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Why would Anybody be a Sedevacantist?!

Despite over seven years of the walking disaster that is Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”), there are still people in the world who seriously wonder why anybody would be a sedevacantist; and decades of misinformation (usually propagated by critics of the position) and poor education (often due to scarce resources) certainly haven’t helped things.

Novus Ordo Watch tries to offer a much-needed corrective to this lamentable state of affairs, and in that spirit we would like to draw everyone’s attention to the following video interview with the well-known sedevacantist priest Fr. Anthony Cekada, who passed away just last month.

Produced by True Restoration in 2011, it is a calm and insightful conversation in which Fr. Cekada explains very simply why only the sedevacantist position is the truly Catholic position to take with regard to the Vatican II Church and the apostasy it has engendered, and how we can know this for certain. As a former member of the Novus Ordo Church and also the Society of St. Pius X, Father narrates his own personal conversion from his original “conservative Novus Ordo” position all the way to Sedevacantism. He also addresses many common questions and objections, including:

  • All will be fine if we’re only loyal to the “Holy Father”
  • If Vatican II is interpreted in light of Tradition, there is no problem
  • It’s safer to just “recognize and resist” the Vatican II Popes
  • We can’t judge the Pope, but we can resist errors and heresy
  • St. Paul resisted St. Peter, he didn’t declare him a non-Pope
  • A bad father is still a father, so a bad Pope is still Pope
  • We will have to wait for a future Pope to decide the sede vacante issue
  • So then why don’t you just have a conclave and elect a new Pope?
  • If you can’t have a conclave, how will you ever have a true Pope again?
  • What about Fatima? Our Lady said the Holy Father would consecrate Russia!

Be sure to watch this video, because even if you don’t agree, at least you will understand Sedevacantism and why more and more people are beginning to embrace it.

Recorded before Francis’ 2013 election, the video has the advantage of making the case for Sedevacantism apart from any of Bergoglio’s shenanigans. Many people labor under the very erroneous notion that the trouble didn’t really start until Francis came along, but nothing could be further from the truth.

For more — much more — information about Sedevacantism and how to refute a myriad of objections and supposed refutations, please see our topical page on Sedevacantism here.

And please say a Hail Mary for the repose of Father’s soul.

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