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A Candid Plea: If you Benefit from this Site, please Help Support it

Great content needs great support... A Candid Plea: If you Benefit from this Web Site, please Help Support It This post will have to be a bit candid because the matter is serious and there is no time to waste. It is June 23 today and unfortunately we are not going ...
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No Culture of Encounter: Francis won’t hold Pre-Consistory Meeting with “Cardinals” again

To avoid confrontation over Dubia? No Culture of Encounter: Francis apparently won't hold Pre-Consistory Meeting with "Cardinals" again As we learned in the last few months and especially in the past 2 days, although he constantly preaches about "dialogue", "open doors", and a "culture of encounter" Christians must supposedly practice, when it ...
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“Cardinal” Caffarra’s Letter to Francis requesting Audience to resolve Dubia

"We do not ... consider the Chair of Peter to be vacant"! The Dubia Saga continues: Sandro Magister publishes "Cardinal" Caffarra's Letter to Francis requesting Audience [UPDATE 20-JUN-17 00:22 UTC: Edward Pentin reports that this letter was delivered to Francis on May 6 of this year.] [UPDATE 20-JUN-17 12:54 UTC: Sandro Magister publishes commentary.] ...
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There He Stands: Francis’ Stiff Knees return for Corpus Christi

He can do no other! There He Stands: Francis' Stiff Knees return for Corpus Christi We knew it was going to be bad, we just didn't know exactly how bad: the feast of Corpus Christi in Rome today, presided over by the world's most notorious apostate, "Pope" Francis. Now we ...
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Guru, Rabbi, Mufti, “Pope”: Francis joins Campaign for Pan-Religious Friendship

"Make friends with members of all religions!" Guru, Rabbi, Mufti, "Pope": Francis joins Campaign for Pan-Religious Friendship The so-called Elijah Interfaith Institute has launched a campaign to bring people of different religions together in order to overcome "negativity and divisions in society". The effort has received the official endorsement and encouragement of prominent ...
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Goodbye, Amoris Laetitia: The REAL Catholic Position on “Irregular Unions”

The Joy of Real Catholicism... Goodbye, Amoris Laetitia: The Real Catholic Position on "Irregular Unions" For the last 14 months we have heard words like accompaniment, integration, discernment, walking together, dialoguing, listening, etc., ad nauseam, specifically with regard to those who live in what the Novus Ordo Sect euphemistically calls ...
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