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March 22, 2023

It’s Lent, but this Pentecost dance will surely cheer you up!

March 13 of this year marked 10 Years of “Pope Francis”! Here’s how it started. And here’s how it’s going. By the way, what’s that mysterious box under his robe?

Intrepid Archlayman of Cincinnati moves to protect his flock from ad orientem worship.

Vatican “Cardinal” Arthur Roche candidly admits that the suppression of the Traditional Latin Mass is ultimately about doctrine — the true Roman Mass simply doesn’t fit into the Vatican II religion.

Hubby wants to be a hubby? 84-year-0ld Novus Ordo bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany, NY, wants to be laicized, allegedly so he can get married.

After sermon mildly critical of woke LGBTi+XYZ garbage: German Benedictine monk under investigation for suspicion of Catholicism. (More on that here.) Meanwhile, this disgraceful French presbyter gets a slap on his limp wrist at most. And of course Hellboy James Martin got another “papal” endorsement.

Face-palm alert: Jimmy Akin of [Non-]Catholic Answers predicts Benedict XVI will one day be declared a saint because ‘papal’ holiness is just “the fashion” these days!

Shocking only for those who don’t know the real Bergoglio: Francis shocks Barcelona seminarians with sexual expletives. Maybe he just needs some more “good vibes”!

“Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of Francis”The Remnant now suggests praying against their incredibly valid “Pope”.

It’s Lent, after all: Environmentalist Vatican encourages people to “fast” from fossil fuels. As long as it’s for the planet and not for eternity!

“Creating a poor church for the poor” update: $5.4 million altar for World Youth Day generates controversy in Portugal. Oh yeah, and ‘Abp.’ Vincenzo Paglia should help, too. Meanwhile, the Vatican Mall next to St. Peter’s Square is now open!

Just stunning: New look for Melbourne Archdiocese Novus Ordo schools.

“Nothing But the Truth”, at least supposedly: Benedict XVI’s long-time secretary Georg Gänswein publishes explosive memoir. Rorate Caeli publishes translation of the pages on Traditionis Custodes….

Meet ‘Fr.’ Bruce Wilkinson of Atlanta. He celebrates Kwanzaa, and if you object, you’re probably a white supremacist! But wait a minute… what about Hanukkah?!

Profound spiritual message from the ‘Vicar of Christ’ to Italian school children: ‘Dream big, like John XXIII and Martin Luther King’!

Francis couldn’t care less about sanctifying grace in souls, but when it comes to worrying about the world’s oceans, he doesn’t miss a beat. Meanwhile, in the United States: 84 Novus Ordo dioceses partner with student evaluation firm pushing drag queen books, LGBT ideology.

Oh, look! Ratzinger said it was the time of the Antichrist! Maybe so, but he sure did his part to weaken souls as much as possible in preparation for that encounter.

For Francis, who is “the greatest Christian theologian of our generation”? Why, a non-Catholic, of course! No wonder he tells his own Vatican theologians to consult non-Catholics as well!

So… In Africa the Novus Ordo religion is a success story, huh?

Apostasy in Iraq: Patriarch-Archbishop Sako says God will not ask if we are Shia Muslim or Sunni, a Catholic Christian or an Orthodox, but how we’ve treated our fellow men!

Blasphemous anti-Catholic artwork in Argentina destroyed — guess who stands in “solidarity with the artists who saw the fruit of their work and effort damaged”!

Why not, at this point? Francis is being petitioned to allow “indigenous Mayan rites such as dance, music and the participation of women” to be added to Novus Ordo Masses in Mexico. Maybe they can take some cues from the Australian Aboriginal Liturgy?

Compare and contrast: Circus Mass in 1952 and in 2019.

Oh no, it’s alive! Novus Ordo priest argues the Second Vatican Council is an event that’s “still unfolding because it’s a charter for an era of unspecified duration”.

Steubenville graduate Eric Sammons, who believes that the Catholic Church can lose her mission, explains how he is in ‘unhappy communion’ with Bergoglio — Sedevacantist Louie Verrecchio responds.

Did they have a doodling contest? Logo for Australian ‘Catholic’ Youth Festival 2024 released.

That ‘smell of the sheep’ stuff: Meet Bergoglio’s ‘Pizza Delivery Bishop’.

Brilliant resistance theology on full display: Tradition in Action clarifies: “We do not consider Pope Francis as an anti-pope. However, he may be an Anti-Christ….” What a relief to know that even as an Antichrist, Bergoglio would still be a true Pope! Some people just can’t live without having a valid Pope to resist!

Enough of Pachamama and the Amazon — now it’s time for “a Church with an Oceanic face”! Notice that it never occurs to these people that, as the Mystical Body, perhaps the Church has the Sacred Countenance of Christ?

Funny how that works: Francis suddenly discovers his hatred of ‘Paganism’.

How the Novus Ordo religion works: “Their Eminences want everyone to understand that they dissent from the Catholic faith, but they don’t want to say it directly.” Francis himself is the best example!

