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Coexist: Mosque’s Call to Prayer intrudes on Francis’ Sermon in Cairo

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. During a visit with clergy and seminarians in Cairo as part of his “Apostolic Journey” to Egypt, Francis on Saturday, Apr. 29, gave a homily that was interrupted by the Muezzin’s call to prayer at the neighboring Al-Nour mosque. Francis, noticing the untimely surprise, checked his watch and simply carried on.

Curiously, the Muezzin’s call came just as Francis read the words: “We venerate the Holy Cross, the instrument and sign of our salvation. When we flee the Cross, we flee the resurrection!”

Here is the video of the unwelcome auditory contribution:

The Islamic call to prayer can be heard to begin around 17 seconds into the video clip and ending around the 4:13 min mark. According to the Sunni version of the call, which is officially called Adhan, the Muezzin recited the following while Francis was speaking (based on Wikipedia):

“Allah is the greatest.” (4 times)
“I acknowledge that there is no god but Allah.” (2 times)
“I acknowledge that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” (2 times)
“Hasten to prayer.” (2 times)
“Hasten to success.” (2 times)
“Allah is greatest.” (2 times)
“There is no god but Allah.” (1 time)

Of course, when Francis says things like, “We venerate the Holy Cross”, he is lying through his teeth. The truth is, as he has demonstrated time and time again, that he preaches not the true Gospel of Jesus Christ but the false gospel of man, as we just proved once more in a recent post.

He encourages Muslims to continue to be Muslims, and even in his very speech to clergy and seminarians today, he implied that the schismatic and heretical so-called Orthodox are part of the true Church: “I am pleased to greet you, the priests and consecrated men and women of the small Catholic flock in Egypt, as the ‘leaven’ which God is preparing for this blessed land, so that, together with our Orthodox brothers and sisters, his Kingdom may increase in this place” (source).

This is heresy — although it fits perfectly what he said a few months ago when he proclaimed that converting the Orthodox is a “great sin against ecumenism”.

Francis has been busy preaching not conversion to Jesus Christ in His true Church as the only way of salvation (cf. Jn 14:6; Heb 11:6; 1 Tim 3:15), but a false gospel where we all supposedly worship the same god, and the highest good is peace in this world and food for the hungry. It is the “coexist” gospel, where individual conscience reigns supreme, all who mean well go to Heaven, and the greatest evil in the world is the unemployment of the youth and the loneliness of the elderly.

Well, at least now Francis knows what his false coexist gospel sounds like in Egypt.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
License: public domain

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4 Responses to “Mosque’s Call to Prayer intrudes on “Pope” Francis’ Sermon in Cairo”

    • strickerm

      “Some people”, includes some Catholics, just like Chaos JB. And, it’s absolutely hysterical! Not even muslims agree with the false claim.

      • Pedro

        You are correct. I believe it was a member of ISIS who clarified that by saying “We are not a religion of peace” followed by very clearly stated words about hatred, conquering and killing Christians. Ol’ Red Nose Francis has nothing to worry about. Mohammadens know he is not a Christian.

        They might even recruit the clown.

  1. bartmaeus

    “There is only one pantheon, and the Conciliarists are its prophets . . . or something – but you are welcome to dissent if you feel like it . . . as long as you do so in a tolerant manner . . . which is to say, in a way that smacks of what a pre-1962 theologian of the Roman Catholic Church would have found unpalatable to his taste.

    There may. of course, be many pantheons, as there may be many universes (or multiverses even) – who are we to say? We all look forward to the day when the members of the multiverses will all get together for a big Council, where many, many, documents will be drawn up and disseminated to the four (or however many there really are) corners of the multiverses, to mean whatever the denizens of the planets, suns, comets, asteroids, black holes, pulsars, moons, dust mites (and so on, ad infinitum), interpret them to mean from day to day, or night to night.

    For, as out fellow neutered seat-of-power perch puppet, Pilate, the proto-Post-Enlightenment figure dismissively declared, What is Truth?

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