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Hans Küng No Longer “Pope” Critic, Endorses Francis

Hell’s Apostle is back with yet another interview, almost like Francis. Earlier this year he had told the German leftist DER SPIEGEL magazine “I am not a heretic”; this time he once more endorses the chaos caused by “Pope” Francis, head of the Modernist Vatican II Sect.

In an interview with Südwestpresse (full German original here), the Swiss apostate “theologian”, who believes he will be going to Heaven despite his apostasy and even after committing his pre-announced suicide, declared: “I am overjoyed at not having to be a Pope critic any longer.” Oh, has there been a sudden change of heart? No, not in the least; it’s just that the program of the “Pope” is now essentially that of Hans Kung, so the need to oppose and be critical is no longer there.

Read an article summarizing the interview here:

So the world’s most infamous Pope critic is a Pope critic no more because, essentially, there is nothing left to criticize. …You can’t make this stuff up.

More on Hans Kung & Francis:

Image source: Wikimedia Commons (UNED Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia; cropped)
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