Caution! The ‘New Evangelization’ is active also in Mexico.

How it works in Francis Church: Catholic cassock is rigid! Jewish yarmulke is kosher!

Vatican News explains “how water creates ‘sublime communion’ with God”.

Summarizing Francis’ trips around the globe since 2013: He’s been everywhere but his home country, Argentina — where they know him best!

The fruits of interreligious dialogue: Youth convention in India mixes Hinduism with the Novus Ordo religion.

Looks like the plagiarist ‘Fr.’ Thomas Rosica was going to reappear on the scene, but his “re-imagining” of the Church will have to be postponed. Imagine!

Nothing to see here, folks, move along: The World Jewish Congress has opened an office in the Vatican.

In Austria, more and more people just don’t see the point of belonging to the Novus Ordo Church any longer…. No wonder they’re asking: “Should we demolish or sell off our churches?” Or… hey, maybe use them as social halls to feed the hungry? In Canada’s capital, meanwhile, one such decision has already been made.

Francis’ wrist watch auctioned off. Talk about a Novus Ordo watch!

Surely you wouldn’t want to create “a wound in the communion of the Church” by skipping World Youth Day in Lisbon this year, right? Francis knows what to focus on this time: “Young people thirst for horizons” — no doubt about it!

What could possibly go wrong? Francis schedules ecumenical prayer vigil for Synod on Synodality. Good thing Muslims have some input, too!

Sometimes, the headline says it all: “For Padua’s rebel priest, money rather than morals is the real problem”.

Franciscan friar sentenced to probation after raping college student and pressuring her to abort. “Fr. David Morrier previously served as the university chaplain for the Franciscan University of Steubenville, and was accused of ritual abuse, rape, and coerced abortion.”

Climate religion: Jesuit activist causes traffic jam for hours to help “save the climate”. Please don’t tell the Archdiocese of Newark about that!

Obviously, Francis has that special charism that allows him to tell you “what he senses from God”. And that can take a little time, so “sometimes he says nothing for ten minutes”. If only he would say nothing for a lot longer!

Remnant editor Michael Matt eulogizes traditionalist pioneer Howard J. Walsh, who passed away on Jan. 19.

Tommaso Scandroglio publishes “Cardinal McElroy’s summa of heresies”, while ‘Bishop’ Thomas Paprocki imagines a ‘heretical cardinal’.

In a new interview, Francis has denied being a Peronist — Sandro Magister provides a reality check.

Brace yourselves, folks: Francis reorganizes Diocese of Rome in face of ‘epochal change’. In case you thought 86-year-old Bergoglio was going to slow down in 2023, you were wrong.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Archdiocese of Baltimore cancels “transgender workshop”, fearing protests.

Certain semi-trad pundits had been opining that “Cardinal” Arthur Roche was fighting the Traditional Mass much harder than Francis wanted — so now Francis personally confirmed Roche’s actions. Meanwhile, what’s wrong with that new Mayan rite with its pagan idolatry and symbolism?

Mentally diseased man who now presents himself as woman — after 29 years of marriage, with children — thinks he has something to teach the Catholic Church.

Despite an obvious epidemic of clergy sexual abuse, it is important to remember too that not every accusation is true, not every piece of alleged evidence is necessarily genuine, and not everyone who is sent to prison is actually guilty.

Get ready for the next fake saint: Dom Helder Camara. (And yes, canonizations do matter!)

Nothing to see here, folks: “The women who own Elemental Magick in Sewickley identify themselves as witches. Nonetheless, they were invited to speak at a local Catholic high school….”

In Austria, some people really like to get the ball rolling for Lent….

In his role as über-authentic evangelizer, Bergoglio notes that “a liturgical celebration that does not evangelize is not authentic”. How does your local Novus Ordo service stack up?

Speaking of evangelization… don’t you dare try that at a Novus Ordo school!

Interesting to ponder: After 60 years of ecumenism with the Orthodox, they can’t even so much as agree on when to celebrate Easter!

Beyond Vatican II: Bergoglian allies say we need “courage” for a “new Christianity”.

How times change! Years ago there was a “SHOW-your-tattoo Mass” — now there’s a “GET-your-tattoo Mass”!

Francis’ recipe for disaster: Would you like some flavor in your theology? Just add women! After all, they move mountains!

Remember when ‘Saint’ John Paul II denied that Jesus Christ “descended into hell”, that is, into the Limbo of the Fathers?

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Who says the presbyter can’t wear an NFL vestment?!

Investigate journalist George Neumayr, author of The Political Pope, has died suddenly in Ivory Coast while doing research for a new book. Please pray for the repose of this stalwart soul! He was definitely a thorn in the side of the corrupt, and less than a month before his death, he warned that he did not feel safe and even explicitly said that he might be murdered.

