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Francis Makes Another Mess: Chaos Interview during Return Flight from Africa


Boy, this is really getting old. You know how it works: Francis departs from his umpteenth trip by plane, and during the flight he pulls out a microphone and takes questions from members of the press. The Bergoglian jaw starts moving, and at that point, the sky’s the limit as to what words will leave his mouth.

In the latest case, that of November 30, 2015, nothing short of chaos ensued, as usual. We give you the highlights — or rather, lowlights — below, although we will refrain from any substantial commentary. After two-and-a-half years of this man pretending to be Pope, there really shouldn’t be a need for a whole lot of additional remarks at this point. It’s all been said. Bergoglio is simply recycling the same errors and heresies and offering them in different wrapping paper here and there.

What follows is an excerpt of an English translation of the transcript of the in-flight press conference given by the “Pope” on November 30, provided by Rome Reports. The transcript is posted at the Vatican web site in the original Italian.

“Idolatry is when a man or a woman loses his or her ID card, in other words their identity as God’s children and prefers to seek a tailor-made God.”

“Today I went to the mosque, I prayed there, the Imam got into the Popemobile to go for a short ride among the refugees. There is one small group that is very violent, I believe they are Christians or they claim to be Christians but it’s not ISIS, it’s something else.”

[on the press:] “We need professionalism.”

[on the role of religious leaders in political matters:] “They should be priests, pastors, Imams, Rabbis. Their political intervention is indirect, they preach values, real values and one of the greatest values of all is fraternity between us. We are all God’s children, we all have the same Father. I don’t like the word tolerance, we need to live peacefully alongside one another, develop friendships. Fundamentalism is a disease that exists in all religions. In the Catholic Church we have some – many – who believe they possess the absolute truth and they go on sullying others through slander and defamation and this is wrong. I say this because it is my Church. Religious fundamentalism must be combatted. It is not religious, God is lacking, it is idolatric.”

[on the AIDS/HIV epidemic in Africa and possibly allowing the use of condoms to help ease it:] “The question seems biased to me. Yes, it is one of the methods, the morality of the Church faces a bit of a predicament here. The fifth or the sixth commandment: defend life or a sexual relationship that is open to life. But this is not the problem. There is a greater problem than this: this question makes me think of the question they once asked Jesus: tell me Master, is it acceptable to heal on a Saturday? Healing is obligatory! Malnutrition, exploitation, slave labour, the lack of drinking water, these are the problems. We’re not talking about which plaster we should use for which wound. The great injustice is social injustice, the great injustice is malnutrition. I don’t like making such casuistic reflections when there are people dying because of a lack of water and hunger. Think about arms trafficking. When these problems cease to exist, then I think we can ask ourselves the question: is it acceptable to heal on a Saturday? Why are arms still being manufactured? Wars are the leading cause of death. Forget about whether it is acceptable or not to heal on a Saturday. Make justice and when everyone is healed, when there is no injustice in this world, then we can talk about Saturday.”

[on the crisis between Russia and Turkey:] “I don’t know what the Vatican thinks. What do I think? I think wars are sinful, they destroy humanity, they are a cause of exploitation and human trafficking. They need to stop. Twice, both in New York and Kenya, I said to the United Nations: your work should not be that of a declamatory nominalism. Here in Africa, I saw how the Blue Helmets work but it is not enough. Wars are not a thing of God, God is the God of peace, he created a beautiful world. In the Bible, we read about a brother killing a brother: the first world war. And it pains me deeply to say this.”

[on the climate change conference taking place in Paris, whether we can expect progress to be made:] “I am not certain but what I can say is that it is either now or never. I think the first conference took place in Tokyo…little was achieved. Every year the problems get worse. At a university meeting on what kind of a world we want to leave behind for our children, one person said: are you sure there will be any children of this generation still around? We are on the verge of suicide, to use a strong word and I am certain that people in Paris are aware of this and want to do something about it.”

[on the contribution of Islam and Mohammed to the world:] “Dialogue is possible, they have many values and these values are constructive. I am also friends with a Muslim, a world leader. We are able to talk. He has his values, I have mine, he prays and so do I. Many values; prayer, fasting. You cannot wipe out a religion just because there are some or a number of groups of fundamentalists at one moment in history. It is true, there have always been wars between faiths and we too need to ask for forgiveness: Catherine de’ Medici was no saint and that war that lasted 30 years, St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre… We also need to ask for forgiveness. But they have values and dialogue is possible. Today I went to the mosque, the Imam wanted to come with me. A Pope and an Imam both got into the Popemobile. Think of all the wars we Christians have waged. It wasn’t the Muslims who were responsible for the Sack of Rome.”

