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A Soiled Cross: Official Logo for Francis’ Chile Trip released

Another trip, another logo... A Soiled Cross: Official Logo for Francis' Chile Trip released Another trip, another logo: After releasing the official logo for "Pope" Francis' trip to Peru earlier this month, the Vatican has now unveiled the logo and motto for Jorge Bergoglio's trip to Chile. You can see ...
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Resistance vs. Sedevacantism: Fr. Cekada answers Fr. Chazal

A brief response to "Contra Cekadam"... Resistance vs. Sedevacantism: Fr. Cekada answers Fr. Chazal Fr. Francois Chazal and Fr. Anthony Cekada Fr. Francois Chazal is a priest who holds the recognize-and-resist position of Abp. Marcel Lefebvre: Recognize as valid the "Popes" since Vatican II while resisting anything they teach or legislate ...
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Four Years with Francis: A Review by Miles Christi

1461 days of Bergoglio in the Vatican... Four Years with Francis A Review by Miles Christi Enough is enough! This is the subtitle to the new book, Four Years with Francis, authored by Miles Christi ("Soldier of Christ"), a prolific Catholic writer from Argentina whose work we have featured on this ...
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Vatican releases Logo for Francis’ Peru Visit in 2018

Another beauty... Vatican releases Official Logo for Francis' Peru Visit in 2018 The Modernist Vatican has just released the official logo for "Pope" Francis' blather tour "Apostolic Journey" to the South American nation of Peru, which is scheduled for January 18-21, 2018. It is displayed above. Compared to some other ...
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“Cardinal” Burke’s Latest on that “Formal Correction” of Francis

Quit talking and just do it already... "Cardinal" Burke's Latest on that "Formal Correction" of Francis Great excitement is temporarily returning to conservative Novus Ordo Land as The Wanderer has just published its second installment of a three-part interview with "Cardinal" Raymond Burke. That "formal correction" of "Pope" Francis he ...
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The Heresies of “Cardinal” Muller, Part 1: Denial of Transubstantiation

Oops: The former "Guardian of Orthodoxy" is a Heretic himself! The Heresies of "Cardinal" Müller Part 1: His Denial of Transubstantiation Time and again the secular and Novus Ordo media have portrayed "Cardinal" Gerhard Ludwig Müller (b. 1947) as a conservative Catholic theologian and, especially in his recently-completed five-year role ...
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