The ‘Fun Church’ tries to be relevant again…

Let us Chill: ‘Catholic’ Church in Munich encourages People to Relax in Lounge Chairs around Sanctuary

Image: Robert Kiderle (Facebook/fair use)

In the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Germany, the ‘Catholic’ Church is once again trying to be incredibly relevant to contemporary, secularist man.

To that end, the Modernists currently occupying the gorgeous late 19th-century church of St. Ursula in Munich’s Schwabing borough have decided to put out some lounge chairs and beach towels right in front of the sanctuary “worship space” so people can come to church to take a little break from the daily hustle and especially the incredible summer heat that is allegedly sweeping Europe.

They have proudly posted photos on their Facebook page. One of them is displayed above. Here is another one:

Image: Robert Kiderle (Facebook/fair use)

An additional attractive feature at St. Ursula’s is a drinking water dispenser that has just been put up in the vestibule. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but although this may not be an uncommon sight in the U.S., it is in Germany. A note from the pastor on the parish web site explains that it is important to drink a lot on hot days. So helpful!

The following video shows how beautiful this traditional Catholic church building is, inside and out (minus whatever was wrecked by the Modernists):

Now a printed sign reads: “Welcome to Open Church. We’re glad you’re here. Here inside the church you can treat yourself to a little downtime. We invite you go up to the front using the center aisle and enjoy the lounge chairs for a moment.” As older generations might remember, Catholic churches are actually meant to be sacred places dedicated exclusively to the worship of God. Of course that was before the ‘Great Renewal’ of Vatican II.

This incredibly relevant project does have a name, by the way, and we couldn’t have parodied it better: “cool church” (Coole Kirche):

You can’t make this stuff up!

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