Dying to go to Hell…

Novus Ordo Über-Apostate Hans Küng Going Blind, Has Parkinson’s, Ponders Euthanasia

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Tübingen, Germany. If there is one man alive today who could rightly be called the “King of All Modernists,” it would be the Swiss priest Fr. Hans Kung. Indeed, “King Kung” is one of the most obnoxious apostates of all time, pertinaciously denying every dogma in the book, including that of the Most Holy Trinity. With the “Global Ethic Foundation” he established in 1995, he has sought to lay the groundwork for a reconciliation between all religions.

Born on March 19, 1928 in Sursee, Switzerland, he was ordained a true Roman Catholic priest on October 10, 1954, for the diocese of Basel. The Holy Office under Pope Pius XII took notice of the Swiss apostate right away. Despite his manifest and determined denial of the Faith, Kung to this very day remains a priest in good standing with his diocese (currently headed by “Bishop” Felix Gmür). He has been teaching “theology” at the University of Tubingen since 1960.

After numerous quarrels with the Novus Ordo Vatican’s Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith, on December 15, 1979, the Congregation’s Prefect “Cardinal” Francis Seper declared several of Kung’s books to contain errors incompatible with Catholic — even Novus Ordo! — teaching and announced that Kung was no longer permitted to teach theology under the name of “Catholic” and could not be considered a Catholic theologian (see the Novus Ordo “Acta Apostolicae Sedis” 72 [1980], pp. 90-92).

Despite his clear heresies and the dangerous influence he held as an active university professor, the Vatican did not excommunicate Kung, did not suspend him, and did not even remove his priestly faculties. The effect was that Kung continued teaching as before at the same university, though no longer as part of the “Catholic” faculty. He became professor of “ecumenical” theology instead. The secular world has long hailed him as a courageous “rebel Catholic” and frequently consulted him on “controversial” Catholic questions as a “critical voice of reason” against (what they perceived to be) the militantly-hardline Vatican.

Together with Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, Fr. Kung was another suit-and-tie-wearing peritus at the Modernist Second Vatican Council, called to his advisory role as a competent “Catholic theologian” by Antipope John XXIII. By contrast, the then-orthodox Catholic University of America issued an interdict against Kung in 1963 for his lecture “The Church and Freedom”. Though Ratzinger and Kung went separate theological ways, with Ratzinger preferring a more moderate Modernism (which, being moderate and therefore not as easily identifiable, is actually more dangerous, as Fr. Felix Sarda shows in Liberalism is a Sin), whereas Kung decided to go full-steam ahead and reason Modernist principles to their logical conclusions.

On September 26, 2005, a newly-elected “Pope” Benedict XVI (the same Joseph Ratzinger) met with Kung in the Vatican for a chit-chat, and a chit-chat is really all it was. Kung described the meeting as “very joyful” and with “no reproaches, no polemics” from Ratzinger (see John Allen’s coverage of the meeting here). This did not come as a surprise to those who knew the real Joseph Ratzinger — as opposed to the pseudo-traditionalist face put on him by his cheerleaders at The Remnant & Co. — because in his 1996 book Salt of the Earth, Ratzinger had already said about Kung: “I respect his path, which he takes in accord with his conscience…” (Ignatius Press, p. 96). By “his path”, Ratzinger was referring precisely to the theological views Kung had developed against Catholic (even Novus Ordo) doctrine (see pp. 95-96).

Benedict XVI used his meeting with Kung to praise the latter’s efforts “to contribute to a renewed recognition of humanity’s essential moral values through a dialogue of religions and through an encounter with secular reason” (see coverage by Catholic News Service). The Vatican spokesman did not mention whether Benedict made clear to Kung that he was on a sure path to eternal damnation, but the odds are against it.

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Kung is a Modernist with a vengeance, and he proves it once more even now as he prepares to exit this world and render an account of his works to the All-Just Judge. On October 1, 2013, Kung is releasing his final book, the third and last part of his memoirs, Erlebte Menschlichkeit [Humaneness Experienced]. In it, Kung reveals that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease and is about to lose his eyesight. In other words, within a short amount of time, he will no longer be able to read or write, and even now he has great difficulty writing by hand. The man who for so many decades spent himself in the denial and destruction of Catholic truth, and in disseminating the poison of the most odious errors, will himself no longer be able to put pen to paper. His wicked works are nearing their final, irrevocable end, and he will physically become what he has long been spiritually and morally: blind.

“Let them alone: they are blind, and leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the pit,” our Blessed Lord counseled us (Mt 15:14). Having dug a pit for so many souls over all these years, Kung is about to fall into it himself, barring a miraculous last-minute conversion (for which we should pray). The destruction this man has wrought on souls since the 1960’s is beyond fathomable.

“I do not wish to go on living as a shadow of myself”, Kung writes in his final, 600-page tome. “People have a right to die when they see no more hope of being able to continue a humane life, however they define that,” the Swiss apostate claims. In his native Switzerland, so-called “euthanasia” or “mercy-killing” is permitted by law, in which the patient kills himself by drinking a deadly poison provided by “doctors.” Yes, Kung really ponders this “option” for himself, an act of suicide as his ultimate deed. This act of cowardly wickedness would definitely not be a surprising end for this destroyer of souls, to die at his own hand by poison, he who has poisoned the minds and souls of countless people for over 50 years and who is solely responsible for the loss of Faith in innumerable individuals. The ultimate act of personal mortal sin to close out a life of sin — boy would it fit him. He would be literally “dying to go to hell”, though he himself, of course, denies the Catholic dogma of hell (he does not, however, deny the German ‘Holocaust’).

It remains to be seen whether Antipope Francis will personally give Kung a Novus Ordo burial once he exits this life for good. Remember, conscience is everything for Francis, and who’s he to judge? After all, the Church — according to Francis — can’t “interfere spiritually” in people’s lives, and can only offer “opinions” to guide them (source). Besides, wouldn’t a ‘papal’ funeral for Kung be a nice token of gratitude on Francis’ part for Küng’s ringing endorsement?


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