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Another charlatan goes down…

The Eagle has Crashed:


Eric Gajewski’s TradCatKnight Deception Exposed

We really try our best not to link to any content promoting the Dimond brothers because of their denial of baptism of blood and desire (among other things), but the video one of their adherents just produced exposing Eric Gajewski’s TradCatKnight deception is too important to pass up.

Take a good look at what is going on with the man who claims to be the “Great Monarch” of Catholic prophecy, who is the commander of the “Order of the Eagle” you probably never heard about, and who incessantly brags about being the (allegedly) “most viewed and followed traditional Catholic apostolate on the internet,” to the point of belittling those who do not have as many followers or views as he does. Ah well — there are two sides to every story, and it’s time we looked at the other side:

CAUTION: Produced by Baptism of Desire/Blood Deniers —
listen to our TRADCAST 004 for information on No Salvation Outside the Church

No, we don’t have a personal axe to grind with Mr. Gajewski. We are sharing this information first and foremost because Gajewski spreads most dangerous errors regarding the Catholic Faith, specifically regarding the unity of the Church, the papacy, and the Catholic Magisterium. Our podcast TRADCAST 003 takes on some of Gajewski’s errors. In addition to the sin of schism he promotes in the souls of his adherents, Gajewski also advocates a number of nutty ideas that should immediately raise red flags with anyone who has a pulse, including the idea that he is the Great Monarch of Catholic prophecy who will reign in the end times and that Our Lord Jesus Christ has appointed him to “give the orders” to his followers — called “eagles” — in his “Catholic Military Order of the Eagle”.

Now, since the publication of this video, Gajewski has, of course, published his own response, or what he thinks is a response, to the evidence against him. You can find it here. Go ahead, watch it — but then watch the original video again that exposes him — and see for yourself if he has really refuted the evidence against him. Clearly, he hasn’t. Gajewski spends roughly 40 minutes responding to only some of the accusations (carefully selected, no doubt) and manages to “explain” just how it’s all a big misunderstanding, how he purchases views only to get those who otherwise wouldn’t come across his web site to be exposed to Catholic truth (sure!), how his critics are mentally ill, how this exposé of him is all just a bunch of evil sedevacantist trolls doing the devil’s work, etc., ad nauseam. He uses grandstanding, calumny, sanctimony, projection, rhetoric, and gratuitous insults as his “rebuttal”, and he comes across as rather overbearing and manipulative, apparently believing that his “followers” are docile and dense enough to swallow it all.

Gajewski appears to us to be a dangerous narcissistic and vain blowhard who uses a facade of “traditional Catholicism” to promote himself and his bizarre “Catholic military order”, nourishing his obviously over-inflated sense of self-importance. It is sad, truly sad, that there are souls out there — good-willed, pious souls — who fall for him; it is a sobering testimony to the state of “traditional Catholicism” today.


Watch out, Eagles! Your “commander” is getting ready to “give the orders”!
(Pictured: Eric Gajewski)

People who adhere to such an individual as Eric Gajewski as the great voice of Catholic Tradition are, sorry to say, in a deplorable state. At Novus Ordo Watch we try as much as possible to always point away from people and toward the real sources: to Catholic theology, Catholic doctrine, Catholic magisterial acts, Sacred Scripture, etc., which are the authentic sources which teach the Catholic Faith that we must submit to. This is what it’s about, genuine Catholicism, as known and practiced until the death of Pope Pius XII, the last known true Pope, in 1958. It is not about adhering to some cult leader, or joining some special mystery club, or following some private revelation or apparition. Nor is it about “being faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre”.

It’s about being faithful to the true Catholic Church, with her true Popes and their teaching, for they alone are the rock against which the gates of hell can never prevail (cf. Mt 16:18). Accept no substitutes — not “Pope” Francis, not Archbishop Lefebvre, and not “Eagle Commander” Eric Gajewski.

The evidence against the “TradCatKnight” speaks for itself. He’s done for.

“That others may be praised and I go unnoticed
— Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it”
(Litany of Humility)

For an ongoing discussion about the the problems with the (a-hem) “most viewed and followed traditional Catholic apostolate on the internet” and its fearless leader, see the forum thread on here.