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World Youth Day Flash Mob Choreographer “Fly” Posed Nude for Homosexual Magazines

German journalist and Vatican insider Giuseppe Nardi revealed in an article today that the man that invented the popular (but lewd) Flash Mob dance for World Youth Day (which we had already denounced here and also here) has been caught posing nude for Sodomite publications. Only people thoroughly unfamiliar with the moral aberrations and corrupted teachings of the Vatican II Church and its “programs” (such as WYD) could be genuinely surprised at this revelation. The flash mob dance, which ended up being performed by everyone present, including “bishops” and “priests”, is called “Francis” and was created in “honor” of Mr. Jorge Bergoglio, the “Pope” of the Modernist Vatican II Sect.

The following blog post is an English translation from the Nardi article posted at the German site katholisches.info (translation provided by eponymousflower.blogspot.com [with some edits by Novus Ordo Watch]):

(Rio de Janeiro) Fly, who was engaged as a choreographer for the World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, has  posed naked for several gay (aberrosexual) magazines in the past. The flash mob back was organized by him in the dancing, instructions of the choreography of the bishops on the stage and the famous controversial pictures that went around the world with which ecclesiastical authority was held up to ridicule. Fly, since 1986, a professional dancer, is considered a renowned choreographer and has a reputation mainly in Brazil in his field. Nevertheless, the fact raises some questions.

“Every human being deserves respect, no question. But respect is one thing,  a very different of kettle of fish, ” says Francisco de la Cigoña. The Church historian and Catholic blogger thinks so that cherishing and preference goes far beyond what is called respect. “I personally pay tribute to the former, of course, even homosexuals. Of the later, for those who come, for example, to Gay Prides, where some mock the Church attired in Bishop robes and Pope Robes, nothing,” says de la Cigoña.

“Among hundreds of capable choreographers available, you had to choose this one?” asks the Spanish historian. “Must the Church now really bring all Riccas to power? Do they have a lobby or not?

Flash Mob dancing bishops, because it is so “cool”. I find the message of concern. And the bishops are still there dumber than they only stood there,” says la Cigoña, referring to the self-abasement of the flash mob as they followed the instructions of the two choreographers Fly and Glaucia dancing the Francisco Song, the World Youth Day song in honor of the new Pope.

In the ecstatic rapture of World Youth Day participants who reported for the Catholic broadcaster Radio Horeb at Copacabana, everything was “cool” and a “great feeling”. It just sounded like this (found on the website of the radio station):

So, where were we … oh yes, at the vigil yesterday. It was just mega! 2 million (or more) young people on Copacabana beach … all waiting for the Pope … to shorten the waiting time we diligently practiced the flashmob for Papa Francesco. It was really a hit! The song was totally catchy, and the movements eventually passed over into our heart and blood. Most were already at their sleeping places, eating their bagged pilgrimage lunches, etc. – but when the word “FLASHMOB” sounded over the loudspeaker all jumped up and got ready for the joint “Daddy Dance”! Guys, this was sooooooooooo awesome! And the most brilliant thing of the evening was that the bishops – waiting on stage – were invited to participate in the flash mob as well. That was a picture worthy of gods, as the bishops were dancing up there (on our Facebook page, there’s a video of it!).

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

Meanwhile, Francis shouldn’t be too concerned. Fly probably doesn’t count Rosaries, and the youngsters “really felt God” at the Copacabana that week. And besides, who are we to judge?

Image source: katholisches.info (cropped) / katholisches.info
Licenses: fair use / fair use

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