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Bombshell Announcement…

Rejecting Francis:
Rev. Paul Kramer Becomes Sedevacantist



Update 12/3/13: Rev. Kramer: “Benedict is still Pope!” (click here)

Thank Almighty God for His goodness!

On November 28, 2013, the Feast of St. Catherine Laboure, the Rev. Paul Leonard Kramer announced on his Facebook page that he rejects Francis’ claim to the papacy due to manifest heresy found in his newly-published “Apostolic Exhortation” Evangelii Gaudium. The Rev. Kramer is not unknown among traditionalists in the Vatican II Church. He is editor of the immensely popular book The Devil’s Final Battle and has written for publications such as The Fatima Crusader and appeared at various conferences.

“Fr.” Kramer — a priest ordained in the doubtful rite of Paul VI — posted, among other things, the following on Facebook:


In case the above text-image won’t display on some devices, we are here reproducing it as text-only version. “Fr.” Kramer said:

“Pope” Francis in Evangelii Gaudium n. 247: “We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked”. This text is an explicit profession of heresy, directly opposed to the solemn dogmatic definition of Pope Eugenius III and the Ecumenical Council of Florence, and the doctrine taught by the supreme magisterium of Pope Benedict XIV in Ex Quo Primum, set forth repeatedly and explicitly citing the definition of Florence, to wit, that the Mosaic covenant has been “revoked” and “abrogated”. I have been saying for years that when a “pope” will officially teach explicit and clear heresy flatly contradicting the infallibly defined dogma of the Catholic faith, then you will know that he is the false pope prophecied in many Church approved prophecies and Marian apparitions. St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Alohonsus Liguori, St. Antoninus and Pope Innocent III all teach that when the pope demonstrates himself to be a manifest heretic, i.e. a plainly manifested public heretic, he ceases to be pope (or, if already was a public heretic he was invalidly elected) because he is not a Catholic — not a member of the Catholic Church. Bellarmine explains that the Roman Pontiff is the visible head of the Church, and the head is a member. One who is not a member cannot be the head, and therefore the election to the supreme pontificate of a public heretic is canonically null & void. The heresy of Bergoglio in no. 247 is such a clear cut case of manifest, public heresy, expressed in stark, unequivocal terms, that it can be said without doubt that if this proposition of no. 247 is not manifestly heretical, then nothing else can be said to be so. It is morally impossible that one who manifestly displays such clearly expressed contempt for a defined dogma of faith by plainly denying it, can be believed to validly hold the office of Roman Pontiff. St. Francis of Assisi foretold of the uncanonically elected pope who would not be “a true pastor but a destroyer”. Bergoglio plainly fits the description.


While, of course, Kramer (pictured to the left) still believes the Vatican II Church to be the true Church and Francis’ five predecessors of unhappy memory to have been true and valid Popes, nevertheless this is a gigantic step in the right direction. We commend the Rev. Kramer for taking this (emotionally difficult) step of finally recognizing the undeniable: Jorge Bergoglio cannot be the Pope of the Catholic Church! Let’s finally be done with all the excuse-making and willful blindness; these matters are serious!

For your reference, here is the entire paragraph 247 (as well as the following two paragraphs) of Francis’ 51,000-word mammoth exhortation Evangelii Gaudium:

247. We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked, for “the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable” (Rom 11:29). The Church, which shares with Jews an important part of the sacred Scriptures, looks upon the people of the covenant and their faith as one of the sacred roots of her own Christian identity (cf. Rom 11:16-18). As Christians, we cannot consider Judaism as a foreign religion; nor do we include the Jews among those called to turn from idols and to serve the true God (cf. 1 Thes 1:9). With them, we believe in the one God who acts in history, and with them we accept his revealed word.

248. Dialogue and friendship with the children of Israel are part of the life of Jesus’ disciples. The friendship which has grown between us makes us bitterly and sincerely regret the terrible persecutions which they have endured, and continue to endure, especially those that have involved Christians.

249. God continues to work among the people of the Old Covenant and to bring forth treasures of wisdom which flow from their encounter with his word. For this reason, the Church also is enriched when she receives the values of Judaism. While it is true that certain Christian beliefs are unacceptable to Judaism, and that the Church cannot refrain from proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Messiah, there exists as well a rich complementarity which allows us to read the texts of the Hebrew Scriptures together and to help one another to mine the riches of God’s word. We can also share many ethical convictions and a common concern for justice and the development of peoples.

According to Bergoglio, these three paragraphs describe what supposedly is the Catholic Church’s view of her relations with Judaism. This text is filled with heresy and error, failing to distinguish today’s religion of “Judaism” with the Judaism of the Old Covenant, which ceased with the establishment of the Catholic Church on Pentecost Sunday. It is in the coming of the Messiah and the founding of the True Church that God has remained faithful to His promises, so Francis’ misuse of Sacred Scripture (already perpetrated by John Paul II) to bolster his position is nothing short of sickening.

Today’s Jews are not “the people of the covenant”; their religion, established by Annas and Caiaphas in 33 AD, is a “foreign religion”, it is not the faith of the Catholic Church in any way, nor that of Abraham (cf. Jn 8; Gal 3); and, worshipping a god that is not the Most Holy Trinity, they must turn and convert to the worship of the True God. And it speaks volumes that Francis mentions that “certain Christian beliefs are unacceptable to Judaism,” yet utterly fails to point out that, likewise, certain Jewish beliefs are unacceptable to Christians! Bergoglio’s modus operandi is always the same: Bash Catholics; adulate or exonerate everyone else.

We have tackled the topic of Francis’ judaizing heresy in greater depth in the following important post:

Here is a list of links to documents referenced by “Fr.” Kramer in his Facebook post:

A few months ago we had predicted that there would at some point be those who will agree that Francis is an Antipope but yet believe the last true Pope wasn’t Pius XII but Benedict XVI (Ratzinger). It looks like “Fr.” Kramer is the first one to take this position, at least for now. This is very damaging to the truth inasmuch as it still concedes to the false Vatican II Religion its claim to being the true Catholic Church. Still, we are gladdened that Rev. Kramer has come to accept the obvious facts about Francis and hope and pray that the rest will eventually fall into place.


With this bombshell development, the Rev. Nicholas Gruner (left) — with whom the Rev. Kramer has been associated — and his collaborators at the Fatima Center can now be expected to jump into high gear to attack sedevacantism and sedevacantists. The reason is simple: Gruner’s apostolate can only successfully operate on the premise that Francis is in fact the Pope, as the main goal of their enterprise is the Pope’s consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. If Francis is not the Pope of the Catholic Church, the Fatima Center can pretty much close its doors. This is why in the past we have jokingly referred to the collection of anti-sedevacantist writings by the usual suspects as “Father Gruner Needs a Pope”.

We will brace ourselves, therefore, for a new onslaught of anti-sedevacantist articles (which, we wish to point out, are a lot easier to produce when you’re getting paid to write this stuff because then you have a lot more time at your disposal).

We pray that John Vennari will be the next one to “finally get it” and stop his persistent refusal to face the facts.