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Jesuit Superior “Fr.” Arturo Sosa visits Buddhist Temple

"Fr." Arturo Sosa in Cambodia Jesuit Superior visits Buddhist Temple He fits right in: Mr. Sosa (left) with his fellow-non-Catholics "Fr." Arturo Sosa, S.J., is the current Superior General of the apostate Jesuits. He recently made headlines for denying the existence of Satan and for questioning the reliability of the Gospel ...
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“Cardinal” Müller Piles On, says Benedict XVI “Disappointed” at his Dismissal

The soap opera continues... "Cardinal" Müller Piles On, says Benedict XVI "Disappointed" at his Dismissal The German press is abuzz today with regard to some explosive comments made by "Cardinal" Gerhard Ludwig Müller in a new interview with the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the German quivalent of the American Associated Press. Muller is the former head of ...
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Novus Ordo Canonist: Benedict XVI is being positioned as Antipope to Francis

After comments critical of Francis... Novus Ordo Canon Lawyer: Benedict XVI is being brought into position as Antipope to Francis It's a clever ruse because... they're both Antipopes! [UPDATE 18-JUL-2017 15:53 UTC: Ganswein denies Benedict meant to criticize Francis] The fallout from "Pope Emeritus" Benedict XVI's remarks at the funeral of "Cardinal" Joachim Meisner ...
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Atheist Philosopher slams Francis: “Bergoglio is Not Concerned with the Salvation of Souls”

It's so bad, even atheists notice... Atheist Philosopher slams Francis: "Bergoglio is Not Concerned with the Salvation of Souls" Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the Twilight Zone: At this point, the apostasy of Francis is so obvious that even atheists are taking notice. We are talking about Marcello Pera, an Italian ...
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Benedict XVI: Church is “On Verge of Capsizing”

Ratzinger Message read at Meisner Funeral Benedict XVI: Church is "On Verge of Capsizing" "Abp." Ganswein reads Benedict XVI's Message at Cologne Cathedral Image credit: domradio.de (video screenshot) [UPDATE 18-JUL-17: Ganswein denies Benedict meant to criticize Francis] Today, July 15, the Novus Ordo Sect in Germany conducted the solemn funeral rites for "Cardinal" Joachim ...
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Francis posts “No Complaining” Sign on his Apartment Door

The "Pope" strikes again... No Joke: Francis posts "No Complaining" Sign on his Apartment Door You can't make this stuff up, folks, you just can't make it up: The Jesuit apostate pretending to be the Pope of the Catholic Church, Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, apparently cannot bear not to be ...
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