“Amoris Laetitia” in action…

“Forbidden Love”: Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart calls for Marriage Rite for Homosexuals



This is where the Novus Ordo Sect is at in Germany: The diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart — the emphasis is clearly on rotten — has posted a video commentary by one of its diocesan “theologians”, one Eckhard Raabe, which provides a brief commentary on the recent story of two Novus Ordo nuns who quit the cloister and “got married” — to each other.

Instead of denouncing the perversion of these two women, who were obviously entirely unfit for the religious life, the diocesan master theologian echoed the two perverts’ call for acceptance of homosexual “love” by the Catholic Church, going so far as even to ask for a liturgical marriage rite for gays and lesbians and a nuptial blessing for them!

The video commentary is entitled Verbotene Liebe, “Forbidden Love”, and we have gone through the trouble of translating it and added English subtitles to the original video. You can watch the entire thing below, but be warned: barf bags not included!

In case the Novus Ordo diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart decides to remove the web page or the video, don’t worry: We have saved copies of both.

Below you will find a screenshot of the web page as it appeared on Sep. 30, 2016 and is still up as of the publication of this post (Oct. 4):


(click image to enlarge)

Apparently the time is long gone when calling for Catholic acceptance of perversion and sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance was confined to certain openly dissident groups, such as Call to Action and We are Church. Now you can find it on the web sites of the Novus Ordo Counterfeit Church’s official structures — at least in Germany.

Folks, they do it because they can. They know that with Francis at the helm, there will be no interference. He has given enough indications that he supports the pervert revolution, so they know they have free reign at this point. What you are seeing here is Amoris Laetitia in action; it is the Francis Effect in practice — and you know that this genie won’t go back in the bottle.

The diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, by the way, was once (1989-99) shepherded by the infamous heretic “Cardinal” Walter Kasper, before “Pope” John Paul II called him to Rome to serve in the curia as the Vatican’s Chief Ecumenist. Kasper, by the way, means “Punch”, as in “Punch-and-Judy Show”, and that’s exactly what he’s been performing theologically from the beginning.

Currently the pretend-bishop in Rottenburg is Gebhard Fürst, another man with a very fitting last name. Fürst means “prince”, and he is clearly a tool of the “prince of this world” (Jn 12:31). The Rottenburg diocese encompasses the city of Tübingen, by the way, that academic den of Modernism whose most infamous professor was none other than hell’s apostle, Hans Küng. We told you before that the Novus Ordo Sect is finished in that country.

Any questions?

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6 Responses to ““Forbidden Love”: German Diocese wants Homo Marriage Rite”

  1. Sonia

    Seems the whole message of the conciliar-conglomeration is ‘there is no such thing as sin’; or at least no such thing as condemnation for it – very Lutheran. At any rate all the pundits of VII Bergog Inc are complicit in this teaching by subjecting their lives/families/readers to falsity. (John Vennari et al must have ostrich feathers on their butts wiggling to the clouds).

    I guess they have to ask themselves if it’s true, or maybe they dont care so long as the adoration keeps rolling in.

  2. mary_lauer

    I noticed this statement (below) in your Twitter column feed on the right. I am not on Twitter else I would not have seen this. I avoid Twitter because it is a near occasion of sin for me. Since you’re on it, I must warn you not to give veracity to false claims against the Catholic church by its enemies. St.John would not do this. Instead, state that the epithets and slurs are false, but the church welcomes persecution for the greater glory of God: John 15:18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” Novus Ordo Watch @NovusOrdoWatch

    “Things we need more of: bigotry, homophobia, intolerance, exclusion, condemnation, walls (not bridges!). Boy, it feels great to say that! @novusordowatch”,

  3. rich

    Un-repentant heretics should be dealt with in one way only. There’s a reason why heresy/apostasy is the only way you can sever yourself from the Church. Its pure evil.

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