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Blasphemy! Francis jokes about Most Holy Trinity

Bergoglio's true colors... Blasphemy! Francis cracks Joke about Most Holy Trinity Jorge Bergoglio's utter disdain for Catholicism -- the religion he pretends to head -- is well-known, although he usually hides it behind a veneer of holiness, such as when he humiliated the Papacy this past Saturday by publicly using ...
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VATI-LEAKS: Francis flaunts use of Portable Toilet during Milan Visit

Another humiliation of the Papacy... VATI-LEAKS: "Pope" Francis flaunts use of Portable Toilet during Milan Visit Yes, we all have to take care of business at some point, but there's a discreet way of doing it and then there's the Francis way: During his trip to Milan, Italy, today, "Pope" Francis ...
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Vatican Journalist: “Francis and Benedict no longer on Speaking Terms”

Reportedly "at complete odds with each other"... Vatican Journalist: "Francis and Benedict no longer on Speaking Terms" Andreas Englisch is Germany's most celebrated Vatican insider and "papal" biographer. In a lecture given on March 16, 2017 in Limburg (the diocesan headquarters where Benedict appointee "Bishop" Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst was removed by Francis in 2014), Englisch ...
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Francis: No Catholic Mass available? Just go to the Anglicans!

Chaos Frank strikes again... Francis: No Catholic Mass available? Just go to the Anglicans! Every day we are being drowned in news about "Pope" Francis and the Vatican machinery. The incessant flood of information is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone to process, which means it is easy for stories to get missed. Such was ...
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Fra. Cristoforo: ‘Cardinal Muller told Dubia Cardinals Formal Correction would risk Schism’

Vatican rumblings Fra. Cristoforo: 'Cardinal Müller told Dubia Cardinals Formal Correction would risk Schism' Once again breaking news in Novus Ordo Land: The Roman Novus Ordo cleric who goes by the pen name of Fra. Cristoforo ("Bro. Christopher") has just published some additional information about the four "dubia cardinals" (Caffara, Brandmuller, ...
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News Digest March 19, 2017

Novus Ordo Watch NEWS DIGEST March 19, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03WQJ0V-cMQ Please help yourself: "Cafeteria Catholicism" in the Philippines "Doctor" of the Church: Francis to receive Honorary Doctorate Degree in Medicine -- He deserves a butcher's diploma instead... This says all you need to know: Vatican "Archbishop" Paglia commissions blasphemous homoerotic Mural that includes image of ...
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