Another Endless Text No One Will Read…

Antipope Francis

“Apostolic Exhortation” Evangelii Gaudium
on the Proclamation of the Novus Ordo Gospel

November 24, 2013

Like most of his five predecessors of unhappy memory, it takes Francis a lot of words to express what he wants to say: At 65 printed pages, 288 paragraphs, 217 footnotes, and over 50,000 English words in total, this Post-Synodal “Apostolic Exhortation” is John Paul II on Steroids. The word “Pius” appears as often as the word “sourpusses” (par. 85) — exactly once: a brief and obscure reference to a speech by Pope Pius XI in 1927, in a footnote (n. 174). That’s it. So much for the “hermeneutic of continuity” and the “there’s no break with the past” mantra.

The text is available in sundry languages, of which we make the following two available via links:

Some news/commentary links pertaining to this document:

Meanwhile, the official Vatican Network ( posted this hilarious banner to go with the document:


Behold the joy! No doubt, everyone will want to be Catholic now!

All the Novus Ordo bloggers, pundits, commentators, and professional “Catholics” will be very busy now, “unpacking” for us what Francis is really saying and what it all means. Let them. Novus Ordo Watch has no intention of providing a commentary on this document; for one thing, because we don’t have the resources, but more importantly, because even though right now cyberspace is abuzz with this topic, in 3 weeks no one will even remember the name of the document and something else Francis has said or done will be making the news. The hype over this will be gone before you know it.

Thank God Almighty that at over 50,000 words, practically no one will seriously read this thing. It’s no wonder that the flood of documents emanating from the Vatican II Church has been jokingly referred to as Papelorum Progressio before — a spoof on the name of Antipope Paul VI’s 1967 “encyclical” Populorum Progressio.

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