Vatican Releases Full List of Synod Participants

Francis Stacks the Deck for the Synod

IN: Cupich, Marx, Dolan, Schonborn, Forte, Bode, Bonny, Kasper, Koch, Nichols, Martin, Baldisseri, Pontier, Caffarra, Wuerl, Lovey, Brunin, Danneels, Maradiaga, Tagle, Fernandez, Muller

OUT: Burke, Lenga, Schneider, Brandmuller, De Paolis

Today the Unholy See released the official list of all participants of the “Synod on [=against] the Family” to be held October 4-25, 2015 in the Vatican. Not surprisingly, the list contains virtually all of the big names associated with promoting the idea of giving the sacraments to adulterers, many of which already met in a secret “shadow synod” earlier this year, whereas many of the “conservative” players have not been invited.

To access the Vatican’s full list of participants, click here.

To give you an idea: Most of the “bishops” usually promoted by the semi-traditionalist and neo-conservative wing of the Modernist Sect — specifically “Cardinals” Burke, Brandmuller, and de Paolis, “Archbishop” Lenga, and “Bishop” Schneider — will not be allowed to participate. Of the co-authors of the book Remaining in the Truth of Christ that was so heavily promoted by the conservative wishful thinkers in the Vatican II Church (Mr. Zuhlsdorf in particular comes to mind), only two will be allowed to come to the synod: “Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Muller, the head of the Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith, and “Cardinal” Carlo Caffarra, “Archbishop” of Bologna. Of the other “cardinals” that later joined the “conservative” resistance by publishing Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and Family, only Baselios Thottunkal, Willem Eijk, and Robert Sarah have been invited.

By contrast, the Vatican is happy to welcome the following pseudo-theological scoundrels (among others — click on the name of each participant below to see how each of them has manifested his true colors regarding adultery, homosexuality, sacraments for people in public mortal sin, and so forth):

So these are the people Francis is pleased to have join him in making church policy on matters of moral theology, pastoral theology, and canon law, without, of course, changing doctrine (wink, wink). But then again, that’s the same Francis who got taken to the woodshed by Randy Engel over his outrageously disgusting — and very telling! — remarks about journalists:

This letter is an absolute must-read, so if you had not seen it yet, please make sure you take a good look at it.

Let no one tell you that it is “unfair” to ascribe all these participants to Francis on the grounds that he did not himself appoint each and every one of these directly, but that for a lot of participants, he simply approved candidates chosen by the local bishops’ conferences — that is a laughable copout. At the end of the day, Francis is in charge, he is in full control over who will attend this meeting, and he could, by a mere wave of the hand, so to speak, exclude anyone he pleases, without even so much as having to provide a reason. So, let’s not get sidetracked here. The buck stops with him, and he’s the one who called the synod in the first place.

While a lot of Africans — generally considered as conservative — will also be attending the synod (Rorate Caeli has more details), it is clear that the deck is stacked in favor of the liberals, who want to accommodate unrepentant adulterers and homo-perverts by changing Novus Ordo church law, in what promises to be an explosive now-or-never showdown.

Let’s see how Michael Voris and his Church Disneyland crew are going to spin this. In any case, one thing is for certain: It’s going to get interesting — get the popcorn ready!

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