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Episode 010 Now Available

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Relax, everyone, your New Year’s Eve party is saved!

The all-new TRADCAST 010 was released today, December 31, 2015. This marks the end of the first season of our podcast program, although we will, of course, pick right back up again with Season 2 in January 2016. In this latest episode of TRADCAST, we discuss Francis’ latest outrageous blasphemy that our Lord “probably had to beg forgiveness” of Mary and Joseph for staying behind at the Temple in Jersualem as a child. We also spend some time commenting on the latest admission from The Remnant’s Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara that the Novus Ordo Church is a “fraud” and a “false religion” as we also tackle the question whether the “gates of hell have prevailed” if Sedevacantism is true.

In the second segment of our podcast, we take a look at the people who have publicly endorsed the new “big bad book of bunk” against Sedevacantism that’s being published any day now by Robert Siscoe and John Salza, entitled True or False Pope?. Finally, we talk a little bit about John Daly’s blockbuster re-release of his devastating critique of Michael Davies, the Semi-Traditionalist giant that has shaped recognize-and-resist traditionalism in the English-speaking world like no other.

You can listen to our podcast by clicking the YouTube video above, or you can go to our TRADCAST 010 page, where you will find all the information you need for this show, including links to articles, blog posts, news stories, etc., mentioned in the podcast, and where you will also find ways to download this episode to your computer and sign up to be notified of new episodes by email.

So, don’t miss it! It’s the perfect addition to your New Year’s Eve party, so… Happy New Year!

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