept the interior movements of the Holy Spirit” and provide Holy Mother Church with a real Vicar of Christ as the Successor of Saint Peter.

(“WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE, NOW THAT THE PRELATES WHO SPOKE AT THE ROME SYMPOSIUM OF 07 APRIL 18 HAVE CALLED FOR ACTION?”, Abyssus Abyssum Invocat / Deep Calls to Deep, Apr. 7, 2018; special formatting in original.)

Although the author of the post, mentioned at the end, bears a pseudonym and is therefore essentially anonymous, it is clear that Fr. Gracida agrees with him since he has himself published the text (it is Gracida’s blog, after all).

We may surmise that the Novus Ordo news organs will try to ignore this as much as possible and simply hope that the almost-95-year-old will soon stop blogging for biological reasons. They have nothing to gain and much to lose by reporting on this.

In early September of 2017, “Bp.” Gracida had already hinted at not believing Francis to be a valid Pope: “Only God knows whether or not Francis is an Antipope”, he said at the time. Here is a link to our post covering this:

Just to avoid any doubt or misunderstanding: Yes, “Bishop” René Gracida is officially a part of the Vatican II Church, and he is in good standing to boot. You can find information about him on the diocesan web site here. We are not talking about some whacko whom the Novus Ordo Sect doesn’t recognize or approve of.

Gracida was ordained a priest for the Benedictine order on May 23, 1959, so he is definitely a valid priest. In 1971, “Pope” Paul VI appointed him bishop, and he received “episcopal consecration” in the invalid Novus Ordo rite on Jan. 25, 1972 (source). In September of 2017, Gracida welcomed the explosive (but now largely forgotten) “Filial Correction” of Francis and was among the first to ask publicly for his name to be added to it as a signatory.

As Bergoglio’s heterodoxy has become less and less deniable over the past years, more and more people have begun to speak out against this “Pope” in one way or another. For example, the Colombian TV personality, politician, and university president José Galat has publicly called attention to some of Francis’ heresies on national television and stated that he does not believe him to be a true Pope. More and more books critical of or downright hostile to Francis have been appearing (think Antonio Socci, George Neumayr, Phil Lawler, Ross Douthat, and Henry Sire, for example), and in October of 2017, a Novus Ordo priest admitted in a newspaper article that when it comes to Francis, “we can’t wait for him to die”.

For a few years now we have warned of an intra-NovusOrdo schism, a split within the Vatican II Sect, that would divide the pseudo-Catholic church into two camps: the open Modernists on the one hand, and the more obscure Modernists (who believe themselves to be conservative Catholics) on the other. The former would be officially united under Francis, whereas the latter either would have the “Pope Emeritus” on their side (Benedict XVI) or else choose someone like “Cardinal” Raymond Burke as their front man. Absent such a person, they would, in any case, claim to be the true heirs of the Magisterium of Benedict XVI and John Paul II.

While such a scenario would be good insofar as it would considerably weaken the Modernist Sect (cf. Lk 11:17-19), it would also be extremely dangerous to souls because it would give those who have seen though Francis’ deception the false assurance that, unlike the souls unhappily caught up in Bergoglio’s camp, they are clinging to true Catholicism when in fact they are only adhering to the less-open Modernism of Francis’ five infamous predecessors. Either way, what they are getting is Vatican II:

We have discussed the threat of a schism among the Modernists in several posts over the years, including the following:

Whether “Bp.” Gracida’s call for a conclave, which would obviously cause a schism, will go anywhere, is highly doubtful. However, that’s not even the point. The point is that never before since Francis usurped the papal throne in 2013 has a member of the Novus Ordo hierarchy gone so far as Fr. Gracida now has.

What will happen next? Let’s make popcorn and see.

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