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When Death Comes For You,
How Will You Choose?

Pope St. Pius X on his deathbed (1914)

Imagine yourself on your deathbed. Your strength is failing you; you’ve had what was probably your last meal. You are in intense agony, as the bodily suffering you are undergoing is exceeded only by the anguish of your soul because you need to go to confession but are now entirely dependent on a priest coming to you. The priest has been called, but he hasn’t arrived yet. You are afraid because you know that your soul could be parting from your body at any moment. Those eyes of yours that have beheld this beautiful world for so many decades are about to close themselves to this world forever, only to reopen in eternity. Whatever natural achievements you made in life, they are now irrelevant because the only thing that matters is your standing before God. Now is the time. A few more minutes, perhaps some more hours, but probably not the remainder of the day. Eternity is fast approaching. You’re holding on to your Rosary, your scapular, and are reciting again and again the acts of contrition and of Faith, Hope, and Charity, the Creed, the Our Father, the Haily Mary, and the Glory Be. You would like to kiss the crucifix of your Rosary beads but you do not have the strength.

The moment of death – that for which you were supposed to spend your entire life preparing – is close at hand. It has never been closer, and you know it. You can feel it. All opportunities are now a thing of the past; all the “future” is now behind you. Your entire life is flashing before your mind’s eye one more time. In a few hours, or perhaps just a few minutes, you will encounter the Great Judge. And at that point, it will be only you and He. Every detail of your life will be examined and you will have to render an account – for every thought, every word, every action, every omission. All will be judged with the most perfect justice. The thought frightens you, naturally, but you have hope. Your last wish is to see the priest, the ambassador of God who can absolve you of your sins, who can anoint you and give you Holy Viaticum, that last Holy Communion to strengthen you for those final moments. That priest who has power over the devil, power to forgive your sins (or retain them), power to make holy water out of natural water, power to consecrate ordinary bread so it becomes the Body and Blood of Christ.

Imagine all this. Can you see yourself lying there, bathed in sweat, praying and hoping that that priest you so ardently desire to come will show up before you pass into eternity and meet the great and terrible Judge?

Now answer this question: What kind of priest would you like to enter that room and help you escape the fires of hell? ONE OF THESE (Novus Ordo) … or … THIS KIND (sedevacantist)? The one who was ordained to preside over a meal, or the one who was ordained to offer Sacrifice to God?

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

All of a sudden, those issues brought up again and again by sedevacantists that you may have brushed aside during your lifetime because they were inconvenient, bothersome, “absurd”, or just not in line with what your favorite semi-traditionalist author was telling you, now appear in a different light, because now they’re more acute and more relevant to you than ever. “What if the sedevacantists were right all along? What if Montini wasn’t Pope after all? What if the Vatican II Church is bogus? What if the ordination rites are invalid and the ‘priest’ has no power to absolve me of my sins? What if the Novus Ordo sacraments are worthless? What if the Novus Ordo ‘anointing of the sick’ really does nothing for my soul after all?” These questions will inevitably be nagging you should you decide to turn a blind eye to the serious truth about what the Vatican II Sect has done to the Catholic sacraments. Therefore, don’t delay but check out the following links.

Reality Check on the Novus Ordo Sacraments:

Don’t take chances with your soul. Examine these matters now, now that you still have time. This is something you will have to do yourself. All those spinmeisters from the semi-traditionalist “recognize-but-resist” press won’t be there to hold your hand at your particular judgment. At some point, you have to decide. Do not allow your soul or the souls of your loved ones to perish or be endangered because you were afraid to face “uncomfortable” facts. Yes, the facts are disturbing indeed, but better to be disturbed by facts in this life and get over it rather than be disturbed forever in the next life due to a refusal to look into these all-important issues. You owe it to God, and you owe it to yourself. And remember: False sacraments cannot come from the True Church:

  • “Certainly the loving Mother [the Church] is spotless in the Sacraments, by which she gives birth to and nourishes her children; in the faith which she has always preserved inviolate; in her sacred laws imposed on all; in the evangelical counsels which she recommends; in those heavenly gifts and extraordinary graces through which, with inexhaustible fecundity, she generates hosts of martyrs, virgins and confessors.” (Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Mystici Corporis, n. 66)
  • “The Church is infallible in her general discipline. By the term general discipline is understood the laws and practices which belong to the external ordering of the whole Church. Such things would be those which concern either external worship, such as liturgy and rubrics, or the administration of the sacraments…. If she [the Church] were able to prescribe or command or tolerate in her discipline something against faith and morals, or something which tended to the detriment of the Church or to the harm of the faithful, she would turn away from her divine mission, which would be impossible.” (Jean Herrmann, Institutiones Theologiae Dogmaticae, Vol. 1, 1908, p. 258)
  • “If anyone says that the ceremonies, vestments, and outward signs which the Catholic Church uses in the celebration of masses, are incentives to impiety rather than stimulants to piety, let him be anathema.” (Council of Trent, Session 22, Canon 7)

Abandon the false church of Vatican II and embrace the Roman Catholic Church!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
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