You can’t make this stuff up:
“Pope” Francis’ Favorite Exorcist is a Lutheran!

“Cardinal” Bergoglio referred people to Lutheran “Exorcist” when Permission from Rome for Exorcism was delayed

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Michael Voris and the “conservative” Novus Ordo spin machine to report on this. While these people are all gung-ho about telling you how often Jorge Bergoglio — “Pope” Francis — mentions the devil in his homilies, the inconvenient part of that truth is that his favorite “exorcist” is Manuel Acuña, a Lutheran “priest” around Buenos Aires. Needless to say, Lutheran clerics are laymen, as they do not possess valid holy orders — but this means also that they are incapable of performing real exorcisms. Bergoglio would refer people to this man for an “exorcism” when permission from Rome to perform an exorcism was delayed (or potentially not given at all). The text below is a translation of an article that appeared in the Argentine local newspaper Diario Popular, which covers the greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area, on March 18, 2013. The translation is our own.

The Story of Pope Francis’ Favorite Exorcist

Manuel Acuña, a Lutheran priest, specializes in spiritual healing and is a personal friend of the Holy Father, who used to refer him each time there were signs of diabolic possession in a person.

Five years ago, Alejandra desperately went to the archbishop’s house in Buenos Aires looking for a solution to what seemed to be evident signs of diabolic possession in his 5-year-old son. She had knocked at the door of several churches but permission from Rome to perform an exorcism still did not come.

She had the opportunity to have a personal meeting outside of any protocol guidance with the man who at that time was Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio – the new pope of the Catholic Church since last Wednesday. The anxious woman was handed a piece of paper with a name and phone number written on it.

It was about Manuel Acuna, the Lutheran priest specialized in spiritual healing and personal friend of the current Holy Father. This was neither the first time something like this happened nor the last, in the long history of exorcisms performed by today’s proud demon-expelling right-hand man of the head of the Vatican.

“He and I are very good friends, the Holy Father is an extraordinary person. We know each other very well and he has a great deal of respect for spiritual healing. Due to his honest interest in anything related to healing, every time we were on the phone, he made time to ask me about this topic and to check on how my activity was being carried on. He is very knowledgeable.” However, Acuna became somewhat enigmatic when asked about diabolic possession cases that came directly from Bergoglio’s office.

“To speak about that would be really compromising for today’s pope.” I love and admire him too much to jeopardize him in the least”, the priest said.

Nonetheless, Alejandra’s case brings details about the protocol that has been followed for years. “I first went to a church in the southern part of town, because it was close to my home. They checked my baby there and about that time he had already been treated by doctors first and then by healers that people recommended to me. Nobody could do anything for my baby. Even doctors told me to go to Church because there was something else”, the woman said.

The boy exhibited a number of characteristics related to demonic possession. One of them was that the boy inexplicably talked in a strange old language, Aramaic. His mother, once convinced of the spiritual help needed for his child, went to the church. Once there, they checked the boy but could not do anything because they needed special permission from the Vatican. The authorization did not arrive and time was passing by in the meantime.

“We went to another church and the same thing happened. The priest told us that they did not have any doubt about the child’s situation but they could not do anything without permission. Somebody recommended I ask to speak to Bergoglio. So I found his whereabouts and went to see him at his office. I did not set up an appointment, I just came by. He kindly received me. It was a short period of time. He looked at some papers I had. He was very understanding. He promised me a quick solution”, Mariana said.

Several days later, I was summoned by phone, and when I returned [to Bergoglio], he gave me the now-famous piece of paper. “I was told to call immediately and that I would find a speedy solution to my problem”, Alejandra said.

The communication was instant, of course, and the solution seemed to appear very quickly. Father Manuel, who attends to cases like this one at his own [Lutheran] “Good Shepherd” parish, received her the very same day. “There were three healings. My son changed profoundly in the first one. Something in his sight had faded away, something sinister in his look that had given me chills. When the exorcism was over, everything changed for us. Our life changed and my son was able to develop a normal life. We will always be thankful to both priests, Bergoglio and Acuna. They were a blessing come our way”, the woman explained.

Besides this story, Father Acuna has more than 200 registered exorcisms. Many of these stories were reflected in these pages during the last years and they went viral. “The friendship with Pope Francis is something to be proud of. I learned so many things from him during all this time. Every word, advice, hug and restraint of his I keep in my heart. I consider myself his son and I am going to put all my effort in making his message and pronouncements spread all over our community. That is the point, to spread the Word of God everywhere”, the priest explained.

“His election was very emotional for me. He did not expect it, but God chose him among his children. It was beautiful when he asked the people to pray for him. Everyone did it and do it. We believe he will unfold an extraordinary papacy, opening the gates of the church to those most in need, to the excluded and the marginalized. It is an honor to share this time with him, and even more as Argentinians. There is a lot to do,” Father Acuna added with a lot of emotion.

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