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May 24, 2024

Australian Novus Ordo bishops approve ‘Mass of the Land of the Holy Spirit’

‘Pope’ Francis’ interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes: A classic exercise in Modernist deception. Plus: George Weigel put together some questions the interviewer should have asked.

Consider yourself warned: Francis asks laity to prepare for Synod’s ‘prophetic’ stage. And if that doesn’t give him what he wants, why he may just overrule it!

Nothing to see here, just a Jesuit-run church in Georgia promoting a transgender movie and a pro-LGBT retreat in its parish bulletin.

Fernandez makes it possible: Vatican overturns own decision, now approves of appointment of heterodox seminary dean. It’s only fair, considering the Vatican has since basically embraced the very theology over which the dean’s appointment had been refused.

Can you guess who’s calling for a “global financial charter” by 2025 on account of “climate change” and “ecological debt”?

Who will apologize now? After 85 burned churches and a ‘papal’ apology tour, still no mass graves in Canada found. Francis won’t mind — if gave him a perfect opportunity to humiliate the Church!

Brave presbyter tries to defend what he believes is the Holy Eucharist: “A priest in Florida bit the forearm of a woman he says was desecrating the Eucharist in a Communion line at church this past Sunday and has now been charged with one count of battery.”

Thank heavens, ‘Cardinal’ Kasper has the solution: The Church needs more leadership from the laity!

Profound Francis tells managers and staff of Italian TV/radio to counter “cognitive pollution, because information too must be ‘ecological’, that is, human”. Plus: “True communication is always a surprise, it surprises you!”

“Our dialogue helped us to encounter the sacred mystery of each other…”: Final Statement of the Third ‘Christian-Taoist’ Colloquium.

Polygamous Man Weds First Wife in Church as ‘Second Wife’ Watched. Hey, after Amoris Laetitia, who’s going to tell a man of ‘infinite dignity’ he can’t?

Whoa, who could have seen that coming? After Francis made drive-thru annulments possible in 2015, now the number of marriage annulment applications in the Vatican has risen sharply! But then, for some there aren’t enough annulments yet! Meanwhile… how about recognizing some Orthodox divorces?!

Vatican II ecclesiology on full display: Francis lauds “faith” of deceased Bulgarian Orthodox patriarch, suggests he was part of and served “the Church”, “the Body of Christ on earth”, claims we may have “hope” of his salvation. Pope Pius IX condemned “a very grave error entrapping some Catholics who believe that it is possible to arrive at eternal salvation although living in error and alienated from the true faith and Catholic unity” (Encyclical Quanto Conficiamur, n. 7).

German Novus Ordo bishop says nation’s law tolerating abortion up to 12 weeks is a ‘viable compromise’ — “despite about 100,000 abortions being carried out yearly.” Come on, ‘Cardinal’ Marx says it contributed to peace, okay?! Just not so much for the babies…

Archdiocese of New Orleans suspected of child sex trafficking, warrant shows. Wait, what?!

Judas Church: Catholic Answers’ Jimmy Akin is the latest to have ‘hope’ for the salvation of the ‘Son of Perdition’… Against the clear Scriptural evidence, he uses false popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI — brilliant! And he claims that Judas’ return of the money indicates a “sincere repentance”. Even just a quick look at the Haydock commentary on Mt 27:3 refutes this error: “Although Judas conceived a horror at his crime, and confessed it, and made satisfaction to a certain degree by restoring the money, still many essential conditions were wanting to his repentance: 1. faith in Christ, as God, as a redeemer, as the sole justifier from sin; 2. besides this, there was also wanting hopes of pardon, as in Cain, and a love of a much injured and much offended God. Hence his grief was unavailing, like that of the damned. If Judas, says an ancient Father, had had recourse to sincere repentance, and not to the halter, there was mercy in store even for the traitor.”

Now that they’re basically in theological agreement with him: Vatican backtracks, approves pro-homosexual priest as theology dean at Italian college.

Before and after Vatican II: Seminary training compared.

Woman belts out Sinatra song New York, New York before tabernacle at Novus Ordo church. Come on, this could have been a lot worse! She could have sung The Age of Aquarius….

Hilarious! A Novus Ordo archbishop who, per Vatican II, believes Protestants are part of the Mystical Body of Christ, warns of prelates who criticize Francis as being a threat to Church ‘unity’!

Good luck with that: Novus Ordo priest in Australia begs Novus Ordo bishops to ask Francis to withdraw blessings for homosexual ‘couples’.

How many bad arguments against Sedevacantism can one pack into a mere two paragraphs? Trent Horn from Catholic Answers clearly leads the way! Embarrassing!

