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Our series continues…

An Introduction to Sedevacantism

Part II: Vatican II’s Teaching on False Religions as Means of Salvation

Last August, we began a video series introducing newcomers to Sedevacantism in a way that is easy to follow, provides airtight argumentation, and does not overwhelm.

The first part of the series put before the viewer the Second Vatican Council’s new doctrine on the Church (ecclesiology), according to which the Church of Jesus Christ no longer is the Catholic Church, as taught by Pope Pius XII and all of his predecessors, but instead now “subsists in” it. Those who have not yet seen this first part or would like to view it again, may do so at this link:

Today we are releasing our second part in the series, which focuses on Vatican II’s heretical teaching that God uses false religions as means of salvation. The council blasphemously asserted:

It follows that the separated Churches and Communities as such, though we believe them to be deficient in some respects, have been by no means deprived of significance and importance in the mystery of salvation. For the Spirit of Christ has not refrained from using them as means of salvation which derive their efficacy from the very fullness of grace and truth entrusted to the Church.

(Second Vatican Council, Decree Unitatis Redintegratio, n. 3)

To laud a false religion for being able, for example, to administer valid baptism because it has stolen this sacrament from the Catholic Church, is despicable, and certainly not something the true Catholic Church could ever do. Even in such a scenario, of course, God does not use the false religion — in itself a means of damnation — as a means of salvation, He merely tolerates the false religion’s illicit use of a Catholic sacrament. This makes any involvement of the false religion accidental at best.

Here is our second video:

As in the first installment, so too in this second part we do not simply rely on our own interpretation of Vatican II but cite the Novus Ordo Sect’s own theological authorities to explain what the council means. Considering that the post-conciliar church has continually acted as though Protestants did not need to renounce their errors and become Catholics to be saved — as Francis recently did quite vividly by insisting that converting heretics is a “grave sin against ecumenism” — this underscores further that we are understanding the doctrine of the council correctly, for the Novus Ordo Sect obviously acts in accordance with its own teachings. Indeed, the preacher of the “papal” household, Capuchin Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, has even gone on record blasphemously claiming that false religions “are not merely tolerated by God … but positively willed by Him as an expression of the inexhaustible richness of His grace and His will for everyone to be saved” (Sermon of March 29, 2002; English taken from here)!

We hope that our Introduction to Sedevacantism series will be helpful to many. Be sure to share it with friends and family, co-workers and fellow-parishioners. Ask them for their opinion of the video — that’s always a good conversation starter.

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