Another charlatan goes down…

The Eagle has Crashed:
Eric Gajewski’s TradCatKnight Deception Exposed

We really try our best not to link to any content promoting the Dimond brothers because of their denial of baptism of blood and desire (among other things), but the video one of their adherents just produced exposing Eric Gajewski’s TradCatKnight deception is too important to pass up.

Take a good look at what is going on with the man who claims to be the “Great Monarch” of Catholic prophecy, who is the commander of the “Order of the Eagle” you probably never heard about, and who incessantly brags about being the (allegedly) “most viewed and followed traditional Catholic apostolate on the internet,” to the point of belittling those who do not have as many followers or views as he does. Ah well — there are two sides to every story, and it’s time we looked at the other side:

CAUTION: Produced by Baptism of Desire/Blood Deniers —
see TRADCAST 004 and Contra Crawford for information on No Salvation Outside the Church

No, we don’t have a personal axe to grind with Mr. Gajewski. We are sharing this information first and foremost because Gajewski spreads most dangerous errors regarding the Catholic Faith, specifically regarding the unity of the Church, the papacy, and the Catholic Magisterium. Our podcast TRADCAST 003 takes on some of Gajewski’s errors. In addition to the sin of schism he promotes in the souls of his adherents, Gajewski also advocates a number of nutty ideas that should immediately raise red flags with anyone who has a pulse, including the idea that he is the Great Monarch of Catholic prophecy who will reign in the end times and that Our Lord Jesus Christ has appointed him to “give the orders” to his followers — called “eagles” — in his “Catholic Military Order of the Eagle”.

Now, since the publication of this video, Gajewski has, of course, published his own response, or what he thinks is a response, to the evidence against him. You can find it here. Go ahead, watch it — but then watch the original video again that exposes him — and see for yourself if he has really refuted the evidence against him. Clearly, he hasn’t. Gajewski spends roughly 40 minutes responding to only some of the accusations (carefully selected, no doubt) and manages to “explain” just how it’s all a big misunderstanding, how he purchases views only to get those who otherwise wouldn’t come across his web site to be exposed to Catholic truth (sure!), how his critics are mentally ill, how this exposé of him is all just a bunch of evil sedevacantist trolls doing the devil’s work, etc., ad nauseam. He uses grandstanding, calumny, sanctimony, projection, rhetoric, and gratuitous insults as his “rebuttal”, and he comes across as rather overbearing and manipulative, apparently believing that his “followers” are docile and dense enough to swallow it all.

Gajewski appears to us to be a dangerous narcissistic and vain blowhard who uses a facade of “traditional Catholicism” to promote himself and his bizarre “Catholic military order”, nourishing his obviously over-inflated sense of self-importance. It is sad, truly sad, that there are souls out there — good-willed, pious souls — who fall for him; it is a sobering testimony to the state of “traditional Catholicism” today.

Watch out, Eagles! Your “commander” is getting ready to “give the orders”!
(Pictured: Eric Gajewski)

People who adhere to such an individual as Eric Gajewski as the great voice of Catholic Tradition are, sorry to say, in a deplorable state. At Novus Ordo Watch we try as much as possible to always point away from people and toward the real sources: to Catholic theology, Catholic doctrine, Catholic magisterial acts, Sacred Scripture, etc., which are the authentic sources which teach the Catholic Faith that we must submit to. This is what it’s about, genuine Catholicism, as known and practiced until the death of Pope Pius XII, the last known true Pope, in 1958. It is not about adhering to some cult leader, or joining some special mystery club, or following some private revelation or apparition. Nor is it about “being faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre”.

It’s about being faithful to the true Catholic Church, with her true Popes and their teaching, for they alone are the rock against which the gates of hell can never prevail (cf. Mt 16:18). Accept no substitutes — not “Pope” Francis, not Archbishop Lefebvre, and not “Eagle Commander” Eric Gajewski.

The evidence against the “TradCatKnight” speaks for itself. He’s done for.

“That others may be praised and I go unnoticed
— Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it”
(Litany of Humility)

For an ongoing discussion about the the problems with the (a-hem) “most viewed and followed traditional Catholic apostolate on the internet” and its fearless leader, see the forum thread on here.

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15 Responses to “The Eagle has Crashed: The TradCatKnight Deception Exposed”

  1. Dante Prudente

    Great Job! TCK followed me on twitter and I followed him back but the content of his posts and videos were boring and suspicious. I unfollowed him within a short period. Late this summer late August/Sept he requested friendship with me on Facebook. I knew he was TCK but decided to give him a chance again. However after following him for a week or two and asking questions regarding a few posts I concluded he was a nut, unfriended him and sent him a private message.

