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Kneeling not allowed?
Man refused ‘Communion’ at Ratzinger Funeral (Video)

Today the funeral for ‘Pope Emeritus’ Benedict XVI took place in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, with Jorge Bergoglio (‘Pope Francis’) presiding. When it came time for the distribution of the invalid communion hosts, a curious incident occurred — and was caught on video.

A man wearing a hoodie walks up to the rail to receive the ‘Eucharist’, kneels down, and removes the hood from his head, as is proper. He opens his mouth to receive, but the Novus Ordo priest signals his unwillingness to give him the host in that way. He says something to the kneeling would-be communicant, but of course it is not audible, so we don’t know what he said. It is not clear whether presbyter has a problem with the man kneeling or with him wanting to receive on the tongue instead of in the hand — or both. In any case, the man then gets off his knees and appears to try to snatch the host from the presbyter’s hand by mouth. The priest is able to prevent it, and the man leaves.

The bizarre scene can be watched here:

It is strange that the man should have been denied, when he merely demonstrated that his knees are not what Francis always rails against: rigid. Oh well.

In the Vatican II religion, being denied the ‘Eucharist’ is pretty difficult. Even if you personally support and help enable the slaughter of pre-born children, the worst that could happen is that the “Pope” will accuse you of “incoherence”. There is nothing more to fear, because being refused the Novus Ordo sacrament on account of public sin or scandal is intolerably “Pharisaical” for Bergoglio, so he would never do it. But not only that, the fake pope also called up a woman living in adultery and specifically told her she could go to ‘Communion’.

Also, let’s not forget that at the funeral of ‘Pope’ John Paul II in 2005, the celebrant, a certain ‘Cardinal’ Joseph Ratzinger, knowingly gave the ‘Eucharist’ to Brother Roger Schutz, a well-known Protestant who founded the ecumenical Taizé community in France (see picture here). To make matters worse, this was perfectly in line with Novus Ordo canon law, which legislates in Canon 844.4 that Protestants are permitted to receive ‘Catholic’ sacraments under certain conditions (renouncing their heresies, however, isn’t one of them). In 2016, a delegation of Lutherans from Finland received ‘Communion’ at the Vatican, and Francis doesn’t mind because “life is bigger than explanations” and we must all “move forward”, as he once told an inquiring Protestant. That a cross-dressing Communist homo-rights activist is also not denied the Novus Ordo cookie in the Vatican II Church, goes without saying.

But of course even New Church tolerance has its limits. Trying to receive ‘Holy Communion’ kneeling, now that is where all patience ends.

Image source: YouTube (screenshot)
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