“An Enemy hath done this” (Mt 13:28)…

Facade of St. Peter’s defiled with “Climate Change” Light Show

It was anything but heavenly. At 7:00 pm local time today, the Vatican presented a most undignified spectacle: A light-show entitled Fiat Lux — “Let there be light” (cf. Gen 1:3) — was projected onto the facade of Saint Peter’s Basilica, the largest Catholic church in the entire world and a sacred building whose very architecture points the mind heavenwards.

“Mind the things that are above, not the things that are upon the earth”, St. Paul exhorts us (Col 3:2). But in the Vatican today, everybody’s thoughts were drawn towards the natural, as the most bizarre images flashed across the beautiful outside of the basilica under which the bones of St.… READ MORE

01: Pope Pius XI’s Instruction Concerning the Immodest Dress of Women (1930)

The following instruction was released by the Vatican’s Sacred Congregation of the Council on January 12, 1930. We are pleased to make this available on the internet for the first time in English, as the opening salvo for our Jubilee Year of Exclusion, Judgment, and Condemnation.


Instruction Concerning the Immodest Dress of Women

(Cfr. Canon 1262, §2)

At the exhortation of His Holiness, Pope Pius XI, to counteract the indecent fashions, many bishops have made regulations in their dioceses and forbidden Catholic ladies to wear fashionable but unbecoming dresses at the sacred functions in church, and especially when receiving Holy Communion.READ MORE

Special Novus Ordo Watch Jubilee Year begins

We welcome all our readers to this solemn opening of the Year of Exclusion, Judgment, and Condemnation — our special jubilee year that begins today, December 8, 2015, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. It will end on November 20, 2016, thus running concurrently with — and in direct opposition to — the Novus Ordo “Year of Mercy” opened by Antipope Francis today.

Our special jubilee — “Year of Condemnation” for short — will consist in brief blog posts with little tidbits from Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Church’s Magisterium, the Church Fathers, Church history, writings of saints, etc.,… READ MORE