Two revolutionary peas in a pod…

High Fidel-ity:
Francis meets Cuba’s Fidel Castro

Cuba’s murderous and ruthless Communist dictator emeritus Fidel Castro got a visit from His Phoniness today, “Pope” Francis. According to a report from ABC News, the meeting lasted about 30 minutes, and the atheist Castro gave Francis a book with his thoughts on religion, while Francis flooded Castro with CDs, his two encyclicals, and two books. Contrary to what Mark Shea might lead you to believe, no, this is not an indication that Castro is now ready to convert to Catholicism.

Here is a brief video clip of the “encounter”:

This meeting between the two revolutionaries took place while Cuban dissidents — that’s those who have spent their lives opposing the tyrannical Communist regime in power since the bloody revolution of 1959 — were not allowed to meet with or even see Francis, who, in any case, expressed no genuine interest in them or their cause.… READ MORE