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May 26, 2017

Come join us for the “Happy Clappy Mass”!

And one for the road…

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5 Responses to “News Digest May 26, 2017”

  1. Tom A.

    Oh boy, if this maas style were only implemented in my local parish vocations would be booming. I just know my sons would have certainly been so impressed that they would for sure answered the call. What young impressionable male would not be drawn to this? Oh yeah, normal heterosexual boys.

  2. bartmaeus

    We’re stupid, but we’re happy . . .
    we don’t need no Catechism:
    we’re good because we’re silly,

    we’re the happy-clappy children,
    in the Empire of Empiricism.

  3. Junior Ribeiro

    Every time I see this kind of post here, it looks like I see the world record of one of these Protestant sects. Something totally alien to me.

  4. Nicholas

    Welcome to Novus Ordo Land, where tradition is window dressing, where dissension is always encouraged, where miracles are legends, where hell is metaphorical, where atheistic evolution is factual, where conversion is discouraged, and where following your malformed conscience is your only rule.

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