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Prelude to Schism?
An Anti-Synod Video Appears

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Apparently some hierarchs in the Vatican II Sect have realized that it looks like Jorge Beroglio (“Pope” Francis) is about to open the floodgates with his new-found “mercy” from the “god of surprises” at the upcoming “Synod on the Family” in Rome in October. Last year’s Synod — the first of two parts — was a disaster, and we can expect that this year’s follow-up is going to be a repeat on steroids. From the beginning we have referred to Bergoglio as “Chaos Frank” because it was pretty obvious from the start that this man would unleash precisely this — chaos — upon his religion (for a laundry list of his many accomplishments since then, click here).

As a refresher, here are our major posts on the Synod of 2014:

Just earlier this week, Francis caused more chaos, with lasting repercussions for souls too frightening to imagine, as he single-handedly imposed a “reform” of the canonical process for marriage annulments, effectively handing them out like candy now. Included in the “reform” is not just a speedier and simplified process, but also absurd new grounds for nullity such as “brevity of conjugal life” and having committed abortion. Only the willfully blind cannot see what is happening here. If no one stops Francis, he will destroy everything in the Novus Ordo Church that conservatives hold dear. As sedevacantist Bishop Donald Sanborn remarked in a recent Francis Watch broadcast, the only thing that can stop Bergoglio is if the Novus Ordo cardinals were to threaten him with calling a conclave, i.e. declaring him as having deposed himself and abandoning his claim to the papacy, proceeding to elect a successor. That would scare the living daylights out of him, because all his might rests in the (false) supposition that he is actually what he claims to be — the Roman Pontiff.

Whereas most Novus Ordo bishops are good at doing absolutely nothing, at least when it comes to threats against the Catholic Faith (which they themselves do not hold, so their inaction makes perfect sense), three Novus Ordo clerics of higher rank have agreed to be interviewed for a brand new video produced by Polonia Christiana, a conservative Novus Ordo internet portal in Poland. The names and faces will be familiar: “Cardinal” Raymond Burke, who was officially demoted by Francis just after the 2014 Synod on the Family, and who, having been made the spiritual equivalent of leader of your parochial men’s club, will not be allowed to participate in this year’s follow-up synod; then Jan Pawel Lenga, retired “Archbishop” of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, who earlier this year penned a letter condemning the blatant Modernism emanating from the Vatican; and finally also “Bishop” Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary in the “Archdiocese” of Mary Most Holy in Astana, Kazakhstan, known for his fabled idea that the Vatican should issue a Syllabus of Errors correcting certain “false interpretations” of the Second Vatican Council, the very interpretations, presumably, which Modernist Rome has been pushing through its magisterium since 1965.

Too little, too late? “Cardinal” Burke, “Archbishop” Lenga, “Bishop” Schneider

In any case, at least these people have decided to not sit idly by and do something — even if it’s just a little bit. Polonia Christiana has released a video entitled Crisis: Where Will the Synod Lead Us To? You can watch it at this link or in the embedded player above, at the top of this post. Though it has been hailed by Novus Ordo conservatives and Semi-Traditionalists as an incedibly powerful video, there isn’t really a whole lot of oomph to it other than these clerics speaking somewhat openly about what grave evils adultery and homosexuality are — although for Novus Ordo bishops, it is true, this is quite unheard-of. In addition, they drop several hints in the video that they may go into schism against Francis depending on the outcome of the Synod — resist they will for sure, but it could be more than that, as we have pointed out before in several posts on the topic:

Although they surely mean well, it is amusing that these Novus Ordo clerics are acting as though the Vatican II Church had not itself long changed the received teaching of Christ, the traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church, beginning with “Pope” John XXIII, who first introduced the heretical (or virtually heretical) doctrine of religious freedom, in his “encyclical” letter Pacem in Terris of April 11, 1963 (see n. 14). Francis is not the first or the only one to introduce changes in doctrine, he is merely the most blatant and most audacious of the false popes who have occupied Rome since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. As Bishop Sanborn pointed out in a recent article, Francis is the perfect embodiment of the Second Vatican Council. Ultimately it is not he himself that is the real problem — Vatican II is:

As “Cardinal” Burke, “Archbishop” Lenga, and “Bishop” Schneider finally do something more or less serious to attempt to stop Francis, going so far as to threaten schism (albeit subtly), one cannot help but wonder: Where were these “heroes” the past few decades? Heresy in official documents and in “papal” and “episcopal” actions isn’t exactly new in the Conciliar Church. Where were they when John Paul II and Benedict XVI called the unbelievers of the world together to offer prayers to their false deities to obtain “peace” without Christ (cf. Jn 14:27)? Where were they when the same two papal pretenders humiliated our Lord Jesus Christ by worshiping at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and proclaiming the Talmudic Jews to have a valid covenant with God? Where were they when John Paul II endorsed Voodooism in Benin in 1993, and received a Hindu mark on his forehead in India in 1986? Where were they when John Paul II promulgated the abominable Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism in 1993, and Joseph Ratzinger rescinded the condemnation of the works of Fr. Antonio Rosmini Serbati?

The list is endless.

The truth is, of course, that the Novus Ordo Church began tinkering with the Catholic Faith long before Francis. Our entire web site is dedicated to proving that the church after Pius XII (beginning in 1958 with John XXIII and his infamous Second Vatican Council) is substantially different from the Church before, which is the true Catholic Church. Such substantial difference can only lead to one conclusion: The sect that proclaims itself to being the Catholic Church today is not in fact the Catholic Church, and therefore its leaders cannot be true Catholic Popes — else we would have to conclude that the gates of hell have prevailed, which is impossible (cf. Mt 16:18; 1 Tim 3:15).

Truth be told, Francis and his Modernist gang do not care if anyone “resists” them. Such “resistance” has never worked and never will. What gives them all their might, all the power they need, is the world’s public recognition of them as legitimate authorities and shepherds of the Roman Catholic Church. Take this away from them, and it will all fall to pieces — there will be nothing left. All of their power stands and falls with this, for this is what gives them the credibility they need to be able to inflict this unspeakable damage on souls. Start, therefore, with yourself: Stop acknowledging Francis as a true Pope and make your refusal known in public! This alone is the only human means that can bring down the Novus Ordo Sect and stop this frightening apostasy that has not ceased to destroy souls since Vatican II. To this end, please see the following two important posts:

The matter is too serious to play footsies. We don’t need anymore “filial petitions”. We don’t need anymore people like Michael Voris. We don’t need anymore apologetics cruises. We don’t need anymore Remnant videos. We don’t need anymore Catholic Family News articles. We don’t need anymore “traditional conferences”. We don’t need anymore fundraising letters from the Fatima Center. We don’t need anymore books from Ignatius Press. We don’t need anymore blog posts to tell us “what the Pope really meant”, with umpteen “things to know and share.” WE NEED REAL ACTION. Start now, proclaim from the housetops that Francis is not the Pope and that the true Catholic Church is underground once more, found in basements and catacombs as in the early days! And let the Vatican II Church finally die its well-deserved death, to be judged by God at the appointed time.

Bring it on, Francis. The True Church is ready.

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