Francis & the “Gay Lobby” in the Roman Curia

On June 11, a veritable firestorm erupted in the blogosphere when it was made public that Mr. Jorge Bergoglio, the current head of the Vatican II Counter-Church, candidly acknowledged in an audience with religious from Latin America and the Caribbean (“CLAR”) that there is indeed a “stream of corruption” and a “gay lobby” in the Curia. The Roman Curia is the administrative organization of the Vatican and the governing body of the entire church.

Of course, the term “gay lobby” is politically correct and much too soft compared to the stark reality it’s supposed to denote: We are talking here about a number of deviant influential perverts who are hardcore sodomites, seeking to commandeer thoughts, words, and actions in the institution most people in the world today (falsely) believe to be the Roman Catholic Church.


Novus Ordo Watch NEWS DIGEST
June 15, 2013

  • Doctrinal Orthodoxy? No Big Deal for “Pope” Francis – Uh, readers of Novus Ordo Watch knew that one from day one…
  • Opening the Doors to Ridicule – Not everyone who believes Francis is Pope is thrilled with his degradation of the papal office, nor with the neo-conservative, semi-traditionalist Zuhlsdorf-Voris-Gruner spin machine.
  • Same Old Meaningless ’60s Junk: Francis says True Progress is “Trusting the Spirit” – As usual, of course, he stays conveniently vague – gives absolutely no direction as to what this means and how it could be discerned; and in the meantime, he implicitly bashes the Catholic Church until 1958 as being “immature”, fearful, and not trusting in the Holy Ghost.