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See for yourself how the False Church of Vatican II is NOT
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Since autumn of 2002, we have relentlessly monitored, researched, exposed, and refuted the false doctrines, impious practices, and twisted morals of the "Novus Ordo Church," which is the false, pseudo-Catholic church that emerged after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, and which has effectively supplanted and eclipsed the true Catholic Church of Our Blessed Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

We adhere fully to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church from her founding in 33 A.D. by the Blessed Lord Jesus Christ through the death of the last known Pope, Pius XII, on October 9, 1958. (To find out what happened after, click here.)

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Pope Pius XII (d. 1958)

His Holiness Pope Pius XII

The last known true Pope of the Catholic Church
reigned March 2, 1939 - October 9, 1958


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