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Recent Conferences by Bishop Sanborn:


The Great Apostasy, Vatican II, the Novus Ordo Church, and Sedevacantism

In these first few months of 2016, sedevacantist Bishop Donald Sanborn has done some traveling and given conferences on true Catholicism, the changes introduced by the Second Vatican Council, and the current state of “Catholicism” in the Novus Ordo Church. The audio recordings of these highly informative talks have now been made available by His Excellency to the general public and can be downloaded or streamed free of charge below.

Bp. Sanborn is rector of Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida. He is a frequent guest on various radio programs produced by True Restoration. In 2004, His Excellency engaged in a public debate with Dr. Robert Fastiggi, a representative of the Novus Ordo religion, regarding Vatican II’s ecclesiology. The passionate debate and a follow-up conference can be watched here.

Below, find the audios of Bp. Sanborn’s most recent conferences:

Vatican II: A Substantial Change of the Catholic Religion
(by Bp. Donald J. Sanborn; delivered in Budapest, Hungary, 2016)

The Novus Ordo Church, Vatican II, and Sedevacantism
— A Complete Overview of the Great Apostasy
(by Bp. Donald J. Sanborn; delivered in Fresno, California, 2016)

Direct download: FresnoTalkSanborn2016.mp3

Questions & Answers
(by Bp. Donald J. Sanborn; delivered in Fresno, California, 2016)

For more free audios published by Most Holy Trinity Seminary, including weekly sermons by various truly Catholic clerics, access the seminary’s sermon & podcast page here.

Unrelated to Bp. Sanborn’s conferences, but still related to the topic of Catholic Traditionalism, we have produced a brief video clip entitled: “Just how traditional are today’s mainstream Traditionalists?” Have a look and see how the people who are at the forefront of what is taken for Traditional Catholicsm somehow always manage to ignorethe traditional Catholic doctrine on the Papacy and the Magisterium — for the simple reason that it contradicts their position:

Yes, today’s mainstream “Traditionalists” are very untraditional when it comes to adhering to the traditional teaching on the Papacy and the Magisterium. Or when was the last time you heard the SSPX, John Vennari, John Salza, Chris Ferrara, or any other of these self-appointed “resisters” quote this:

Nor can we pass over in silence the audacity of those who, not enduring sound doctrine, contend that “without sin and without any sacrifice of the Catholic profession assent and obedience may be refused to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, whose object is declared to concern the Church’s general good and her rights and discipline, so only it does not touch the dogmata of faith and morals.” But no one can be found not clearly and distinctly to see and understand how grievously this is opposed to the Catholic dogma of the full power given from God by Christ our Lord Himself to the Roman Pontiff of feeding, ruling and guiding the Universal Church.

(Pope Pius IX, Encyclical Quanta Cura, n. 5; underlining added.)

The truth is that because of their stubborn refusal to accept the fact that Francis and his five predecessors have been anti-Catholic usurpers rather than true Catholic Popes, they must ignore, minimize, reject, or distort the traditional Catholic teaching on submission to the Pope. But it is impossible, nay insane, to attempt to save Catholic Tradition by rejecting Catholic Tradition. It is like trying to borrow one’s way out of debt — an obvious contradiction.

This error, among others, is the reason why they are spinning their wheels trying to “resist” a false church until it magically turns into the Catholic Church. Such a senseless attempt is doomed to failure, being built not on the rock of Catholic principle but on the sand of wishful thinking promoted by skilled rhetoricians and gifted journalists (cf. Mt 7:24-27).

More on the Errors of Vatican II:

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