This is why no one takes them seriously:

Behold the Dancing Church:
“Mass” at Altar Servers’ Day 2012 in Germany

Be sure to watch all the way to the end – for a “special” ending!

This is the “Great Renewal” of the Vatican II Church in action. And they wonder why no one takes them seriously! They can’t understand why they don’t have any vocations! They are shocked that more and more people leave ‘the church’! It’s simple: If this is the church, then it’s not worth belonging to it. If this is the highest act of worship of God, what, pray tell, do the lesser acts of worship look like? If the New Mass offends even people, how much more offensive is it to Almighty God?!

This dancing stuff is not only sinful, sacrilegious, irreverent, immodest, and all that – it is also awfully effeminate. It is girly. It is the product of a feminized culture, a feminized church, a church run by strong women and weak men. No boy, no young man worth his salt will look at this and say to himself, “Yes, this is a noble thing. I want to dedicate my life to the priesthood. I am willing to give up the world for the sake of Christ so I can worship Him more and minister unto His people.” Remember now – this took place in the context of a supposed “Altar Servers’ Day”, so this is where the Novus Ordo church would be looking to foster vocations.

Did you notice the one adolescent in the video who didn’t participate? The one right here (click)? Watch him in the video (1:43-1:50 mark). He’s just standing there as all the others are going nuts around him. This is your normal, sane, healthy 14-year-old young man asking himself what the heck he is doing there. He’s clearly uncomfortable. This is all meaningless to him and though he wants to be in church, he realizes this is poppycock, this can’t be “it”. He’s being taken for a ride, and he knows it. This is your lost vocation right there. This is the man who will later say that he used to be an altar boy but gave up church at some point when it just didn’t seem to do anything for him; when he had questions and they had no answers, when he sought God and they gave him fun; when he wanted to pray and they made him dance instead. He may end up with the conservative Protestants who at least told him about Christ; he may end up with the secularists who oppose all religion; he may end up with the hedonists who seek only carnal pleasure, “for tomorrow we may die.” Or, by the grace of God, he will end up a true Roman Catholic, who realizes that this faithless, sacrilegious buffoonery is not in fact committed by the true Catholic Church, but by the modernist Vatican II Sect, the false church of darkness that has eclipsed the true Church since 1958. Please God – for this we pray: Bless our children; bless all of good will, that they may see, so they will not be lost forever!

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