16 episodes in the first 3 months…

Our Mini Podcast

Three months ago, on February 5, we launched our new mini podcast program, “TRADCAST EXPRESS”. We have produced 16 episodes so far, and it seems that people enjoy these intentionally brief, timely, and hard-hitting express productions very much.

The idea behind TRADCAST EXPRESS — as opposed to our regular, full-length TRADCAST program, which continues to be produced as well — is to publish podcasts relating mainly to current events and happenings in the Novus Ordo Sect at a moment’s notice, without it requiring a lot of time or effort on our end to produce and release. For this reason, we do not publish the audio of our mini podcasts to YouTube, we do not release any show notes, we do not advertise each episode on our blog, nor do we embed a list of all express podcasts on our site, all of which we do do for our regular program.

How can you catch each express podcast as it gets released? The best way to ensure you will never miss an episode is to sign up for our automatic notifications, either by email, through an RSS feed, or through a podcast service like iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Soundcloud:


Furthermore, as you may have noticed, you can always find the most recent TRADCAST EXPRESS embedded in the right sidebar of this blog, towards the top. Look for this:

If you would like to catch up on some missed episodes, you can access the TRADCAST and TRADCAST EXPRESS full podcast archive at this link.

The following is our latest episode of TRADCAST EXPRESS, released on May 5, 2017. It’s about “Pope” Francis’ and “Cardinal” Muller’s attacks on the dogma of the Resurrection of Christ:

All our podcasts — just as all our other content — is entirely free of charge for the general public. Donations are optional, tax-deductible in the U.S., and gratefully accepted here. (We have no other substantial funding.)

Enjoy the podcasts and share them with friends and family!

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