Germany now a ‘mission country,’ the chief Novus Ordo bishop of the country boasts “laments”. Hey, they did all they could to make it happen! Case in point: ‘Bishop’ Meier’s attitude undermines all credibility.

More estrogen, please: How Francis is looking at ways to feminize the Church.

The Vatican apostate-in-chief reclaims title “Patriarch of the West” — presumably because in today’s ecumenical context it “puts him on the same level in ecumenical dialogue as the Patriarch of Constantinople and other patriarchs of those churches in the East that do not recognise the Pope as the universal head of the Church, but as their equal.”

For his 2025 Jubilee Year, Bergoglio suddenly remembers the importance of indulgences

Look who’s in good standing with the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

German Novus Ordo bishops appoint Ludger Schepers, auxiliary of Essen diocese, “first commissioner for queer pastoral care”. No doubt, he is a really good fit: Not only does he commission “13 female ‘deacons in the spirit’”, he also attacks the reality of there being only two sexes.

‘Pope’ Francis wants to know why he’s not in prison. That is a really good question!

An Indonesian Novus Ordo bishop knows that “climate change” is behind a recent natural calamity in the region.

Perhaps to compare notes? Scandal-plagued ‘Cardinal’ Coccopalmerio calls for ‘permanent’ Catholic-Freemason dialogue at ‘historic’ joint event in Milan. Plus: Don’t be fooled by the Vatican’s doublespeak on Masonry!

Oh, joy! ‘Cross of Joy’ for World Children’s Day in Rome unveiled

No triumphalism, please: ‘Cardinal’ Dolan equates Easter with Ramadan, Passover, says all are about ‘triumph of light and life’.

Oh no, not again: New Francis book details ‘15 Essential Habits for Living with Hope and Joy’. Remember when he gave 10 tips for a happy life, back in 2014? Not a single one of them had anything to do with God or religion.

More than a dozen American Novus Ordo bishops attend secretive pro-transgender conference organized by heretical New Ways Ministry, which blasphemously calls St. Joseph the patron saint of “queer unions”!

We briefly interrupt this news digest to bring you… the ‘Twirling Priest’ from Poland!

Would it surprise you to find out that not only does Francis have a blasphemous painting of Christ caressing the suicided Judas Isacriot in his study, he also has a magnified detail shot of it hanging right above it?

The Synodal Pope: New book lays bare the historical reasons for Francis’ subversive pontificate. (Note: Author is not sedevacantist.)

You can’t make this stuff up: Italian diocese plants trees in reparation for World Youth Day pollution. Got to fight that ‘climate anxiety’, you see!

Vatican ‘Cardinal’ Mario Grech sets out vision for ‘rainbow’ synodal Church: “In the Church of listening, the bishops feel the people of God, and Peter also needs to listen. …I always imagine the Church as a rainbow, with the colors that are not excluded but, together, create harmony.” It’s hard to believe, but ‘Cardinal’ Grech is an adult.

Relax, everyone: The Vatican pharmacy has its own line of biblical perfumes. Somehow ‘smell of the sheep’ is missing, though…

Bergoglio the Unpredictable: “The Jesuit pope continues to cause surprise through words and deeds, cultivating the image of an unpredictable man.”

Sickening: Electric Church defiles churches in Austria, and ‘conservative’ Cistercian ‘Fr.’ Karl Wallner is excited about it!

That poor church for the poor: This handy guide shows which U.S. dioceses have declared bankruptcy. Meanwhile in Rome: Looks like the Vatican is facing a class-action labor lawsuit by its own employees over poor (ha!) working conditions and insufficient pay.

Before indigenous people at Vatican, Francis calls for conversionecological conversion, of course!

Transsexual nutcase Dylan Mulvaney speaks at Jesuit St. Louis University.

Modernist ‘Fr.’ Tom Reese: “It is time for the church to tell priests to stop broadcasting the Eucharist. …[A] fully remote Eucharist would be counter to the church’s communal view of the Eucharist. It would see the Eucharist not as a communal meal but as individualistic nourishment. … The church has a history of doing stupid things with the Eucharist. For centuries, the Eucharist was celebrated in a language the people did not understand. For centuries, people were told to adore the consecrated bread but not to eat it.” Reese has stated openly that he does not believe in Transubstantiation. He is also on record blasphemously claiming that “Jesus was wrong”.

A Proto-Bergoglio, but validly ordained: Eternal Detroit auxiliary bishop Thomas Gumbleton called to judgment at 94. (Guess who thought he was a “good shepherd”!)

It’s true, relations between liberal U.S. nuns and Vatican have changed radically. Under Bergoglio, the Vatican now shares the same ideology.

