If you thought you’d seen it all…

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet if you ain’t seen…
Father Bob Maguire!

We struggle for words to introduce to you Father — yes, he’s actually a real priest — Bob Maguire, an eccentric celebrity in the “Archdiocese” of Melbourne, Australia. “Everything that is wrong with the Novus Ordo in one man” — that is perhaps the best one-line description one can give of this anti-Catholic lowlife.

The video below shows Fr. Maguire’s final Novus Ordo “Mass” at his parish of Ss. Peter and Paul, which he perpetrated on January 29, 2012, having resisted his forcible retirement for over two years. No, “Archbishop” Denis Hart didn’t force him into retirement because he was horrified by Maguire’s sacrilegious and absurd chaos — at least not if we take his words at face value — but this is what Maguire’s fans are accusing the “Archbishop” of doing. Novus Ordo church law requires that pastors submit their resignation at age 75, and although the bishop is not required to accept it, Maguire reached this milestone in 2009. He didn’t actually leave the parish until 2012.

But now on to the video. CAUTION! What you are about to see will probably shock you — yes, you, you who think you’ve seen it all:

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If you watch nothing else, watch the segment beginning at 36:32 until 40:30 — that’s from the Sanctus to the Our Father — and don’t forget to close your mouth afterwards.

It’s just surprising that Fr. Bob didn’t light a cigarette or excuse himself to go to the restroom in the middle of this despicable, self-centered spectacle. With Fr. Bob, the Fun Church is in overdrive; Francis must love the man.

As we’ve asked our readers before, when all is said and done, when your time is up and your life is coming to a close and you only have a few more minutes to live, whom would you rather have at your deathbed — the strict, serious, reverent, and wholly orthodox genuine Catholic priest, whose desire is to lead you to eternal salvation, no matter how painful it should be — or this ridiculous happy-clappy goofball who mocks the sacred priesthood of our Lord with every breath he takes, and who may perhaps send you off into eternity, not with absolution and holy Viaticum but with a backslap and an irreverent, “Say hi to the Lord for me when you get there”?

Any resemblance with ‘Father Chuck’ is entirely coincidental…

In 2013, Penguin Books published a biography of this shameless Modernist, entitled Father Bob – The Larrikin Priest. A brief video introducing the book can be watched here. That same year, a crowdfunded television documentary about Maguire was released in Australia, entitled In Bob We Trust.

Ordained in 1960, Fr. Maguire possesses valid orders. He is an alter Christus, a priest forever according the order of Melchisedek (cf. Heb 5:6). With this in mind, have a look at these sobering links:

Tremble is what we all ought to do at the sacred priesthood of our Blessed Lord. Fr. Maguire thinks it’s reason to make a fool of himself.

The reality is that scoffers like Maguire come and go. What remains forever is the Word of the Lord. And this Word says: “Be not deceived, God is not mocked” (Gal 6:7).

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