Chaos Frank gets taken to the woodshed…

Former High-Ranking Member of Vatican Curia Rebukes Francis in Open Letter


“Don’t worry, I’m in charge!”

Critical voices in and around the Vatican are growing louder and louder as Chaos Frank’s revolution continues unabated. After an anti-Francis dossier inside the Vatican was leaked a few months ago and just recently a Novus Ordo priest warned Francis that God would strike him dead if he continued on his path, we have now been made aware of an open letter written by a former high-ranking official in the Vatican’s curia that was just released in full in the print edition of the German magazine FOCUS.

The following is our exclusive translation of a post that just appeared in the online edition of the same FOCUS magazine, which summarizes the open letter:

[“Ehemaliges hochrangiges Kurienmitglied wirft Papst Eitelkeit und Populismus vor”FOCUS Online, Nov. 27, 2015; no author given. Translated by Novus Ordo Watch.]

Piercing Criticism of Administrative Style

Former high-ranking Member of the Curia accuses Francis of Vanity and Populism

In an open “Advent Letter”, a former high-ranking member of the Roman curia has reprimanded Pope Francis by accusing him of vanity, activism, and populism. He thus criticizes the Pontiff’s administrative style sharply.

This missive is causing a stir: In an open “Advent Letter”, a long-time member of the curia raises serious allegations against the way the Pontiff exercises his ministry. The letter has now been published anonymously by the print magazine FOCUS.

The letter accuses Francis of an “emotional and anti-intellectual attitude which has difficulty with ideas and doctrines.” Some of his remarks raise “false expectations and the harmful impression that the Church’s doctrine and discipline could and should be adapted to the changing views of the majority.” The Pontiff’s conduct suggests he wishes to “somehow reinvent the office of the papacy.” “Instead of loyally safeguarding what was bequeathed to you by your predecessors, you wish to arrogate it rather creatively.”

“Others constantly have to explain what you mean”

The former curial member also criticizes an “exaggerated display of simplicity in your personal lifestyle.” “By the way, if you really want to ride in environmentally-friendly cars, you have to invest more or have someone give you more expensive [automobile] technology: ecology is pricey.” In addition, “a lack of professionalism is no sign of the action of the Holy Spirit.” Expressions such as “breeding like rabbits” or “How am I to …?” might impress people but de facto they lead to grave misunderstandings.”Others constantly have to explain what you mean.”

An Impertinence

By way of summary, the anonymous writer states that “many still have difficulty with the manner in which you sometimes speak and act.” Since he knows that Francis is not yet able to handle criticism too well, he did not put his name on the letter. “I want to protect my superiors from your wrath, especially the priests and bishops with whom I collaborated in Rome for years and from whom I have learned a lot.”

For a high-ranking Catholic priest to criticize Pope Francis publicly in such a sharp manner, will probably be taken as impertinent in Rome: The Church’s servants owe the Pope unconditional obedience.



The only kind of white he should be wearing…

As we’ve been saying, folks, that schism is coming. Get the popcorn ready — and start preparing to receive more converts to the true Catholic Faith and the true Catholic Church. Helpful resources here: NOW WHAT? How to be a Real Catholic Today and also here: Are You Catholic?

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