Special Novus Ordo Watch Jubilee Year begins

We welcome all our readers to this solemn opening of the Year of Exclusion, Judgment, and Condemnation — our special jubilee year that begins today, December 8, 2015, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. It will end on November 20, 2016, thus running concurrently with — and in direct opposition to — the Novus Ordo “Year of Mercy” opened by Antipope Francis today.

Our special jubilee — “Year of Condemnation” for short — will consist in brief blog posts with little tidbits from Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Church’s Magisterium, the Church Fathers, Church history, writings of saints, etc., that deal with such politically incorrect but thoroughly Catholic ideas as intolerance, punishment, exclusion, justice, prohibition, judgment, and condemnation. The posts will be extremely narrow-minded, negative, intolerant, judgmental, “hateful”, “bigoted”, and everything else Modernists and liberals hate.

The purpose of this Year of Condemnation is to counteract the Modernist exaggeration and misrepresentation of God’s mercy, which is so heavily promoted by Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope” Francis) and his henchmen in the Novus Ordo Sect. (Ironically, the Vatican’s “Archbishop” Fisichella has subtly threatened critics of Francis with “excommunication” just as the “year of mercy” was about to begin.)

Indeed, since Vatican II, the world has been subjected to a veritable torrent of Modernist blather about Divine Mercy, and has heard virtually nothing about Divine Justice and the hard truths about hell and purgatory, the real threat of eternal damnation, the Particular and General Judgment, God’s wrath, perseverance in grace, the narrowness of the road to Heaven, self-denial, courage, mortification, penance, and a salutary filial fear of the Lord. Indeed, the German apostate “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx of Munich is on record stating that it is impossible to offend (insult) God, that onlyman can be offended – “in his religious feelings”!

This is where decades of phony “mercy” have led: Absolute theological trash being passed off as “Catholic theology” by the Modernists’ highest ecclesiastical authorities — no wonder the Vatican II Church has become theologically and socially irrelevant!

The first contribution to our special jubilee year will be posted later today. While you wait, we encourage you to review the re-released Michael Davies: An Evaluation by John Daly. Or, since today marks the 50th anniversary of the closing of Vatican II, you may want to inform yourself about the Modernist errors contained in the council. You can also listen to our free podcasts and review 12 ways you can help Novus Ordo Watch. Most of all, please say a prayer and spread the word!

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