How Bergoglio’s so-called Pontifical Academy for Life is undermining sexual morality, is explained by this prominent Vatican theologian.

Atila Sink Guimaraes reveals the background story to Bergoglio’s frequent meeting of “transgender” prostitutes after his general audiences.

Phil Lawler summarizes the Vatican’s approach to suppressing the Traditional Latin Mass.

Australian ‘cardinal’ George Pell, fierce critic of Francis and a danger to Vatican financial shenanigans, has died suddenly at 81 after hip surgery.

Actual headline: “Vatican to probe ‘lockdown sex party’ at British cathedral, as bishop resigns”. Meanwhile, 50 Italian Novus Ordo priests declare they are attracted to men.

The woke Modernists in Germany can’t figure out why their ‘relevant’ church just isn’t relevant to modern man.

Whatever else you may have going on in your spiritual life, make sure you don’t forget to “become a synod”!

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski once again presumes to overrule his ‘Vicar of Christ’: “In reality, the modified new Catechism—that is, the Catechism of the Catholic Church with the Bergoglian replacement paragraph on the inadmissibility of capital punishment—may not and must not be used by any believing Catholic in any circumstance or for any reason.” The Kwas has spoken, cased closed!

By the way: Does anyone know where the former commander of the Vatican Swiss Guards is?

“Family is where people live with children”, says German Novus Ordo bishop as he lobbies for the concept to be opened to sexual perverts. Meanwhile, porn consumption is being whitewashed as normal and healthy on the official news site of the German bishops, who have nothing to fear from ‘Pope’ Francis. (And neither do the Belgians.) But don’t forget, it’s worse in Switzerland.

It’s only fair that people who don’t believe in the devil should abolish their exorcism ministry.

Francis enlists filmmaker to spread environmentalist message of Laudato Si’ encyclical. Imagine if he enlisted a filmmaker to spread the true Faith!

A serious contender for ‘worst Novus Ordo altar in the world’ can be found here. Maybe this cleaning lady can help?

Louie Verrecchio assesses the alleged courage of the late ‘Cardinal’ George Pell and answers whether he is now a sedevacantist.

Former SSPX member and theological train wreck Bp. Richard Williamson reveals he secretly consecrated another bishop in 2021.

Quite the accomplishment: Francis hijacks Our Lady of Guadalupe for political ends as he tells people not to hijack our Lady of Guadalupe for political ends.

Why Catholics shouldn’t watch The Chosen, is explained here.

You can help get genuine Catholic educational content into the developing world, such as Nigeria and the Philippines.

Don’t like the Ten Commandments? Just go to this Novus Ordo parish in Montreal and get the Sixth and Ninth Commandments adjusted to your liking!

New book explores how a woman who placed Communists in seminaries in the 1930s reverted to her Catholic faith.

Sedevacantist Benedictine Fr. Bernard Uttley preaches a magnificent sermon on Mary the Mother of God.

Tradition in Action publishes first-ever English translation of Msgr. Henri Delassus’ 1899 work, Americanism and the Anti-Christian Conspiracy (free PDF download) and exposes the theology of condemned Modernist George Tyrrell that is behind the “Listening Church”.

Since it’s not used for Catholic worship anymore, the Modernists have allowed the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter to be used as a theological debate hall with other heretics.

Free to abort up to the fifth month? A 99-year-old Italian bishop — the last remaining one to have attended Vatican II — has no fear of God.

The scourge of sexual propaganda: Pope Pius XII denounces the “Catholic” onslaught on marriage.

Bishop Donald Sanborn comments on the death of Joseph Ratzinger: “The last of the suit-and tie priests, the radicals who inspired and directed Vatican II, has passed on to his judgement.”

The WM Review looks at what Cardinal Cajetan said about the “heretical Pope” in 1521, and at what St. Robert Bellarmine taught regarding the election of a Pope if there are no more cardinals. They also explain to Michael Lofton why “old” isn’t the same as “traditional”. Lastly, they also clarify that no, we are not bound to consider everyone a Catholic who simply claims to be one.

Louie Verrecchio looks at the two faces of Georg Gänswein.

A sedevacantist blogger warns of the dangers of the Randonautica app.

Author David Wemhoff provides a historical look at the American Deep State’s role in the making of Novus Ordo Catholicism.

Randy Engel challenges the German Novus Ordo bishops’ advancement of the sodomite agenda. (The Austrians aren’t far behind.)

Fr. Thomas Ojeka shows how Modernists distort the truth that virtues lies in the middle.

Bp. Donald Sanborn explains the Supreme Law at the episcopal consecration of Bp. Germán Fliess.

A sede blogger warns of the “impoverished polemics” of the ‘Tridentines’ web site and refutes the heresy of Chiliasm, the idea that Christ will come to reign on earth for 1000 years before the end of the world.

And Steven Speray identifies 40 defects of the Vatican II religion and surveys some of the ugliest Vatican II churches in Kentucky.

Oh, and one for the road…

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