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Year of Condemnation 12: True vs. False Mercy

YEAR OF CONDEMNATION 12: True vs. False Mercy As Francis' fake Year of Mercy is drawing to a close, so is our Year of Exclusion, Judgment, and Condemnation, which is being observed in direct contrast to the former. As with all other posts in this series, so too this twelfth ...
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The Errors of Dietrich von Hildebrand

Demystifying an overrated figure... The Errors of Dietrich von Hildebrand One of the big names that is sometimes brought up in connection with traditionalist Catholic issues is that of Dietrich von Hildebrand (1889-1977). Propped up by the thoroughly-discredited Michael Davies as an ultra-Catholic superhero who opposed many of the changes ...
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News Digest October 19, 2016

Novus Ordo Watch NEWS DIGEST October 19, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zq5d-I5D5M The "New Springtime" of Vatican II in 36 Seconds Heresy has never been sweeter: Chocolate Statue of Martin Luther enthroned at Vatican for Francis' Meeting with Lutherans -- on 99th anniversary of Miracle of the Sun at Fatima! (more photos here) ...
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Heresy: Francis directly contradicts Council of Trent

What's one more at this point... HERESY: Francis directly contradicts Council of Trent again One of the wonderful things about Francis is that compared to his five predecessors of unhappy memory, he is fairly direct and much more open in his denial of dogma, thus making it easier to convict ...
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Sedevacantism: Bp. Sanborn responds to Bp. Williamson

Real Catholic Theology vs. Resistance Wonderland Sedevacantism: Bishop Sanborn Responds to Bishop Williamson Bishop Richard Williamson, formerly with the Society of St. Pius X but expelled in 2012 for being as obedient to Bp. Fellay as Fellay was obedient to John Paul II, still stubbornly clings to the Lefebvrist "recognize-and-resist" ...
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Francis, Rabbi of Reference

Bergoglio and the Jews... Francis, Rabbi of Reference by Miles Christi Catholic writer Miles Christi ("Soldier of Christ") returns with a new study summarizing the heresies, errors, scandals, blasphemies, and impious practices of Jorge Bergoglio insofar as they relate to apostate Judaism. Miles Christi's monograph is entitled Francis, Rabbi of ...
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