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Bishop Williamson: Novus Ordo “Mass” is Bad
but OK if it “Nourishes your Faith”


We have long criticized the absurd, non-Catholic, and principle-less “theology” of the Lefebvrist Society of St. Pius X. How poor and bizarre it really is has just been demonstrated once again by none other than Bishop Richard Williamson, an Englishman consecrated by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988.

Although at this point no longer a part of the official SSPX, he is still very much part of the semi-traditionalist “resistance” against the Modernist Vatican that recognizes Francis and his five predecessors of infelicitous memory as legitimate — yet entirely ignorable — Roman Catholic Popes.

On June 28, 2015, Bp. Williamson was a speaker at a semi-trad conference held in Mahopcac, New York. The entire talk given by His Excellency has been posted in full and is available here (listen at your own risk):

At the end of the talk, there was a question-and-answer session at which Bp. Williamson was asked about assistance at the “New Mass”, that is, the 1969 Novus Ordo Missae Modernist worship service of “Pope” Paul VI. The bishop’s 10-minute response was a paragon of illogical SSPX mumbo-jumbo that was, not surprisingly, totally devoid of any discernible Catholic theological principles.

In fact, the answer Williamson gave was loaded with so many howlers and unsupported assertions that we thought it best to republish the video ourselves after adding our own comments as subtitles to the clip as the bishop is speaking. Give this is a try and see if you do not agree that Williamson’s ideas on assistance at the Novus Ordo Missae are a theological disaster the size of the Titanic:

Click to play video

In this video clip, you will notice that His Excellency really is “all over the place” with his answer. In fact, one may discover a certain similarity between his way of speaking and that of the Modernists, for both are unclear in their assertions, do not use objective criteria, and do not base their arguments on genuine Catholic theological principles.

In his answer, Bp. Williamson argues the following and then some:

  • The New Mass is a key part of the New Religion and the worldwide apostasy
  • Stay away from the New Mass!
  • You can go to the New Mass under certain circumstances
  • The New Mass is wrong as a whole
  • If it nourishes your Faith, you can go (this “seems” to be the “absolute rule of rules”)
  • You cannot cause scandal by going to the New Mass
  • Archbishop Lefebvre said the New Mass is a danger to the Faith
  • There are Eucharistic miracles in the New Mass
  • The New Religion, of which the New Mass is a key part, is dangerous and strangles grace
  • The New Mass can build your Faith
  • The New Mass does harm in itself
  • Decide for yourself
  • Ask a priest you trust and heed his advice — maybe
  • The rite of the New Mass was designed to get you away from the Catholic Faith
  • If you can trust your own judgment, use your own judgment
  • All of this is just his opinion and “almost heresy”
  • Maybe none of this should be said in public
  • Etc., ad nauseam

It is really sad to see how many souls “follow” Bp. Williamson and look up to him as a guiding light in these terrible times. Williamson is part of the problem. So much rubbish in 10 minutes! He does not clarify; he confuses. His answer is Yes and No and Maybe and Ask someone else. One may perhaps summarize his answer in a way that reminds one of a typical American pharmaceutical commercial: “Talk to your trusted priest and find out if the Novus Ordo Mass is right for you.” Just be sure you understand the health risks and side effects. CAUTION! May be fatal.

Preaches Pragmatism and Subjectivism when it comes to the Novus Ordo Worship Service of the Conciliar Religion: “Traditional Catholic” Bishop Richard Williamson

The inconsistencies, the contradictions, the waffling, the arbitrary assertions without documentation, the refusal to employ the Catholic positive-scholastic theological method, all these are a recurring symptom in the Society of St. Pius X, the “official” one as well as the “Marian Corps” edition (aka “Strict Observance” or “Resistance”). In fact, at this point, we are still waiting for someone affiliated with the SSPX to answer the following challenge:

People who outsource their theological and spiritual health to Bp. Williamson are in big trouble. They may think they have escaped the errors of the Modernist Vatican II Sect, but in reality they are simply imbibing different (yet sometimes quite similar) errors instead. That is what you get when you follow people instead of Catholicism.

Have a look at our post on the Novus Ordo Missae and our critique of Louie Verrecchio, Mundabor, and “Fr.” Gregory Hesse to see what difference real Catholic theology makes:

Williamson has cleverly named his new apostolate the “St. Marcel Initiative”. Even though it is clearly dedicated to the third-century St. Marcel, nevertheless people will quickly fall for the idea — probably not unintended — that the saint in question is really Marcel Lefebvre, the founder of the SSPX and more or less the progenitor of the anti-sedevacantist resistance position that has completely distorted people’s understanding of the Church, the papacy, and the Magisterium.

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