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Francis stacks the deck…

Surprise! Francis names Blase Cupich a “Cardinal” — and 16 Others


Look, we told you this would happen, but it’s not like this required any special predicting abilities: On October 9, 2016, “Pope” Francis announced that Archlayman Blase Cupich of Chicago — “The Dirtbag” — would become a “cardinal”. Mr. Cupich will receive the red hat on November 19 at an extraordinary consistory in the Vatican. Apparently Francis couldn’t wait until February rolls around, which is the typical month for the creation of new cardinals, around the feast of the Chair of St. Peter at Antioch (Feb. 22).

What are the facts about Mr. Cupich, and why do we brazenly call him “The Dirtbag”? Let’s recap:

In early July, Francis had appointed Cupich to the Vatican’s Congregation of Bishops, which is the committee that suggests names to the “Pope” of people who should be made “bishops”. In other words, Cupich is in a place where he can do the greatest and most lasting damage. Here is our post on that:

By the way, although some semi-traditionalists conveniently refer to Cupich as a “FrancisBishop”, the truth is that the person who is responsible for him becoming a “bishop” in the first place is “Pope” John Paul II, who appointed him in 1998. Ordained a Novus Ordo priest in 1975 and raised to the Novus Ordo episcopacy 13 years later, the good news is that Mr. Cupich is nothing but a layman in a fancy bishop’s costume, as the Novus Ordo ordination rite, imposed in 1968, is invalid.

Of course Francis didn’t only name Mr. Cupich a “cardinal” on October 9; he also named 16 others, a good number of whom are men after Jorge Bergoglio’s own heart. Two other American “bishops” selected by Francis are Kevin Farrell (formerly of Dallas, now in the Roman Curia) and Joseph Tobin of Indianapolis (not to be confused with Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island).

Here is the full list:

Archbishop Mario Zenari, Italy
Archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga, Central African Republic
Archbishop Carlos Osoro Sierra, Spain
Archbishop Sérgio da Rocha, Brazil
Archbishop Blase J. Cupich, U.S.A.
Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario, Bangladesh
Archbishop Baltazar Enrique Porras Cardozo, Venezuela
Archbishop Jozef De Kesel, Belgium
Archbishop Maurice Piat, Mauritius
Archbishop Kevin Joseph Farrell, U.S.A.
Archbishop Carlos Aguiar Retes, Mexico
Archbishop John Ribat, Papua Nuova Guinea
Archbishop Mons. Joseph William Tobin U.S.A.
Archbishop Anthony Soter Fernandez, Archbishop Emeritus of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Archbishop Renato Corti, Archbishop Emeritus of Novara Italy
Archbishop Sebastian Koto Khoarai, Bishop Emeritus of Mohale’s Hoek Lesotho
Father Ernest Simoni, presbytery of the Archdiocese of Shkodrë-Pult, Scutari – Albania

(source: Vatican Radio)

More information and statistics on these characters and on prior consistories is available at the Catholic Hierarchy web site.

Francis’ shtick about finding the most remote regions of the earth and then creating someone a cardinal there, is wearing out fast and has the appearance of being little more than trying to showcase once again how special he is. At this point, a Novus Ordo parochial vicar in Micronesia has a better chance of being named “cardinal” than the “Archbishop” of Venice, Italy.

Many of these new “cardinals” are dyed-in-the-wool progressives, that is, super-Modernists, just like Cupich and Francis himself, at least as far as the more well-known among them go. The following links give more information about the new picks:

The semi-traditionalists of the recognize-and-resist persuasion will be horrified and furious at this, but they are merely reaping what they have sown. As we have said before, you get the “Pope” you are willing to accept: They accept a public heretic as Pope, so they shouldn’t be surprised about having a public heretic. “Ideas have consequences”, as the philosophers say. Or, “Heresy is as heresy does”, as Forrest Gump might say.

By the way, out of these 17 new “cardinals”, 13 of them are currently young enough to vote in the next conclave. Francis is clearly stacking the deck by putting twins of his own theological self into powerful positions to ensure that his false gospel will be cemented in Vatican City and throughout the world for the decades to come.