Special audience for artists includes notorious blasphemer…

Francis receives Andres Serrano, whose ‘Art’ includes Crucifix submerged in Urine

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a difficult post to write and read because the matter is so serious. It is difficult to keep one’s composure as we must report on some extremely disgusting and abominable facts.

On June 23, 2023, ‘Pope’ Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) welcomed 200 artists to the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel for a special audience. Not surprisingly, he blathered a number of inanities at them — he spoke of “eyes that dream” and “the human dimension of humanity”, for example — but that’s not the big story this time.

Rather, the big story is that among the artists was the infamous American photographer Andres Serrano (b. 1950).

The ‘work’ of Andres Serrano is so abominable and disgusting that we will not go into details about it here, except to mention just a few general things. Information about the man and his ‘work’ is readily available on the internet.

According to Wikipedia, Serrano “was raised a strict Roman Catholic”, something which only serves to aggravate his public blasphemies further.

Serrano’s most notorious ‘work’ was the photo of a crucifix submerged in his own urine. That was released in 1987, and it bears a blasphemous title, which we will not repeat here.

Wikipedia writes of Serrano: “His work, often considered transgressive art, includes photos of corpses and uses feces and bodily fluids.” The web site ArtNet gets even more precise, noting that aside from blood and milk, the “bodily fluids” Serrano uses also include the kind used to generate offspring, and he uses them “in conjunction with sacred iconography”.

Serrano’s ‘work’ appears to rival that of Leon Ferrari (1920-2013), another God-hating monster who reveled in creating horrendously offensive art, right under ‘Cardinal’ Bergoglio’s nose in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As ‘archbishop’ there in 2004, Bergoglio advised to respond to Ferrari’s blasphemies “with tenderness”, a familiar theme.

Both Novus Ordo and secular news media have taken notice of Serrano’s invitation to the ‘papal’ audience:

Here is a quick summary of the audience by Rome Reports, followed by the full audience video published by Vatican Media:

At the very end of the Vatican-provided video footage (24:26 min mark), Francis is seen shaking hands with Serrano in a chummy manner, as he places his left hand over their hands and even gives the blasphemer a thumbs-up:

According to the Associated Press report by Nicole Winfield, Serrano “said he was surprised to have even been invited and thrilled when he went up to greet Francis at the end of the audience. He said he introduced himself in Spanish, asked Francis for a blessing, and the Argentine pope playfully slapped his wrist and gave him a thumbs up.”

How utterly sickening!

The Vatican, by the way, is by no means unaware of who Serrano is. According to Winfield’s article, “Bishop” Paul Tighe “said the inclusion of even provocative artists was evidence of the Vatican’s desire to enter into dialogue with contemporary culture.” Tighe is the Secretary of the so-called Pontifical Council for Culture. He serves under “Cardinal” José Tolentino Calaça de Mendonça. Both of these men were appointed by Francis, of course.

Despite this, some will quickly rally to Bergoglio’s defense and say that the poor ‘Holy Father’ himself did not know who Serrano is or what he is known for. While that is extremely unlikely, let us concede it is perhaps possible. However, in that case Bergoglio would now be obliged to do four things: first, publicly disavow Serrano and his evil works; second, fire the leadership of his ‘Culture’ council for including Serrano in this group of artists; third, issue the most profound apology the world has ever seen, explaining how this catastrophic lapse in basic decency was able to occur and what steps are being taken to prevent it in the future; fourth, make some kind of public reparation for the immense scandal caused.

Obviously, none of this will occur, because Bergoglio doesn’t care about blasphemy — unless it consists, in his mind, of hitting a woman.

As ‘Pope’ (head of the Vatican II Church), Francis has a history of receiving unsavory characters at the Vatican, such as abortionist Emma Bonino and activist Hebe de Bonafini. When he visited Bolivia in 2015, he had no problem accepting a sculpture from the Marxist president showing Christ crucified on a hammer and sickle, the emblems of Communism.

Let us make reparation for blasphemy by praying the Litany to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Image sources: YouTube – Vatican Media (screenshots)
Licenses: fair use

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