(Excerpts taken from: “Full text of the Pope’s press conference aboard the papal plane”, Rome Reports, Nov. 30, 2015)

It says a lot that while Bergoglio’s words quoted above would have been unthinkable to be taken as “papal” even just three years ago, at this point so much has happened that many will probably think this is no big deal. That’s how desensitized we have become to this bunk. Francis is turning the papacy (what the world views as the papacy) into a complete laughing stock, so that by the time he is done, the Pope (again, in the eyes of the world) will be nothing but a “regular guy”, even worse, a doddering fool running off his mouth, who cannot be taken seriously by any thinking human being. We have said before that it is time to publicly disassociate oneself from Francis, else we be cause for scandal.

Again Francis has spoken on his pet topics, such as the “idolatry” of money, and has once more blasted those evil “Catholic fundamentalists”. If you have not done so yet, we encourage you to listen to TRADCAST 009 (the latest episode of our free podcast program), in which we take apart Francis’ obsessive denunciations of figurative “idolatries” while at the same time encouraging and accepting real idolatry, the idolatry of literally adoring the creature, as is done by pagans. As far as those Catholic fundamentalists, where are they? Who are they? Bergoglio is constantly denouncing the very people that barely even exist in his 1.1-billion-member religion. You know, those evil people who “proselytize” in his church, for example — the way he talks, you’d think his religion is full of people trying to make others into Catholics, whether by genuine means (the true meaning of “proselytism”) or by dishonest and dishonorable means (the special Novus Ordo meaning of “prosleytism”). Where are those people? Yes, there are some, no doubt, but their percentage is as tiny as their influence.

While Muslim terrorism has engulfed the world in the most horrific murders crying to Heaven for vengeance — committed by people who simply follow their oh-so-peaceful Koran, a book Benedict XVI once said he has respect for (see footnote 3 here) — when asked about it, what does Francis do? He goes off on alleged crimes of Catholics from centuries ago. The Muslim religion has a history of bloodshed from the very beginning, yet no denunciation apart from attacking Catholics in ages past.

Some of Francis’ other statements, such as the ones about the world’s alleged committing of suicide from carbon emissions etc., and his shameful castigation of Catholic morality as essentially pedantic in the face of physical evils such as starvation and malnutrition, are so undignified, laughable, and idiotic as not to deserve comment.

What’s one more act of apostasy?
Francis prays inside Islamic Mosque on Nov. 30, 2015, as he finishes his trip to Africa

What will happen next? It will probably be business as usual: Those in the Novus Ordo Sect who aren’t completely brain-dead yet are going to denounce this latest interview for the farce that it is (although we know they still won’t conclude that the man himself is a farce, i.e. not the Pope), while the typical Novus Ordo news organs will simply report everything matter-of-factly. Michael Voris and his Church Disneyland enterprise will pretend nothing happened; Chris Ferrara will blow another fuse on the next Remnant Forum show while drawing absolutely no legitimate conclusions from this; Michael Matt will whine and wring his hands about it while promoting the new Salza-Siscoe book that argues that the bumbling Argentinian apostate is in fact the Vicar of Christ to whom, nevertheless, somehow no one is allowed to submit, and this under pain of eternal damnation. Mark Shea will post a dumb meme on his cash-cow blog and leave a sarcastic comment directed at those of his readers who dare to be critical of Francis, while “Father” Zuhlsdorf will be distracting you with important photos of his latest extravagant dinner. As Mundabor struggles to find new superlative expletives to hurl at the head of his religion, Jimmy Akin is probably already busy trying to come up with 12 Things to Know and Share to “explain” to his lemmings why there is really nothing in this interview that should trouble you. Finally, Louie Verrecchio will welcome the opportunity to lay into Francis to raise more funds for his new-found mission to be yet another resistance blogger and speaker to tell the world exactly what umpteen other writers and speakers in his camp are already saying — with absolutely no hope of ever changing the situation.

Welcome to “Catholicism” in 2015. You can’t make this stuff up.

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