015 TRADCAST (29 SEP 2016)


  • Segment 1: Preview of first anti-Vatican II song ever: Vatican 2! What the Heck are you? by Damo — Response to Eric Gajewski and John Salza’s “Sedevacantism, Fatima, and Freemasonry” program of Oct. 24, 2015 (Part 3): Sin vs. crime of heresy; private judgment; pertinacity; Salza’s hypocritical accusation of dishonesty
  • Segment 2: Response to Eric Gajewski and John Salza (Part 3) continued: Sedevacantists and “spiritual maladies”; sedevacantists accused of “Protestantism”; private judgment again; alleged lack of unity in sedevacantism; real disunity found in recognize-and-resist camp and Novus Ordo Sect — Request for support
  • Total run time: 1 hr 15 mins

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2 Responses to “TRADCAST 015 (September 29, 2016)”

  1. Sonia

    Brilliant – mystery is consistent with Catholicism, contradiction is not.

    Mr 32nd degree (who appears to abhor the age-old Catholic Tradition of disputation) declares the Novus Ordo the ‘counterfeit-church-of-concilliarism’ (consisting of ‘Waco-way’ cults) – the Catholic Church. Meanwhile, sedevacantists, following given teaching are….(don’t ask Salza ’cause it seems he wouldn’t have a clue).
    According to s&s, a public-manifest non-Catholic can be a real pope; a manifest-public non-Catholic can be elected pope. S&S effectively invalidate the substance of Papacy, Catholicism and all that entails – it becomes a nominal husk – Luther’s dream. Bergog is a manifest non-Catholic ‘pope’ if you understand S&S.
    Oh, as for Novus Ordites accusing real Catholicism of being a spiritual malaise? One of the huge reason I woke up to Novus Ordoism was the madness in it. Consistent inconsistency and contradiction against Scripture, Christ, His Mother and His Saints, sacraments etc…no need to go on.

    Brilliant summation. Sedevacantists may be struggling to find unity because we KNOW we have no Pope; yet Novus Ordites, SSPX, Resistance, Indult, and the MeduJorge Mobs et al, cannot find unity when they are convinced they have a pope – a supposed point of unity. Satanic or what?

  2. Tom Healey

    Words fail me. Except to say things are falling into place. Perspective is soooooooo very important. Thanks and God bless.

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