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The Fatima Center Agrees: After Vatican II, the Public ‘Sister Lucy’ Was Not the Real Fatima Seer

Big news out of Canada: The Fatima Center, the organization founded by ‘Fr.’ Nicholas Gruner for promoting devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and spreading her message, is now officially acknowledging that the oldest of the three seers, Sister Lucia dos Santos, was replaced by an impostor from 1967 onwards, at least in the few public appearances she made.

This announcement was published in a pinned comment by the Fatima Center‘s YouTube channel underneath/beside a video clip that is an extract from a presentation on this very topic by David Rodríguez, the Center‘s content director:

In case the image won’t display, here is the text of the announcement:

The Fatima Center’s position is that it has been established with reasonable certainty that the woman presenting herself as Sister Lucia in all known public photos from 1967 onward was not the true Lucia. In the above excerpt of his presentation on this subject, Mr. Rodriguez discusses the notion of a dead-and-gone Sister Lucia as of 1967, as opposed to the contention (our belief) that the true Sister Lucia remained alive for some decades even while the imposter of the post-1967 photos was active.

This topic is also the focus of the Spring 2024 issue of their magazine, The Fatima Crusader (no. 132).

The talk Mr. Rodriguez gave, entitled “A False Sister Lucia?”, was presented at a conference the Fatima Center hosted in Dallas, Texas, from Feb. 9-11, 2024. The full video of the presentation can be found on Rumble, at this link. The clip below is a 9-minute excerpt from it:

The Fatima Center‘s new position vindicates the tireless work of Sister Lucy Truth, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Peter Chojnowski to investigate whether the ‘Sr. Lucy’ woman after Vatican II could possibly be the same individual to whom Our Lady appeared at Fatima in 1917.

To be clear: The Fatima Center is not sedevacantist, and nobody is claiming that they now agree with every finding of Sister Lucy Truth. All that is being said is that they have now, for the first time ever, stated that they believe that the woman publicly shown in 1967 and after (until her reported death in 2005), is not the actual Sr. Lucia of Fatima.

By publicly acknowledging this, the Fatima Center is rendering a great service to the cause of truth, and despite our theological differences, we applaud them for it.

Image source: composite with elements from Rumble and Fatima Center
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