Approved by ‘Pope’ Francis…

Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith

Declaration Dignitas Infinita
on Human Dignity

April 2, 2024

The Vatican’s text factory has just released another ‘magisterial’ document: Jorge Bergoglio (a.k.a. ‘Pope Francis’) has approved the publication of another declaration issued by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF). It bears the name Dignitas Infinita (“Infinite Dignity”) and concerns itself with the topic of human dignity, specifically in view of various moral issues of our time. The last declaration issued by the DDF was Fiducia Supplicans, which permitted the administering of blessings on same-sex ‘couples’.

Dignitas Infinita, published on April 8 but dated April 2, 2024, is surprisingly short, at least judging by Bergoglian standards. In its English version, Dignitas Infinita comes in at a measly 11,730 words. It is divided into 66 numbered paragraphs, with a total of 116 footnotes. Not surprisingly, most of the footnotes reference the magisterium of the Vatican II Church. The body of the declaration is preceded by a 908-word preface of sorts, which, like the full text, was written by DDF prefect ‘Cardinal’ Victor Manuel Fernandez.

The word “sin” appears exactly twice in Dignitas Infinita, and in the following context: “In light of this, one can understand how sin can wound and obscure human dignity, as it is an act contrary to that dignity; yet, sin can never cancel the fact that the human being is created in the image and likeness of God” (par. 22).

So far, the Vatican has made the text of Dignitas Infinita available in the following languages:

The following is a list of links with initial coverage, summaries, and commentary on Dignitas Infinita by various sources:

Some background on the document can be found in the following links:

The full Vatican press conference introducing Dignitas Infinita can be watched here (Italian):

Written information regarding the press conference is also available:

We have run the text of Dignitas Infinita through a word count engine. According to it, the most frequently used keywords in the text are the following, together with the number of mentions:

  • dignity (237)
  • human (201)
  • person (87)
  • God (42)
  • life (40)

For more information about the man who falsely claims to be the Pope of the Catholic Church (‘Pope Francis’), please see our topical page here.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
License: CC BY-SA 3.0

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