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Novus Ordo Parish Hosts ‘Gay Pride’ Interfaith Prayer Service

A Novus Ordo parish in Syracuse, New York, has hosted a “gay pride” interfaith prayer service:

In the above video, the parish’s “Fr.” Fred Daley, a self-confessed homosexual, speaks about how the mission of the church is to be “welcoming” to all. (He did not cite a Church document or a biblical passage to back up this claim, by the way.) Daley is the pastor of All Saints Novus Ordo parish (perish would be more fitting) in Syracuse, New York. You can verify for yourself that the diocese of Syracuse, headed by the modernist Mr. Robert Cunningham, has All Saints listed as one of its parishes and “Fr. Fred” as the pastor (see here).

The web site of All Saints is also worth taking a look at. Notice in particular the striking absence of any cross or crucifix (the globe with children holding hands is actually a lot more suitable here, since the site or the parish has nothing to do with Our Lord or His Church).

Please note that Mr. Daley is a Novus Ordo priest in full communion with the Vatican II church, no doubt a “Catholic in good standing” (he accepts Vatican II, after all), and has committed this abomination out in the open, in full view of all, with considerable (no pun intended) pride. In his bulletin of June 9, 2013, he announced the event as an “LGBTQ PRIDE INTERFAITH SERVICE”.

Really, no comments are needed here. If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, you’re reading the wrong web site.

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