The Scandal of Ecumenism

Muslim Convert Baptized by Ratzinger Quits Novus Ordo Church over Modernism

It was bound to happen before long: A prominent convert from Islam who was once baptized by “Pope” Benedict XVI in St. Peter’s Basilica and received into what he thought was the Catholic Church, has now abandoned the Novus Ordo Sect and embraced some kind of generic Protestantism. Magdi Cristiano Allam could no longer take the Vatican II nonsense about Islam as worshipping the true God and being a religion of peace, and the Modernists’ failure to seek the conversion of Muslims:

Anyone in the Vatican II Sect who takes his faith seriously and believes it to be the Roman Catholic Faith, soon finds out that he’s “more Catholic than the Pope” — and that’s because the “Pope” isn’t a Catholic at all.


Allam is simply the latest victim of the theological junkyard of the Modernist church. Though Allam (falsely) thinks Benedict XVI was a “conservative”, the “final straw” for him was the election of Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio as “Pope” Francis. “The thing that drove me away from the Church more than any other factor was religious relativism, in particular the legitimisation of Islam as a true religion,” Allam says.This sad case of Mr. Allam is the proof in the pudding — not that such should still be needed at this point — that what ecumenism and interreligious dialogue do is harmful to Catholicism and ultimately leads to relativism, indifferentism, syncretism, and apostasy, just as Traditional Catholics have long been saying. Just recently, Benedict XVI admitted, “Dialogue does not aim at conversion…” (Address of “His Holiness” to the Roman Curia, Dec. 21, 2012).

Pray for Mr. Allam, that he may find the True Faith in the True Roman Catholic Church! And pray for the apostate Vatican II monsters who have caused this scandal: “For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh” (Matthew 18:7).

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