Hell-Denier elected…

Germans Choose Marx: “Archbishop” of Munich Succeeds Robert Zollitsch as Head of German Bishops’ Conference

The long-awaited successor to Fr. Robert Zollitsch, the Christ-denying Modernist apostate former “Archbishop” of Freiburg, has been chosen: Reinhard Marx, the current “Archbishop” of Munich and Freising, is the new head of the super-Modernist German Conference of Non-Catholic Bishops.

Appointed a “cardinal” by Benedict XVI in 2010, Mr. Marx has distinguished himself as a firm and faithful enemy of the Catholic Faith. Where his predecessor Zollitsch denied that Christ died to atone for our sins, Marx denies the Catholic dogmas of hell and purgatory — and has said that Christians believe that “God’s existence is possible.” Clearly, the man perfectly represents what German “Catholics” are thinking and so is a perfect choice for head honcho over there.

You may also recall that late last year, Mr. Marx was seen “consecrating” what purported to be a Catholic altar but looked more like a Modernist bird cage (no offense to bird cages). His antipathy towards Traditionalists is well known; which is fine with us, however, as we would not want anyone to get the impression that Mr. Marx shares the same religion with us (we’re Catholics, after all).

Incidentally, Marx currently serves as one of “Pope” Francis’s special advisors in the latter’s “Super 8” Council. Obviously Mr. Bergoglio knows exactly what sort of “theologians” to surround himself with.

In short: Fasten your seatbelts. The theological guns are loaded – the Modernist Revolution is prepped to continue full-steam ahead! Expect the Rhine — perhaps now more than ever — to once again flow into the Tiber.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons (Botulph)
Licenses: CC BY-SA 3.0

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