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May 3, 2017

Rapping the Novus Ordo religion in Poland

And one for the road…

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7 Responses to “News Digest May 3, 2017”

  1. Sonia

    RE: “A Sampler: What does Bp. Richard Williamson teach these days?”
    Relativism. Make up your own mind, everything goes Modernism. Why stop at the Novus Ordo? As the Novus Ordite Nopes teach, salvific ‘grace’ is found in all false religions, not just Catholic Truth – belial and Christ are buddies for the religion of Vatican II. At any rate, one need only ask one question…what would an actual Pope have to say about this? Anathema.

  2. Whyfor

    The Hootenanny Mass, as my grandmother called it in the 70s, was irreverent enough. Did they hire the Holy Rollers for this performance?

  3. James Christopher Silverberg

    So much wringing of hands, and so little action. No call to arms. Why are you here at “NOW”, and father Cekada, the de facto public leader of the sedevacantists, not emulating St. Bernhard in getting rid of the antipope Anactletus II? It seems more and more evident to me that the sedevacantists are just another version of the lackadaisical bishop Williamson who refuses to do anything and just wants to sit on his gilded stool and rake in the donations with the morning tea. Not another penny! Not a penny I say, until that penny goes directly to restablishing Catholic control of the Vatican.

    • corvinus

      “to restablishing Catholic control of the Vatican”

      When other institutions have been taken over by liberals and turned to liberal aims, they always, without exception, end up collapsing and eventually being destroyed as the liberals continually double down more and more on their absurdity. Also, liberals appear to be absolutely ruthless about keeping anti-liberals, or even non-liberals, out of an institution once they take it over. Anti-liberals have had to resort to building their own alternative institutions instead.

    • turn2

      It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest a solution such as seen with St. Bernard nearly a thousand years ago. Europe was largely Catholic then, but now, to paraphrase St. Athanasius, the whole world groans in astonishment to find itself pagan.

      So, Novus Ordo Watch and other traditional sites are using the weapons at their disposal to combat Modernism. So, denying assistance to NOW for the reason you give really doesn’t make much sense, unless you can come up with a better solution than exposing and promoting traditional Catholic churches.

      So, define directly reestablishing Catholic control? Amass an army and march to Rome on a 21st century Crusade? That’s sheer fantasy. Propose a credible, concrete idea, but until then, quit making excuses for not helping fight the fight. (Comparing NOW with Williamson? Shame on you, Mr. Siverberg.)

  4. juan323

    The SSPX shilling for “Peter’s Pence” is the worst. I can’t believe it. They might as well just run press releases now from the National Catholic Register on their sites and publications.

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