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Gigantic Francis Statue comes to Juarez, Mexico

The show must go on! Gigantic Statue of "Pope" Francis comes to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico One year ago today, "Pope" Francis visited the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which is situated directly at the border with the United States, right across from the American city of El Paso, Texas. Ciudad Juarez is ...
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Francis stands up for the Rights of Tradition! – PAGAN Tradition, of course!

"I can't believe it's not Catholic!" Francis stands up for the Rights of Tradition! --Pagan Tradition, of course! [UPDATE 17-FEB-17: Francis doubles down, says Muslim invasion no threat to Europe's Christian identity] No matter what happens in or around the city of Rome, you can bet your bottom dollar that ...
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Francis’ Raging Mess: On Recent Vatican News and Rumors

Mayhem at full throttle... Francis' Raging Mess: On Recent Vatican News & Rumors The Vatican today is a complete mess. Not that that's anything new, but it's probably never been worse than it is now. It has been well over 3 years now that Francis first told people at World Youth ...
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Novus Ordo Watch 2017 Challenge

Get rewarded for supporting us! Let's Make It Happen! Novus Ordo Watch Challenge 2017 Fundraiser Kickoff To get right to the point: We're running out of money. However, this is not simply another appeal for donations -- this is the kickoff to a really cool fundraising campaign in which donors are rewarded, ...
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Novus Ordo Watch for your ears! Mini Podcasts are here: Introducing TRADCAST EXPRESS In the 16th episode of our popular TRADCAST podcast program, released on Dec. 24, 2016, we announced that in the new year we were going to start cranking out little "quickie" podcasts as an additional service to all who enjoy TRADCAST ...
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Francis does it again: Recommends “Couldn’t-Care-Less Attitude” in new Chaos Q&A

Once more, Chaos Frank brings down the house! Francis does it again: New Chaos Q&A slams "Restorationists", "Pelagians", "Triumphalism", Black-and-White Logic, Penance! Lauds edifying Criticism, recommends "Couldn't-Care-Less Attitude"! [UPDATE 09-FEB-17 18:27 UTC: Added/expanded commentary at end of post] Whoever thought that we might get a break hearing from Francis for a ...
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