If this doesn’t get them what they want…: German laywomen demand ‘female deacons’ at cathedral liturgy with clown dance.

Who knew? Turns out ‘Fr.’ James Martin believes in hell! He just doesn’t believe that the sin which the city of Sodom was destroyed for was the sin of sodomy. No wonder the poor fellow is so ‘persecuted’!

Church of Darkness: Vatican again turns off lights for ‘Earth Hour’.

Is the Antichrist looming? Plan to slaughter red heifer in Jerusalem linked to rebuilding the Temple, could herald the Antichrist.

False opposition leader ‘Bp.’ Athanasius Schneider set to publish new book, Flee From Heresy. He just doesn’t want you to flee from the heretics, eh?! He wants you to remain in communion with them! And he’s still promoting the falsehood, denounced by Pope Pius IX himself (in Quartus Supra, n. 16), that Pope Liberius excommunicated St. Athanasius!

“Change looms on the horizon for the American hierarchy”: Francis is stalling U.S. episcopal appointments for a reason!

Worshipping Gaia: ‘Pope’ Francis vs. Saint Francis of Assisi. Okay, but what about that indigenous ‘ancestral wisdom’ to fight the changing weather?

New study suggests rampant ‘cafeteria Catholicism’. Of course, and Francis is the one with the least on his plate…

The ‘New Springtime’ in full bloom: Italy faces catastrophic collapse of Novus Ordo faith as ‘Mass’ attendance falls to 10% or below. One explanation would be that a number of Romans have now returned to paganism (hey, Francis told them to remain attached to their roots!), indeed to idols, seers, and sorcerers. Meanwhile in Germany, former Catholic churches are demolished or repurposed. Meanwhile in London, ‘Cardinal’ Nichols successfully protects his people from the Latin Mass Easter Triduum. The Great Apostasy is coming to pass, just as the Catholic Faith says will happen before the Second Coming.

It wasn’t Shamanism! Wisconsin Novus Ordo bishop accuses ‘Abp.’ Carlo Viganò of defamation.

Lord of the rings: Look at who — or rather, what — was the ring bearer in this Novus Ordo wedding

Indonesia, Singapore, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea: ‘Pope’ Francis announces he will blast tons more carbon into the air later this year — before harping on the importance of reducing CO2 emissions again.

No surprise there: New Vatican DDF head, Victor Manuel Fernandez, values dialogue with Jews.

Sickening abuse scandal in SSPX: Fr. Arnaud Rostand, U.S. district superior from 2008-2014, admits to years of sexual misconduct with minors. (Former SSPX supporter Louie Verrecchio has some scating commentary on that!)

So meaningful and welcoming: The ugly double-silo church of Terranuova Bracciolini, or whatever that is.

Will they never learn it? Some indult trads are still looking for a permanent traditional side altar in the Modernist cathedral…

Francis’ double tongue praises Pope St. Pius X again, but is anyone really fooled at this point? (Flashback 2015: Francis claims he has ‘strong devotion’ to Saint Pius X)

Substantial exposé by English journalist Damian Thompson: “The scandals haunting Pope Francis: Scheming cardinals are sharpening their knives.”

Novus Ordo priest ‘Very Jerry’ Kaywell restored to ministry after abuse accusations retracted. That’s THIS fellow, if you recall.

Good-bye, ecumenism? Russian Orthodox Church issues formal document condemning Vatican’s Fiducia Supplicans.

“The Pope of Disappointments”: For the über-Modernists in Germany, the Frankster just isn’t Modernist enough!

What do you know? Novus Ordo cardinal ‘gets younger’ — and remains eligible to vote in conclave a bit longer.

Now that they’ve overturned 2000 years of Catholicism, Francis’ right-hand man, ‘Cardinal’ Parolin, declares: There’s no turning back from the changes!

You’ve seen enough dancing Novus Ordo priests, so you really don’t need to click here.

Realistic anticipation of his speedy, visible corruption? Francis says he doesn’t want an open casket for his wake. Smart, considering how bad he will no doubt look….

Meet the ‘Catholic priest’ who fasts for Ramadan. Probably doesn’t have a clue as to what an Ember Day is, though!

Not woke enough: Austrian ‘Catholic theologian’ accuses Vatican II Church of “gender backwardness”.

In the diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, they might have a woman pretending to be a male hermit, but at least no net carbon emissions by 2030!

On the flip side, in the United States, almost all Novus Ordo women’s colleges admit men if they claim they’re women.

Public outrage forces ‘Cardinal’ Schönborn to stop latest blasphemous installation in Vienna cathedral.

