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A Perfect Fit: Empty-Hell Promoter “Fr.” Robert Barron appointed Auxiliary “Bishop” of Los Angeles


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Bad news for Michael Voris: Although he’s been carrying the water for “Pope” Francis from day one, systematically covering up the latter’s missteps, gaffes, errors, and heresies (what Voris would call Francis’ “nakedness”, cf. Gen 9:23), the Argentinian apostate is not showing himself very appreciative.

Today, July 21, 2015, the Vatican announced that Francis had appointed three new auxiliary “bishops” to the ultra-leftist Modernist archdiocese of Los Angeles — the devastated vineyard of the infamous quasi-Communist “Cardinal” Roger Mahony (served 1985-2011), currently under the “care” of “Archbishop” Jose Gomez. The three new auxiliaries named are: Joseph V. Brennan, David G. O’Connell, and Robert Barron.

Yes. That Robert Barron. The one that has given new respectability and renewed dissemination to the absurd and heretical idea that no one actually goes to hell and is happily in charge of Chicago’s Mundelein Seminary, in which future Novus Ordo priests are trained:

That’s the same Robert Barron who had this to say about the scandalous, porn-novel-producing leftist Fr. Andrew Greeley:

That’s the same Robert Barron whom Michael Voris has been blasting over and over again on his web site:

For Voris, this is not the first time he’s had egg on his face on account of his double standard with regard to Francis, whom he has been trying to spin into a conservative bulwark of orthodoxy from the beginning:

So, an empty hell? Who ever came up with that ridiculous idea? Although we do not know who in the last 2000 years first dreamed it up, its chief promoter and defender in more recent times was the Neo-Modernist proponent of the Nouvelle Theologie (“New Theology”) Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar, a celebrated Swiss suit-and-tie priest who was rewarded for doing his part to undermine and destroy Roman Catholicism by none other than “Saint” John Paul II. Yes, “Pope” John Paul appointed von Balthasar a Novus Ordo cardinal in 1988. Too bad that Divine Providence saw to it that von Balthasar would die two days before actually receiving the red hat — and probably, we fear, descend into that very place he had vainly “hoped” was empty. This, by the way, was the same von Balthasar who once cried out that we must “raze the Catholic bastions” — a call happily repeated by that paragon of orthodoxy, Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (later “Pope” Benedict XVI).


A hell to which no one actually goes — what a great idea to promote, in a world that is filled with a sheer endless supply of the most horrifying sins and crimes: apostasy, heresy, satanism, naturalism, profanation of Sundays, the denial of the Social Kingship of Christ, murder, abortion and selling of harvested organs, human trafficking, the most savage tortures of men, women, and children, corruption and greed, pornography and the destruction of children’s innocence, killing of the elderly, disabled, and terminally ill, sodomy and its glorifcation by the secular powers, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Oh yeah, and gossip too (we mention this one so that Francis supporters can see how bad it really is)!

Our holy Lord Jesus Christ was very clear with regard to heaven and hell:

Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it! Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

(Matthew 7:13-15)

How interesting that our Blessed Lord immediately followed up His teaching on the fewness of the saved with the warning against false prophets who are wolves but come in the clothing of sheep! Hello, is anyone listening?!

But does Francis agree with Barron’s blasphemous-heretical-fake “hope” that all will be saved? He certainly isn’t bothered by it [make surprise face here], but it seems that no, he does not agree: Instead, Francis is on the record saying that those who go to hell are simply annihilated, not punished eternally. Works for the mafia, pornographers, child molesters, abortionists, devil worshippers, and atheists — and for anyone else who doesn’t believe in an afterlife and/or glories in the most heinous sins. And while this is quite different from the Barron heresy, it too is heresy, and we’d say an even worse one (so to speak) than the one Barron proposes.


Don’t worry, no one goes there! Ask “Fr.” Barron!

So, for Voris and the crew at Church Disneyland Militant, the appointment of Mr. Barron as bogus auxiliary in Los Angeles comes as yet another kick in the shin. What will they do? Our prediction is that they will simply include this story, however reluctantly, in their daily news headlines, express some “surprise” perhaps or even make some remarks that could be taken as being mildly critical, but other than that, simply state that Barron was appointed and then move on. After all, there’s nothing to see here — it’s just one more day in the absurdistan of the Vatican II religion, currently shoved down your throat by Jorge Bergoglio. (UPDATE: The CMTV coverage of the Barron appointment can be found here.)

Voris, who endlessly denounces the “Church of Nice”, will not denounce its highest-ranking progenitor, enabler, and defender, the “Pope of Nice.” Sorry, Michael, but you cannot constantly cover for the biggest Modernist of them all and then claim credibility in fighting heresy. Our Lord said, “He that is not with me, is against me; and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth” (Lk 11:23). Looks like Michael Voris has made his choice, just like the future “Bishop” Barron.

Congratulations, “Pope” Francis. You have found the perfect man for Los Angeles. And by appointing him, you have ensured that hell will be populated with an additional plethora of souls for decades to come.

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