Hard-hitting speech condemns Francis

“Bishop” Schneider rocks Rome, accuses Francis of promoting “The Joy of Adultery” by pretending to Dispense from the Sixth Commandment


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The prelude to a formal schism within the Novus Ordo Sect has just reached a new stage: On Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, the Rome-based Lepanto Foundation held a conference in the Eternal City on Christian marriage and the errors of “Pope” Francis’ exhortation Amoris Laetitia. The well-attended conference was hosted by the Foundation‘s president, Roberto de Mattei, and took place only about 3 miles from the Vatican.

The conference featured “Cardinals” Raymond Burke and Walter Brandmuller as well as “Bishop” Athanasius Schneider, the outspoken auxiliary from Kazakhstan, who the day before had just given a televised interview in which he asserted that a “bizarre kind of schism” already exists in the [Novus Ordo] Church.

At Monday’s conference, Schneider gave a hard-hitting speech defending the sacrament of holy matrimony, in which he accused those who in our day are trying to find ways around the Sixth Commandment of God (“Thou shalt not commit adultery”). The full text of Mr. Schneider’s speech, “The Non-Negotiable Grandeur of Christian Marriage”, is available online in Italian and French:

At this point, there is not yet available a full English translation; however, Life Site has posted an English summary, and we have translated what we believe to be Schneider’s most salient points, verbatim:

We know the first great sin of the clergy was that of the high priest Aaron, when he gave in to the insolent demands of sinners and permitted them to worship the idol of the golden calf (cf. Ex. 32:4), replacing in this concrete case the First Commandment of God, that is to say replacing the will and word of God with the sinful will of man. Aaron justified his act of exacerbated clericalism by appealing to mercy and the understanding of man’s needs. Holy Scripture says on this subject: “Moses saw that the people were delivered up to disorder, for Aaron had allowed them into this disorder, allowing them to become the laughing stock of their enemies” (Ex. 32:25).

This first clerical sin is renewed today in substance in the life of the Church. Aaron had given the license to sin against the first commandment of the divine Decalogue and to be able to remain at peace and joyful in this sin, so much so that the people danced. It was a matter in this case of a joy in idolatry, laetitia idolatriae: “The people sat down to eat and drink; then they rose up to play” (Ex. 32:6). In the time of Aaron, it was a matter of the first commandment. In our time, numerous members of the clergy, even among the most highly placed, replace the sixth commandment with the new idol of sexual activity between persons who are not validly married, it is in a certain sense the golden calf worshiped today by members of the clergy. The admission of these persons to the sacraments without requiring them to live in continence as an absolutely essential condition is in fact to dispense them with observing the sixth commandment. And these ecclesiastics, like so many new “Aarons”, calm these persons, telling them they can be at peace and joyful, that is to say to continue in the joy of adultery, laetitia adulterii, by reason of a new “via caritatis” and a supposed “maternal” instinct of the Church, and that they can even receive the Eucharist. Through such a pastoral orientation, the new “Aarons” of the clergy make the Catholic people the laughing stock of their enemies….

…An ecclesiastical authority promoting rules or pastoral orientations allowing for such an admission [of adulterers to Holy Communion] arrogates to itself a right God has not given it. An accompaniment or pastoral discernment that does not put forward to the adulterous persons (those called “remarried divorcés”) the divinely established obligation to live in continence as an absolutely essential condition for being admitted to the sacraments, shows itself in reality to be an arrogant clericalism, for there is no clericalism more pharisaic than that which arrogates to itself divine rights.

(Source: “La conférence de Mgr Schneider à Rome : texte intégral”, Le Blog de Jeanne Smits, Dec. 7, 2016; our translation.)


Folks, this is not going to go over well in the Casa Santa Marta. If he’s lucky, Schneider can look forward to being promoted to assistant janitor of the Vatican Museums. Meanwhile, Roberto de Mattei has given an interview in which he states that the church has entered a “religious civil war”.

The continuing Amoris Laetitia debacle has just entered a new stage: The gloves are off.

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