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Transgenders? Case by Case!
“Welcome, accompany, study, discern, integrate”!

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One day after blasphemously declaring that seeking the conversion of non-Catholics is a “great sin against ecumenism”, “Pope” Francis has now weighed in on how to provide pastoral care to people who are not sure whether they are male or female or something else entirely (so-called “transgender” people).

In the much-anticipated in-flight “papal” interview aboard the plane taking him back to Rome from Azerbaijan, where the number of Francis adherents can fit in an elevator, the Argentinian Jesuit was asked by a journalist what he would “say to those who are suffering and feel that their sexual identity does not correspond to their biological one”. Here is Francis’ answer:

“Throughout my life as a priest, bishop and even as Pope, I have accompanied people with a homosexual inclination and who practice homosexuality. I have accompanied them and brought them closer to the Lord, some are not able… But people must be accompanied as Jesus accompanies them. When someone with this condition comes before Jesus, he will certainly not say: ‘Go away, for you are homosexual!’ What I am referring to is that wickedness shown today, by indoctrinating people with the gender theory. A French father told me that he was chatting with his children at table once and asked his 10-year-old son: ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ ‘A girl!’ the boy said. The father realised that school text books were teaching [gender theory] and this goes against what is natural. For a person to have this inclination, or this option or those who change sex, is one thing. It is quite another to teach according to this line at school, in order to change people’s mentality. This is what I call “ideological colonisations”.

Last year I received a letter from a Spanish male [!] who was telling me about his story as a child and as a teen. It was a female [!] child, a girl who had suffered a great deal. She felt like a boy but was physically a girl. She had told her mother about it, saying she wanted to have a sex change. The mother asked her not to have it done while she was still alive. She was elderly and died soon. The girl had the surgery and he now works at a ministry in Spain. He [!] went to see the bishop and the bishop gave him a great deal of guidance. He was a good bishop, he “wasted” time accompanying this man [!]. The man later married [!], changed his civil identity and he – who was a she but is now a he – wrote to tell me he would take comfort in coming to see me. I received them. He told me that in the neighbourhood where he lived there was an elderly priest, the old parish priest and the new one. When the new parish priest saw him, he would shout to him from the sidewalk: ‘You will go to hell!’ When he came across the old man, he would say to him: ‘How long has it been since your last confession? Come, come…’ Life is life and things must be taken as they come. Sin is sin. Inclinations or hormonal imbalances cause many problems and we need to be careful when claiming all cases are the same: we need to embrace and study each case, accompany the person, discern and integrate them. This is what Jesus would do today. But please don’t go and say now: the Pope is going to sanctify transsexuals! I can just picture the front pages of the newspapers… It is a human problem, a moral problem. And we need to resolve it as best we can, always with God’s mercy and with truth but always with an open heart.”

(Andrea Tornielli, “This is how, I, as Pope, welcome homosexual people and transsexuals”, Vatican Insider, Oct. 3, 2016; underlining and paragraph break added.)

The following links provide additional information about what Francis said during the on-board press conference:

So, in short, the apostate pretend-pope gave his standard one-size-fits-all answer that says nothing concrete and leaves everything up in the air, just like in his infamous exhortation Amoris Laetitia. As always, he wants to have it both ways and remains vague and ambiguous so that each side — conservative or liberal — can pick whatever it prefers. On the one hand, he said “sin is sin” and we must accompany with “truth” — but then he also said we need to be “open” and use “mercy” and “accompany”, “discern”, and “integrate” because “this is what Jesus would do today”. You know, like our Blessed Lord did when He sensitively told the Samaritan adulteress at the well: “…he whom thou now hast, is not thy husband” (Jn 4:18). That kind of accompaniment?

Francis can verbally and theoretically reject transgenderism as being “against what is natural” all he wants; in actual practice he sings a different tune, and he admitted as much. Several times he referred to the Spanish girl as “male” simply because she “felt like a boy” and later, as an adult, had herself surgically mutilated. But as a biological female, how would she possibly know what it feels like to be a male, anyway? Still, Francis accepts her as male and thus in practice swallows the entire gender theory he just verbally denounced, hook, line, and sinker. Whatever he may say, the fact is that he accepts genderism; he accepts the female as a male simply because she “feels” that way. What is even worse, Francis also accepts that this woman-pretending-to-be-a-man can enter a marriage with a woman! This is beyond sickening!

But should anyone be surprised? This is a “Pope”, after all, who also believes in a transgender god, as it were, who is both father and mother. Remember?

The name of the woman now claiming to be a man, by the way, is Diego Neria Lejárraga (see photo below and watch video here). In 2015, she was received by Francis at the Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican, where she showed up together with her female “fiancee”. Francis expressed his joy at their intention of getting “married”. The meeting did not receive much publicity in the press, but we covered it in a blog post here:

So, this is what Francis’ “discernment” and “accompaniment” looks like in practice. Amazingly, however, he always pulls out this “accompany, integrate, discern” jazz only when it comes to sins of a sexual nature, never for anything else. Or do you remember the last time Francis said we should discern, integrate, and accompany those who trade arms, refuse to recycle, or engage in the “terrorism of gossip”? …Didn’t think so.

With this latest “papal” de facto approval, the transgender disorder is bound to make its inroads into the Novus Ordo Sect at a rapid pace now. Perhaps “Cardinal” Raymond Burke can be of valuable assistance in this regard, considering his prior experience in accepting a biological male as a “nun”.

“He” is actually a she: Diego Neria Lejárraga (right) with “Pope” Francis and her girlfriend

Not content with rejecting supernatural truth, apostate post-Christian man has now begun to reject the natural order as well. The simple fact is that God created man male and female (see Gen 1:27), as everyone knows. People who may experience confusion in this regard or struggle with accepting their sex are suffering from a psychological disorder that needs to be treated and cured. There is nothing wrong with their bodies; there is something wrong with their minds. As someone once said, “The problem is upstairs, not downstairs.” True charity, true pastoral care, requires that we help such individuals heal their troubled souls and help them accept how God created them; for in creating them, God did not make a mistake (cf. Gen 1:31).

Francis’ idea of pastoral care, however, is to accept their disorder in practice and, at best, hem and haw about some joyful “ideal” to which they may wish to consider aspiring in between their “marriage” and the baptism of “their” child, if their conscience does not object.

By the way, returning briefly to Francis’ words in the in-flight interview, did you notice that he showed no mercy at all toward that new pastor who allegedly “shout[ed] to [the woman-pretending-to-be-a-man] from the sidewalk: ‘You will go to hell!’”? Francis used him as an example of someone who is not welcoming, discerning, integrating, etc. But how does he know that? Perhaps the man in question did study and did discern, and simply came to the conclusion that the only way to “accompany” this woman was to remind her that unless she makes every effort to get psychological help and stops consenting to her perverted lusts, she will go to hell? Is it not a work of mercy — a genuine one, unlike caring for the environment — to admonish the sinner?

Here, too, we can easily see that Francis’ ridiculous talk of “accompaniment” and “discernment” is just code language for accepting these disgusting homosexual-transgender lifestyles.

His own practice confirms this. For example, when he was “cardinal” in Buenos Aires, he reportedly permitted a homo-pervert “couple” to adopt a child; and for another (or possibly the same) homo couple, where the “woman” was a surgically-altered man, he permitted them to celebrate “their” two children’s baptism in church. This dovetails perfectly with Francis’ rejection of all-or-nothing morality, which he brazenly denounced as “heretical” back in June. Nothing is right or wrong; nothing is black or white. Everything now comes in 50 shades of grey.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Amoris Laetitia in action.

And it will go down hill from here.

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