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The Ecclesiology Debate:
Did Vatican II Teach Heresy?


Bp. Donald Sanborn vs. Dr. Robert Fastiggi

Now Available for Viewing

On July 19, 2004, Bp. Donald Sanborn (sedevacantist) and Dr. Robert Fastiggi (Novus Ordo) had a formal debate on the ecclesiology of the Second Vatican Council; that is, on the council’s teaching about the nature of the Catholic Church. For the first time ever, the recording of this explosive disputation is now being made available to the public.

Resolved: The teaching of the Second Vatican Council and the Post-Conciliar Church about the Nature of the Catholic Church is HERETICAL. Bishop Sanborn affirms — Dr. Fastiggi denies.

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Please share this debate with as many friends and family members as you can. It will be of great interest to people on both sides of the issue — and those sitting on the fence in between!

If you like, you can use our amusing teaser video clip to spread the word about the debate and get your friends and family interested. Here’s an idea: Why not plan to get together and watch the debate as a group? Lively discussions about the topic are sure to follow and will be facilitated by the many links we provide on our Vatican II Ecclesiology Debate Page to related documents.

PLUS, we have a surprise: We didn’t announce it, but because everyone has been so patiently looking forward to this debate, we have released also a 2-hour bonus video of Bp. Sanborn’s follow-up conference on the same topic, the nature of the Catholic Church according to the Second Vatican Council. The bonus video can be found at the end of the Vatican II Ecclesiology Debate Page. This little extra gift is also being offered to make up for the poor quality of the debate video, for which we apologize, but over which we had no control.

So now, enjoy! Watch, think, pray, discuss, argue — and spread the word!

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