    September 26

    9/26, 11:24am

    Show Images

    Dante Prudente

    Dear Eric,
    You may have noticed that I dropped you from my friends list. You have attempted to befriend me as TradCadKnight before on twitter and although I originally accepted you I got the impression that there was something distinctly “masonic” about your symbolism. Now you have attempted again to engage me as yourself. I do not know if you are or were once a Mason or perhaps you are just indirectly influenced by them (as much of the world is) however it makes no difference. Your ideas on the NWO and Catholicism are polarizing and in my understanding dualistic. Much of what you claim is authentic Catholicism is actually not. You seem to be hell bent on keeping the Church divided and this includes traditional Catholics by denying certain groups validity (eg. SSPX) while promoting their opposition to mainstream (conciliar) modernist Catholicism.

    The mainstream Church is sick. Infected with a spirit virus and needs love and prayer not hatred and ridicule. No I do not support the modernist Catholicism promoted by the “spirit” of Vatican II. I do not see the current Papacy as authentic either. Gnostic heresy is the mother of all harlots and has infected both Protestantism and now since Vatican II mainstream Catholicism. The Novus Ordo (new order) sect is gnostic Catholicism in the “matrix’ (womb) of the NWO working towards a syncretism aka modern ecumenism. What needs to be done is to treat Novus Ordo Catholics with compassion and true mercy, educating them on the deception with love; warning of the penalty of Hell if they do not revert to authentic Catholicism.

    Waiting for God to divinely intercede is a false solution as the divine intercession will be one of wrath and judgement for many warnings have already come through Our Lady at La Salette, Fatima and Akita. In other words, when God intercedes it will be too late. I assume as a servant of the enemy (Satan) this must be your true will to keep all (both sides) engaged in ignorance, hate, mistrust and confusion. Repent Eric! Repent and do penance and strive to make satisfaction for your evil and diabolical ways offend God! Seek to reconcile to the true faith without, anger, hate and ridicule. Novus Ordo Catholics are sick and they need our – your help and NOT your contempt.

    Through my journey in conspiracy theory I was lead to the truth about it all. The spiritual truth. There is no turning back Eric. You will face the fires of Hell if you do not love your enemy and pray for them. Do not advise people to avoid the SSPX, CMRI or even FSSP in favor of just praying the Rosary. The Rosary was intended as a temporary fix to missing Mass out of necessity. It cannot be a permanent solution until the Lord comes again. Examine your conscience and repent! Pray for truth to come. This is my message from God that He has given to me for YOU Eric through the Holy Spirit.

    God Bless.

    9/26, 11:25am
    Eric Gajewski

    npy hardly loon bin move along


    Eric is indeed a fraud who does not have the Catholic Faith. It is sad to discover the mess the Church is in today. Finding your way in it is a scary journey and I still have a way to go.

    Thank you for posting this.
    God Bless

  2. Mona Lisa

    He calls Francis an Anti-pope in a recent video doesn’t he? Has he sofened his stance on sedevacantists? I rarely watch because the videos are too long and I felt the claim his is the most watched trad site to be a little much. Really! If he is reading prophecies etc. I especially eschew them. I can read them myself in half the time. I pray for him. Once in a while he has some news item I hadn’t seen elsewhere for whatever that’s worth.


    Is it immoral to use black hat SEO tactics? You claim it is. Are internet marketing tactics defined in the Magisterium? No they are not but you judge others anyway. We are in an info war and what’s important is getting the message out in the media. The media is owned and rigged by globalists, so fighting an info war using common tactics may be legitimate. What about “black hat” tactics in warfare? What tactics are moral/immoral? Is feigning an attack immoral? Lying about where you will attack (as in D-Day) immoral? Planting false information to deceive enemies (as in WWII)? You criticize his followers but those are exactly the people you would want to reach in an info war. As a previous commenter commented, using donations for advertising is commonly accepted. One consideration is his intent: is it to deceive the viewer or is about getting visibility in the algorithms? Who says its wrong in violating terms of google or twitter if they can get away with it besides google/twitter etc. and who cares what google wants or thinks as they are a tool of the enemy?

    Oh, and one more thing: who asked you to publicly out him on working on Sunday? Isn’t that a sin (Gossip)? Maybe someone should follow you around posting your sins publicly? (It would be different if it was scandalous or publicly affirming a sinful action, of course).

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      This isn’t a question of SEO tactics, it’s a question of paying people to like, follow, and comment on your web site and then bragging about how popular your site is. That isn’t ADVERTISING. Advertising means you promote your web site and then people can decide whether they are interested in it or not. Paying people to feign interest is not advertising. If Gajewski weren’t out there constantly claiming how his is the “most followed” traditional Catholic site on the internet and making fun of others for their “low numbers”, I don’t think we’d even be talking about this.

