12: True vs. False Mercy

yoc-12As Francis’ fake Year of Mercy is drawing to a close, so is our Year of Exclusion, Judgment, and Condemnation, which is being observed in direct contrast to the former. As with all other posts in this series, so too this twelfth installment will focus on some forgotten truth of the holy Catholic Faith that is considered by our sorry society to be extremely judgmental, exclusionary, negative, hateful, bigoted, intolerant, condemnatory, unwelcoming, dogmatic, narrow-minded, and everything else that oh-so-enlightened modern man despises and detests.

Today’s post puts the focus on God’s true mercy, as opposed to the false “mercy” that “Pope” Francis drones on and on about, a “mercy” that is allegedly given to anyone who asks “with a sincere heart”, no further questions asked or conditions required.… READ MORE