“I can’t believe it’s not Catholic!”

St. Jacob “Catholic” Chapel

No, this isn’t an ugly public restroom, it is a lot worse: This is St. Jacob’s Novus Ordo cemetery chapel in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria. This building, located in the diocese of Gurk, was perpetrated by Thomas Hoke, Ed Hoke, and Armin Guerino. The local “bishop” responsible for this blasphemous disaster is Mr. Alois Schwarz, the same Modernist layman-in-bishop’s-clothing under whose watch the infernal “Sounds Effects Mass” is held every year.

We’re purposely showing you only the front view of this “church”, because if you don’t like it, we’re pretty sure you don’t want to see the back. (For those who just can’t resist, you can see the back of the chapel here and get a side view here, but don’t say you weren’t forewarned!)

If, after checking these images, you are still reading this post, we have to tell you that none of what you just saw can compare to what you’re about to see on the inside of this “church”. If you thought the building looks like a public bathroom only from the outside, we have to inform you that care was taken to make the interior resemble such facilities as well, complete with graffiti on the walls and what looks like a sterilized stall with copious lighting:

The inside of “St. Jacob Chapel” is even worse
(click image to enlarge)

The diocese is mighty proud of its “beautiful” chapel and features it on its web site, where you can also watch a brief video clip introducing the monstrosity, reproduced below:

In the unlikely event that you haven’t seen enough yet, there are plenty more images available here, courtesy of the diocese.

There’s nothing left of Catholicism in Austria, folks. Nothing at all. And “churches” such as this one are the outward manifestation of the spiritual wasteland that is generated by the false Modernist sect masquerading as the Catholic Church, the “operation of error” mentioned by St. Paul (see 2 Thess 2:10). The whole fraud is successful only because it is deceitfully being done under the banner of “Catholicism”, by a false hierarchy that consists of wolves rather than shepherds. But the Catholic Church and her true Popes had long ago warned us about this.

The Vatican II Church is a cruel joke — and if you’re still Novus Ordo, we hate to say it, but the joke’s on you.

Image source: kath-kirche-kaernten.at / youtube.com (screenshot)
License: fair use / fair use

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