Last summer, the German archdiocese of Munich celebrated an ‘ecumenical requiem’ for a melting glacier — with a female Protestant ‘pastor’, of course, to round out the insanity.

The ‘Rocking Abbot’ is dead: Notker Wolf, erstwhile head of the Benedictine order, dies in Germany. He was known for playing the electric guitar, as can be seen here as he joins Feedback in playing ‘Highway to Hell’.

Spanish ‘rocker priest’ dies after his vestments catch fire at the Easter Vigil in an attempt to protect nuns.

Swiss Novus Ordo bishop Vitus Huonder, a friend of the SSPX, died on April 3. His successor in Chur, Joseph Bonnemain, was the only one attending the funeral conducted by the SSPX. His will was to be buried next to Abp. Marcel Lefebvre, declared excommunicated by the Vatican II Church in 1988.

Just the facts: New study shows changes in the U.S. Novus Ordo Church over past 50 years.

Vaticanist Loup Besmond de Senneville has some tips on how to keep a job in the Roman Curia.

After son’s abuse by a cleric, Louisiana deacon and family join Anglican Church, incurring excommunication. The Pillar on why this is a “canonical ‘hard case'”.

A Retreat Into Modernism: The Cursillo Movement Exposed.

Mgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton’s masterful work The Concept of Sacred Theology is now available in Spanish[#CommissionLink] — as is his marvelous 1958 book The Catholic Church and Salvation.

Another Villain of Vatican II: The malevolent influence of Fr. Henri Nouwen (1932-1996).

Fascinating! Catholic Crusader Films utterly destroys the Dimond Brothers on their claim that some of the world’s top magicians accomplish their tricks using the power of demons.

Sermon Series on The Present Crisis in the Church: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 – by Fr. Michael DeSaye.

Quick reality check for recognize-and-resist: St. Paul did not say, “Accept what is true in a new Gospel and reject what is false.”

A writer investigates the sudden demise of the ‘Manualist tradition’, and who was behind it.

Don’t believe the claims that an Austrian Novus Ordo priest played fashion model by presenting himself in a cassock walking the catwalk. It was a Novus Ordo bishop!

Artificial intelligence meets Novus Ordo apologetics: Catholic Answers’ ‘Father Justin’ interactive app turns into fiasco as ‘digital priest’ gives wrong answers and pretends to absolve from sins… It’s just not a good idea! Catholic Answers quickly pulled the plug on ‘Father’ and ‘laicized’ their app, so it’s only ‘Justin’ for now…

Ecclesiastical eclipse: A Novus Ordo Watch tweet made it into a story of the notorious National [Anti-]Catholic Reporter.

One of our theological opponents, the Rev. John Hunwicke, died April 30. Obviously, we hope and pray he died in the state of sanctifying grace.

Eric Ybarra explains why he is no longer affiliated with Michael Lofton’s Reason & Theology.

Surely Divine Providence was at work when St. Robert Bellarmine was declared a Doctor of the Church.

More Divine Poetry: Dominic Caggeso interviewed by Catholic Crusader Films. And here’s a tidbit of his: “The Novus Ordo, the Abomination of Desolation, and the Prophet Daniel.”

An important reminder: Preach the Gospel Always, Use Insults if Necessary.

Video: A new and astonishing phenomenon has been detected on the Shroud of Turin. “It looks like the Shroud of Turin isn’t a photograph, but rather a movie that shows Christ’s first breath, movement of the Resurrection” (Mr. Zuhlsdorf).

That supposed Catechism of the Seven Sacraments: How a ‘Lego Catechism’ degrades the holy Catholic Faith.

Divine mercy or diabolical farce? The truth about the dangerous ‘Divine Mercy’ devotion.

S.D. Wright and M.J. McCusker explain why the Conciliar-Synodal Church is not the Catholic Church. Furthermore, they have issued an Open Letter to Latin Mass Catholics and point out that Divine Faith does not admit of ‘falsification events’ for Catholicism, as many people seem to believe.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski of Sister Lucy Truth responds to the Fatima Center‘s recent recognition of a False Sister Lucy after Vatican II.

The Pillar presents an interesting history of ‘official’ American Scripture translations.

Louie Verrecchio issues an important correction regarding the ‘infallible safety’ of the Church’s magisterium, blogs on Zionism, Neo-Conservatism, and Conciliarism, and presents a Catholic view of Israel and the Jews.

Fr. Thomas Ojeka explains why traditional Catholicism is not simply a ‘Latin-Mass-ism’.

And Bishop Donald Sanborn hits it out of the park with his riveting Lenten sermon, “Followers of God” and his magnificent Easter sermon, “All Things Changed for Humanity”.

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