      As far as Gajewski engaging in business transactions on a Sunday, the information was publicly available, hence it is not detraction because it was not secret.


        Well, I disagree about how paying people to follow, like, share etc. is not advertising. It’s a common tactic in SEO which is a form of marketing/advertising, and the point is not about deceiving the viewer, it’s about gaining visibility in the algorithms which is what SEO is all about. As to the point about bragging about it, there is something called self-promotion in advertising and is quite an old tactic in advertising (try walking through any bazar or street vendor and see all the creative ways they self-promote). However, I will question if that is the best way to promote, and some of the self-aggrandizement is also suspicious but I would need more info and context on that, but I would not make the accusation of fraud.

        Regarding the possibility of Gossip, I don’t wish to comment further on that except to say I that I still think that’s a grey area because it wasn’t public that he worked on Sundays as there was investigative work (from public sources yes) that qualified that conclusion. It would be akin to someone following another individual around in person (in secret) and then publishing that. You may be correct, but I’m not positive.

        Lastly, I will say you are clearly and intelligent and articulate individual and I wish you success.

        • Novus Ordo Watch

          OK, let me just add one more thing: Even if it was unjustified and therefore wrong for the person who made the video to point out that E. G. was engaging in commerce on a Sunday, it was not wrong for us to put up this video because the video itself has made the matter public, so we were merely pointing to what is a publicly accessible video.

          • TTPIERCINGS

            after further thought, I would like to modify my stance, not change completely but modify…. If he is paying for clicks, likes, followers in order to increase visibility then as I have said, I think that’s a common tactic and not fraudulent. However, if there is ad revenue generated from fake clicks on videos etc., then that would be defrauding the other advertisers who are advertising on his videos, pages etc. Secondly, if he is deceiving the guest (G. Celente) by telling him his video had 23K visits (in order for Celente to promote it) when he knowingly paid for that traffic, then that would be dishonest as well.

            I think my point is that there are times when we need to be aggressive to win a battle, wether it is a material war or info/propaganda war, and sometimes it can be downright dirty fighting it out, but obviously we know the ends do not justify the means and we can never me immoral. But also, throwing sand in our enemies eyes, being deceptive to them, feigning one thing and doing another, inflating or deflating our statistics for martial advantage (as we did on D-day by building fake airplanes to artificially inflate Allied assets etc.) should not be taken off the table as a strategy or tactic to win.

  4. Taylor Stanley

    I recently came back to the faith after 15 years and I have to say, all of this is very overwhelming. I feel like there’s deception in nearly every direction! Even from the church! It’s very disorienting but I greatly appreciate you making this all known, I started investigating him because the genius actually brought it up himself, said NOT to watch the videos criticizing him, and then had the nerve to say it is actually a SIN to do so. My BS radar went off the charts, especially combined with him hiding all the comments. He must really not have much respect for his subscribers or the religion to just toss around statements like that and expect it to stick. “question everything and everyone, except me because then you’re offending God or whatever” real class act right there Eric.

  5. allthetruths

    The Dimond Brothers are absolutely correct on Baptism of water. You need to read ALL the info they have on that topic and pray for the truth. Through their material, I became a sedevacantist. It IS the Church’s teaching and so is Baptism of water only!

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      No, the Dimonds are not correct in rejecting baptism of desire/blood. However, we will not discuss this issue in the combox. Anyone who would like to discuss the matter is welcome to do so on a board/forum somewhere, but Novus Ordo Watch is not the place for it.

  6. allthetruths

    I appreciate your honesty about the Dimond Brothers. So many who don’t agree with them theologically attack them personally. They are not interested in the issues.

  7. allthetruths

    The Dimond Brothers were never part of the SSPX. They do correctly point out that the SSPX “does some good things and says some true things, but they are not true Catholics.” The Society’s positions against water Baptism and sedevacantism are not part of the Church’s teachings. People need to realize that and understand that without the true Catholic Faith, a person cannot be saved. So, attending the Latin Mass is not enough! If everyone had good will, prayed for the truth, and believed the dogmas, we would all believe the same thing, and there wouldn’t be divisions among people who think they are traditional Catholics. True Catholics have no divisions because the Church is one in Faith.

    • Cra Pas

      “The Society’s position against water baptism….” What are you talking about?
      “True Catholics have no divisions….” Wrong.

  8. Novus Ordo Watch

    This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I can only give it a cursory look right now, but I can tell already that he is quite convinced he knows a lot about Catholic theology and then blunders into — for lack of a better term — “Feeneyism”. I’m afraid I don’t have time for this. God bless.

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