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Infernal Dungeon:
“Holy Spirit” Chapel at University of California

There is only one word to describe this “Catholic” chapel at Berkeley’s University of California campus: HELL. Something that you may have dreamed about in your worst nightmares is stark reality at the “Holy Spirit” Chapel of Newman Hall, the arch-liberal university’s Novus Ordo community.

The perpetrators of this infernal dungeon are Stephen De Staebler (sculptures) and Mario J. Ciampi with Richard L. Jorasch (architectural design). The work was commissioned — you guessed it — in the latter half of the 1960s, when the new religion of Vatican II began to be implemented.

More photos of this pseudo-liturgical crime scene, if you can handle them, can be found at this link. The “Catholic bishop” overseeing this sacrilegious mess is a Jesuit, of course, and his name is Mr. Michael C. Barber.

One thing about this is positive, however: It gives perfect external expression to the diabolical Modernist religion. This hellish “worship space” is to Catholic sanctuary what Francis is to Pope, what the Novus Ordo Sect is to Catholic Church, what Modernism is to Catholicism. The Vatican II Sect has nothing to do with the Catholic Church of our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, whose last known Pope was Pius XII, and the more it is externally manifested, the better.

To see what a Catholic church looks like on the inside, click here.

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