“And he opened his mouth unto blasphemies against God” (Apoc 13:6)…

Four Years with Francis —
New Articles by Miles Christi

March 13, 2017, marked the four-year anniversary of the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the head of the Vatican II Church (“Pope Francis”). Catholic writer Miles Christi (“Soldier of Christ”) has released some new material reviewing and exposing the impostor’s false pontificate.

The new contributions by Miles Christi are the following:

  • Article: “Four Years with Francis, Supreme Blasphemer of the Vatican”
  • Photo Essay / Slideshow: “Bergoglian Caleidoscope”

Both of these resources are available in sundry languages. Here are the links:

“Four Years with Francis, Supreme Blasphemer of the Vatican” (Article)

“Bergoglian Caleidoscope” (Photo Essay / Slideshow)

Note of caution: Please be aware that the photo essay / slideshow may contain images with immodesty in them.

For years now Miles Christi has been cataloguing the heresies, errors, scandals, blasphemies, and impious practices of “Pope” Francis. His latest publications add considerable material to the case against Francis. They are perfect to pass on to family and friends and to make new converts, informing people of the true face of the Argentinian apostate.

Prior studies by Miles Christi, likewise published in multiple languages, include the following:

All this is well-documented material for anyone who still needs to be convinced — or wants to convince others — that Jorge Bergoglio is not a Roman Catholic and is most definitely not the Pope of the Catholic Church. Thank you, Miles Christi!

Note: Miles Christi is an independent writer and not to be confused with the Novus Ordo clerical group Miles Christi, which submits to the “pontificate” of Jorge Bergoglio.

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8 Responses to “Four Years with Francis – New Articles by Miles Christi”

  1. Heather

    Add to the four years of Francis false saints. Bergoglio signed the decrees Thursday, raising the likelihood that he might canonize the Portuguese siblings Francisco and Jacinta Marto during his upcoming trip to the Fatima shrine. Let’s examine this, once again it is about Bergoglio, his egocentric mentality and using those innocent children as a tool… a prop to feed his ego. Bear in mind Bergoglio declared the three Child Martyrs of Tlaxcala worthy of sainthood without having a miracle attributed to their intercession, once again sidestepping the Vatican’s typical saint-making process.

    Who needs Advocatus Diaboli in the false Vatican II sect, who needs miracles in the Vatican II Sect? Its all about man, that is to say man driven not about God nor God centered ideals With them and Bergoglio, especially promoted to bishop Robert Barron who believes hell is “prose” an aesop’s fable, did Adam and Eve really exist Bishop Barron: emmmm possibly not

    Can the Catholic Church take four more years of Bergoglio and his trolls?

    As always My God Bless Novus Ordo Watch, those that contribute and those that visit

    • Tom A.

      Fortunately, Bergolio has nothing to do with the Catholic Church. Its the V2 NO neos who may not survive the next four years.

      • Heather

        Yes Tom all true. I should have clarified, the True Catholic Church in exile, will it survive which Bergoglio has nothing to do with. As we all know the last True COMPLETED Catholic Council was The Council of Trent, the return of which I always pray for

        • Tom A.

          Heather, we have Christ’s promise that His Church will survive. We also have his warning that He may find little faith left on Earth when He returns. Hold fast to Tradition, sister, and make no compromises with modernists.

  2. Tom Healey

    Bergoglio hates holiness. He’s not just a weak sinner who resists dying to his old Adam self. In his slimy way, he is driven to deface, to reduce God’s infinite Holiness, and those whom God raises to sublime spiritual heights, to the vulgar and commonplace.

    Thus he cannot or will not accept the doctrine of Original Sin. He reduces the Blessed Virgin to common humanity. No Immaculate Conception for Jorge. No total submission of her intellect and will to her Son, for this God-forsaken-man. He will not accept her holiness. He even attacks Christ on the cross with his diabolical condescension.

  3. Patrick O'Brien

    This excellent article/video shows Francis receiving the blessing of Anglican « Archbishop » Justin Welby. But John Paul II topped that. He was blessed by a rabbi, and by pagan Canadian Indians. St. Paul in the Book of Hebrews says that a lesser is blessed by a greater — and so there is an unsolvable dilemma here.

  4. Aurelius Moner

    “As many errors as Francis may have made – and let us be honest, even Pius XII or Blessed Pius IX, whom you all revere, made errors…”

    This is an exceedingly fatuous comment; you may as well say that there’s no point in criticizing Stalin because, after all, the local police, whom we all respect, once gave you a speeding ticket unjustly. There is no reasonable comparison between the errors of a Roman Pontiff and the sustained program of blasphemy and heresy by this notorious antipope.

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